Valentine’s Day Free Printable Card

Valentine's Day Free Printable Card

Since you’re all so dear to me, I made you something pretty: a Valentine’s Day card. A humorous one. Which you can print out for someone, or you can just keep for yourself – it’s up to you, cause it’s you we’re celebrating! I’ve been writing this blog for three years, and some of you have been reading it since the beginning  – so I feel like a thank you is in order.

You can download the card here. The file is specifically designed for an A5 format (envelope size), although the ones in the pictures are A6 – because of a mix-up at the printer’s. Fish illustration adapted from Ben’s Coloring Pages.

Valentine's Day Free Printable

Valentine's Day Card


  1. This is so cute!!!!
    Many happy-full of inspiration-awesome-queen of foxes-everything nice years for your lovely blog!

  2. these are amazing! can you belive that i have never got any valentine’s card :)? i’m always alone etc.
    but these cards are awesome <3 i've done my own yesterday 🙂

    1. hopefully you’ll get one on the 14th! :*

  3. Awww, this is so sweet!! Thank you!!!
    Just like Katie, I’ve never received a valentine in my life, and it’s so sad considering I love this celebration…

    1. awww maybe this year’s a charm!

  4. That is so, so amazing Daria, very cute card 🙂