Weekend marvels: Captain Planet

Weekend marvels is a series of inspiration posts, meant as a small Internet guide of pretty things, just right for the weekend.

1. Earth. The earth tones in the Club Monaco November lookbook are all I want to wear these days. You can still catch their Black Friday deal for 30% off site wide until November 26th, and I found a neat voucher on Refinery29, which basically offers 50% off. Lucky you if you’re in U.S. or Canada, cause they don’t ship elsewhere!

2. Fire. So how do I put this… FOX SOX! I’ve been sighing over these amazing knee socks for the past week or so – look at those little hairs! Oysho got to me once again…

3. Wind. Susanna Bauer used dead leaves and various embroideries to create these amazing works of art. Each one leaves you breathless.

4. Water. Labour and Wait is such a beautiful, old school shop! The retro packaging makes everything look super cool, this lavender water included.

5. Heart. I heart Bianca Muresan’s bags, and you probably will too! She uses leather and textiles in unique, special designs such as this tote. Visit her on Facebook for regular updates.

Go Planet! Happy weekend!

  • Those socks…..FABULOUS!!!! That is all xxxx

  • OH MY FOX!!!!! If I’ve known this before I would’ve gone to the shopping centre and buy them, now they are sold out!!! DDD:

  • The socks are too cute!

  • Ron

    I’m just going to repeat everything said above; THOSE SOCKS! I need more novelty socks.

  • Oysho always gets me, I can never go in their store without wanting to buy everything which makes my wallet hurt :))

    And thank you so much for the Labour and Wait link, the shop is beautiful! I am adding things to my wish list right now as I have been in a huge 50s-60s craze after spending a whole day watching The Hour (a show witch I recommend with all my heart).

  • Tan

    Fox! FOX SOCKS! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Oysho before, but now I’m obsessed!

  • Those Oysho Fox Socks are the best-est-EST! I love them!