Sweetness alert: Lazzari

Hello, and welcome to another episode of “I’m in love with a look book and I bet you will be, too”. Today’s special guest is Italian label Lazzari, mainly characterized by adorableness.

First off, the model is gorgeous and she embodies the 60s mood to perfection (also, best hair ever!). The pictures are simple and beautiful, playful, with focus on the garments – which, by the way, are just lovely.

There are some details that cannot go unnoticed in this collection, such as the prints (apples in warm colors, delicate stripes, whales), the unexpected backs (with cut-outs, bows or buttons) and the finishing touches (contrasting hemlines, collars, frills), to name just a few. The colors are great, too: they’re muted and feminine, as if cut from a vintage magazine.

Another plus is for the accessories in this collection: the pleasant-looking shoes, as well as the hair combs, headbands and bracelets. If I could afford it, dressing in all-Lazzari would not be problem for me. And just so you know, my very favorite piece is the dress with back buttons from below, to the right (see it here in more detail), as I think I could use more cute back details in my closet.

  • Wow, I think I am in love, too! Beautiful lookbook and thank you for sharing it and your thoughts. This is just wonderful!

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