Weekend marvels: oh so random

Weekend marvels is a series of inspiration posts, meant as a small Internet guide of pretty things, just right for the weekend. 


1. I could spend a great amount of time in these fox leggings by Supayana. I would probably go up to the point of believing that they are pants.

2. Aubin & Wills are having a clearance sale. Much of their stuff is already sold out, but these versatile peter-pan collar silk shirts are still in stock. And they’re perfect.

3. After the holidays, all I want to eat is cheese and vegetables (and chocolate, of course). So, if french fries count, this is the meal to try – found on The Little Kitchen.

4. The galaxy trend taken to another level: the floor. I think these galaxy rugs are pretty cool. They really tie the room together (sorry, I had to go there).

5. Go see The Perks of Being a Wallflower! And listen to the music. And enjoy Ezra Miller.

  • 1 is my fav from your list… So playful!

  • Love, love the tights and I do believe fries and gorgonzola are always a good match 🙂

  • i’m so in love with the perks of being wallflower, but the book <3 i dont say the movie isnt good cus its very touching and it became one of my favourite movies but the book is the best and mln times better than movie, aw i also love the leggins *_*
    sweetie,, i know i asked you this before but i ask you again cus i guess you didnt reply me or if you do, i had to miss this, sorry. can i add your banner on my blog? if i can where can i find this ?
    much love