cat pin

Weekend marvels: homemade

Weekend marvels is a series of inspiration posts, meant as a small Internet guide of pretty things, just right for the weekend.


1. Caitlin Shearer designed some incredible dresses for Audrey Grace Boutique. My favorite is the Girl Scout dress, but imagine that there are mermaids, bows, ice cream, and bunnies also available! Visit her on Etsy for some very special textile design.

2. While researching for an article, I came across Soft Colours, a Romanian label that makes handmade bow-ties, as well as beautiful photography. These bread sticks caught my eye and I can’t get over them, although I’ve never baked bread in my life.

3. Kate Gabrielle has a bunch of little online shops, and I’m smitten by this cute wooden cat pin. Wouldn’t it look great on a winter coat?

4. I found out about Moosekleenex from The Dainty Squid, and it was one of those moments when you scroll and laugh and scroll and think and scroll again for many pages. One of my favorites is big spoon – little spoon, so endearing! She’s also on Etsy if you’re interested in her prints.

5. Alice Tams draws Birds in Hats. They’re awesome. And you can get them as a Christmas card set, which I might just do.