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Venice, Italy - Kittenhood

Dress c/o Pepa Loves 

At the end of November, I visited beautiful Venice – nice and (relatively) warm, charming as always, with its laundry hung out to dry, inviting sweets in every shop window, and the darling sound of Italian in your ears. One thing I knew I wanted to pack was this dress. I just had to! To state the obvious, it’s covered in cat print. And that, in itself, is enough. But that’s not all! The dress is pretty much a sweatshirt, with warm fleece on the inside, making it as cozy as a blanket and Netflix on the sofa. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any of the local street cats to sit for a photo with me, but I assure you, I got my cat fix while I was there (did I mention there are virtually no cats roaming Berlin?) in true cat lady tradition. Back to the dress, it’s a real gem in wintertime – if manufacturers put fleece inside tights, why wouldn’t they use for dresses? It’s an ideal situation for when you want to wear something cute and not freeze your ass off. 

 Cat print dress - Kittenhood Pepa Loves cat print dress - Kittenhood Cat print dress - Kittenhood Pepa Loves cat print dress - Kittenhood