Top 3 French bloggers

With 6 years of studying French in school, I cannot say that the language stuck with me. But there are so many nice French blogs, that I often leave the language barrier aside and just skim the text and look at the pretty pictures. These are three of my favorites, all Parisian chic in the classic sense of the word.

1. Aurelia of Fashion is a Playground

I’ve been following Aurelia for a few years now (I can’t estimate a number, because it’s multiplied by 100 in Internet years), and I’ve always loved her photography. She has amazing detail shots and effortless style. I just love her collection of sunglasses and shoes!

2. Leeloo of Le Dressing de Leeloo

There’s something intriguing about Leeloo, with her long black hair and slender silhouette. I love the way she wears pants, boyfriend blazers and other elements of masculine inspiration with cute bows and peter pan collars.

3. Elodie of Lady Moriarty

Elodie’s style is vintage inspired, with what seem to be the best thrifts ever! It doesn’t hurt that she rocks a pair of Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes once it a while, it doesn’t hurt at all! I love her natural look and how she’s usually bundled up – we need more cold weather inspiration here!

Any other French bloggers you follow?

  • awwww thanks a lot !!! It means a lot to me ^^

    See U !

  • Great Post 🙂

  • Tan

    Yeah I studied it for years and it’s barely there…and I have to teach French to kids…eeps.
    I just love the name Le Dressing de Leeloo!

  • Great blogs, funny, I’m french but I didn’t know Leloo’s blog until now, so thanks 🙂

  • I’d love to learn french!
    And I realized I don’t follow any french blogger, but I loved the last two! Especially the last one!

  • My favorite french blogger is Valentine ( so if you don’t know her already, I recommend her 🙂 She’s so stylish and she also loves cats and bicycles 🙂

  • A.

    I also follow Lady Moriarty! 🙂
    She is so natural and “artsy” at the same time! Cool!