Weekend marvels: 19/2014

Weekend marvels: 19/2014 - Kittenhood

Watch: Your city from the rooftop. It may not be as amazing as the view over at Coco + Kelley, but you could still have a good time.

Make: How do you feel about the woven wall hanging trend? I’m thinking of giving it a try. Tutorial from Fall for DIY.

Wear: While you’re reading this, I’m away at a music festival. So I’ve got festival fashion on my mind.

Eat: This cherry pie recipe has been right under my nose for a year, and I haven’t tried it yet! I think I will, and you should too.

Read: How to find your personal style, from Hello Giggles.

  • Blanca (Walking Around)

    So glad you left me a coment, I didn’t know your blog and now I’m just loving it! So cool ^_^ I’m following you right now

    • thanks! I found you on a The Cut post on bloggers wearing stripes, where we were both featured 🙂