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Weekend marvels: gifts for guys

Weekend marvels is a series of inspiration posts, meant as a small Internet guide of pretty things, just right for the weekend.

You know the drill: guys are so difficult to shop for, so here are some gift ideas for the holidays.

1. Since boys like to make things, a radio receiver kit sounds like a pretty great gift to me! Plus, the retro look is beautiful.

2. Gifting socks is not as exciting as it is useful. However, these olive green socks from COS would make a great pop of color for the Mr.’s dark & monochrome outfits.

3. On the romantic side, these surprise boxes from Pamela Loops are really adorable! This one reads “You are my sunshine. And it’s cool, because I can wear a bikini all year”. And that, my friends, is cool.

4. The retro pins from Oh Hello Friend are unisex and they’d look so fine on a backpack or a winter coat. Think trees, animals or just patterns.

5. Here’s a funky tie that looks like it’s made of tweed. It’s actually knit fabric and it’s designed by Hikaru Noguchi.