Greenery ceramics

What’s the deal with Pantone Greenery?

Greenery ceramics

Greenery ceramics by Noe Marin

I’ve been following Pantone’s color of the year since 2011, and I have to admit, this year’s choice came as a bit of a disappointment. Frog green, really? After the universally delightful Rose Quartz and Serenity, after the stylish Marsala of the year before, and even the Emerald green from 2013? But, as with most things shown to me beyond moderation and framed in a flattering light, Greenery started growing on me. 

Greenery dress

Vintage-inspired dress by Mrs. Pomeranz

Greenery cashmere lingerie

Cashmere lingerie set by Econica

The first step was to read Pantone‘s own motivation for their choice. Anyone could have guessed that greenery is inspired by nature. But there’s more symbolism to that. The fresh hue means new beginnings, it means springtime, and, in a way, time off. Time off from being 100% connected, from being submerged in modern life and all its downs. They even call greenery “nature’s neutral”. And if there’s one thing I learned throughout the years, it’s that nature always knows best. 



Excuse me while I dig up this sweater…



Greenery jumper

Gumleaf jumper by Alice Nightingale 

Another thing I realized is that no color is an island (what?) – no one says you have to dress in greenery from head to toe, nor that you should swap your pillows and curtains immediately for this hue. Clearly, greenery looks good with earth tones. But it also looks good with pastels and brights and so much more. 

What do you think of this color? Are you convinced? 

Leafling backpack

Backpack by Leafling Bags