Ringbahn Walk - Kittenhood

The Ringbahn walk

Ringbahn Walk - Kittenhood

This is me, taking an artful rest inside an orange-shaped sitting facility on a playground. I was probably halfway through the 43 km walked that day.  Why would anyone walk that distance if they didn’t have to? That’s a good question but I don’t have a good answer for it. Together with my husband  (taker of the above photo but also other photos), we walked the entire Ringbahn, the circular railway line surrounding the central area of Berlin. We started from the station closest to our home (Halensee) at 7 am, walked South through each S-bahn station, and closed the circle at about 7.30 pm over falafel and beer. A full day of walking! Needless to say, my legs were stiff for two days after. It was a pretty cool experience because a) it made me feel pretty badass and b) I got to know areas of the city I never would have found just by accident (here’s looking at you, old school cafeteria in Landsberger Allee!) The Ringbahn may not be glamorous in any way but the walk is a good opportunity to see all the different neighbourhoods, the (still existing) differences between East and West, and just generally know the city a little better. 

I didn’t have a photo goal but I did take some phone snaps because how could I not? Here they are, in chronological order. Weirdly enough, there are no photos of train stations. I did, however, capture old cars, new blooms, and colorful buildings. 

P.S. We also walked the Yamanote Line in Tokyo two years ago. I even wore the same shoes/socks.

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