Blue dress - Kittenhood

How I wore blue & red à la Steve Zissou

Blue dress - Kittenhood

Sheinside dress + Urban Outfitters beanie + clothes swap shirt + H&M tights + flea market shoes 

This dress almost always inspires me to recreate the color palette in Steve Zissou’s crew (see also). There were no submarines available, so it only felt natural to take photos in this beautiful diner. I’m not really a fan of the food there, but the place looks absolutely amazing. The Berlin Pavillion was built in the late 50s as an exhibition space, and when the chain fast food restaurant took over about 10 years ago, they kept most of the building intact, adding retro diner-style furniture and decorations. Like probably any person who’s never been to the US, I have a secret fascination for old school diners on the side of the freeway, with all the waffles and mega fries and extra sauce. What’s that really like, dear American readers? Bust the myth in the comments, if you want! Meanwhile, I’ll hang on to this pretend version. 

P.S. If you have a sudden urge for a Wes Anderson movie night, check out some thematic printable popcorn bags here

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  • Awesome outfit my dear! <3

  • OMG, this place and the pics and the outfit and the colors! LOVE !

    I can totally relate to your obsession with diners, I went to at least 3 when i visited NYC :)) . The best one I went to was somewhere in New Jersey and it was exactly how you would imagine it. I had a burger and pancakes (forgot to order a milkshake, though).


    • A, yes, the milkshake! I wanted to get one for this shoot, but they weren’t as photogenic as I was hoping. And of course you went to a bunch of them, how could you not? 🙂

  • This outift it’s just perfect!

  • They are fabulous and disgusting, all at the same time! The chrome, the fixtures, the old fashioned milkshake machines, the stools with their little red pleather tops… all so good! And usually since they have one big wall of windows the light inside is always awesome. We have one in town that’s been outfitted with booths along the windows – the food is so-so but it’s worth getting a seat in there just to eat breakfast in a piece of history.

    • Ah, that sounds perfect for photos and for some weekend indulgence 🙂

  • Ennui

    I wish that this dress were still available, I love it paired with red!

    • Thank you! Unfortunately, I got the dress back in 2014…