Mr. and Ms. Fox

You’ve already met Mr. Fox, and you know he’s fabulous. But he felt quite lonely and was longing for someone to share his fabulousness with. That is where I interfered, when I introduced him to a creature that I believed would fit his taste. And indeed I was right! They spent all day today walking, talking, having picnics in the park, taking pictures and – basically –  falling in love. I could barely get them inside at nightfall! Like any responsible host, I went through Mr. Fox’s luggage to look for his camera. This is what I could find:

I was amazed! He took this girl to the Botanic Gardens to see the giant snowdrops, for a picnic on top of the Rocks where you can overview the whole city, to the Wall – and they took pictures of each other everywhere, he must have used TONS of film! All I know about this foxy lady is that she wears an apron-dress and a pretty cute brooch. I don’t know what she does for a living, if she’s an honest person or anything else! Couldn’t even google her, as I didn’t catch her name… Here are some more pics of her, in case anyone can identify her.

Edit: How interesting! I just found what seems to be her online profile here! Hm!


How do you like your fox?

When I made a fox tee for thing a day, some of you seemed excited to get your own. Accordingly, today I bought tees and customized one (Did you know how difficult it is to find plain tees?). It is now available in my shop, with all the technical details. I guess a limited edition is in order 🙂 Are there any other animals that you would like to wear as a collar to your tees? Let me know and maybe we can work something out. Until then, it’s foxes all the way for me!

We are alike

That’s how it goes in the yard

Fabulous Mr. Fox

Not to be confused for Fantastic Mr. Fox, a movie that was nice, but didn’t raise to my expectations. However, you might remember that I made a foxy-fox named Samantha Fox a while back, which is now owned by another girl, somewhere in this world. I liked the idea and decided to develop it more, in the hope of starting my collection.

Fox silhouettes holding paws
Fox and beads
Pants for a fox

My original idea was to dress him up in a suit. I made these pants first, but they broke as I was trying to fit in the tail 🙂 This fabric is so easily falling apart, but I wanted to use as it’s the most masculine one I could find right now. Since the tail wouln’t fit, I left the poor fox pantless. I made him a vest, with red buttons in the front. He’s wearing it with pride. At the end I thought his neck was to… bare, so I made him a red bow tie. Classy!

Proud to be pantless
All work and no play?
Fabulous Mr. Fox

If you’re interested in the “technical” details, the fox is made of orange fleece and it is stuffed with filling from a pillow. The vest is made of this fabric (first image), the eyes, nose and buttons are sand beads. The bowtie is ribbon. I think I might add a pin on the back, or maybe a tiny strap, because the fox can’t stand on his feet (paws).

Samantha Fox

Although not related to the 80’s pop singer, this fox is bound to be famous. She’s just too pretty to stay in the underground! With her well-defined, mascara-commercial-like lashes, perfectly rounded nose and long, bushy tail, this fox is gonna make the front page of the tabloids.  Self-taught in the art of tayloring, she’s wearing a DIY lace dress and is militating against high heels (she prefers to walk bare-footed).

I’m wearing a no-name brick orange shirt, Freeze blazer, Extravagance shorts, tights and hair pins from Meli Melo, polka dot rubber boots, Kittenhood fox brooch. Props: vintage images calendar.

And since the word of the day is fox (ain’t it always?), I’d like to show you an early Martisor that I received. It’s made by Raluca Buzura and can be found here, along with other very cute ones by Alina Bradu.I can’t wait to wear it!

Foxhood DIY

Although I am not officially a contributor to Thing-a-day, I’m keeping my promise and posting the second thing of the second day.

If you read my blog before, you already know that I love foxes. Today I bought fleece, inspired by Sky Turtle, and re-created an old tee, having in mind a very cool Moschino sweater. The tee was plain gray, so I added the fox collar, sewn the eyes in “sleeping position”, made the nose out of a bead and put some lace at the tail to make it look more fox-like.

I’m wearing a DIY fox tee, Bershka shorts, H&M hat, Vero Moda cardigan, Max Shoes wedge booties and  long wool socks.

Fox outfits

I developed a passion for foxes in the past year, but since I know I’ll never get one as a pet, I thought I could wear them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not fox fur that I want, but rather drawings and representations of orange foxes on dresses, tees and the like. I didn’t manage to get anything fox-printed in real life (I do accept gifts :P), so I played with the idea on Polyvore.


The first outfit features a fox tee that I’ve “designed” on polyvore, by adding the fox image on a plain white tee.  I picked nude tones and pastels to complement the tee, and I must say that I adore the shoes and gloves. The pretty lace bow is suppose to make the entire outfit girly, I think it does quite a good job.

mix with fox

This next one revolves around the coolest sweater I’ve ever seen, from Moschino, with a faux fox collar. How’s that for a great idea? I paired it with a contrasting lace skirt, a rough military coat and floral brogues.

untitled strikes again

The last outfit is based on tones of gray, with a touch of color coming from the fox jumper dress. I wanted the dress to be the center of attention. Earmuffs seemed to be the right choice here, so I picked some fluffy ones, to tame all the leather and wool items.

Are you into foxes?