Tutorial: How to make a bow pin

As promised, I’m giving you my first ever tutorial. It happens quite often that people search “how to make a brooch” and get to my blog – must be sad for them to never actually find a tutorial 🙂 What I’m gonna show you today is really simple, it should take 10 minutes or less to finish. If you like it, I might move on to more complex things.

We’re going to make a bow brooch, out of ribbon. Here is what you need for this simple project:

  • 2 types of ribbon
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • safety-pin
  • lighter or candle

I chose a yellow organza ribbon, with tiny white flowers and another ribbon, more narrow, in white. Decide how big you want your bow to be and double that size – that’s how long you want your first ribbon to be. For example, I wanted my bow to be about 4 cm, so I cut 8 cm of ribbon. You only need a tiny piece from the second type of ribbon – 1-2 cm should do.

After cutting the ribbon, you should burn the ends with a lighter or a candle. This will prevent the fabric from tearing apart in time. Now take the larger ribbon and sew its ends, on the wrong side of the fabric.You will get a rectangle.

Turn in on the right side. This stitch will appear on the back of your brooch. Bring it near the middle of the rectangle and pucker it together.

Tie some knots there, so that the stitch can’t become loose again. The next step is to cover the entire stitch with the second ribbon. Wrap it around and just sew its ends together.

This is where you will add the safety pin. I used a brooch pin, cause that’s what I could find. You can glue it in or you can sew it – but make sure it looks nice.

Tutorial: How to make a bow pin

And here is how the brooch looks like on a dress!

Instead of the safety pin, you can choose to glue it on a hair pin or headband or whatever else you can think of. Here are some of my accessories where I used such bows.

  • sa-ti zic un secret: si eu am votat tot pentru tutoriale :)). Si mi-a placut asta la nebunie, sa mai faci! la fel e mult mi-a placut si domnisorica din material, cusuta. Deci, complexe sau simple, tutorialele sunt foarte binevenite! :*

    • ma bucur 🙂 la targul urmator din gambrinus o sa fac si live 😉

  • stilistele

    e super duper sweet brosa! multumim de tutorial!

  • oh my, that bow seems so so easy to be in your hands!
    it really really tempts me ♥