The Ruby Blue Notebooks

For those of you who don’t know Roxana, you can see her on This is my suit, check her blog –  Secretly a Fashionista – and her urban-chic jewelry line. She uses original combos of leather, textile and charms to create lovely brooches and necklaces. Roxana will be our guest for today, as we look into one of her collections, one that she treasures deeply: the notebooks. She got her passion as a child, when she would draw a lot. Although she doesn’t draw all that much now, she uses them to put down ideas. She likes to buy any notebook that she sees, but she’s particularly fond of the handmade ones. Roxana has something written in almost each and every one. I can relate to that.

The gray ones are her favorites. The one with white flowers – the one that’s most dear to her – was handmade by her boyfriend as a birthday present, and she uses it for drawings and sketches. The one with the pink bow is the result of a swap with a colleague who made it, and it look deliciously girly.

The other notebooks came as freebies with fashion magazines, and are fully used. Except for the small, green one, which was bought from Budapest – and Roxana would like to buy one from every country she visits. She’s planning on extending her collection with artistic, unconventional notebooks.

  • lovely!

  • What a cool collection! I really like the grey one with a pink bow, of course !:D