Sunday Grammin’: Juniperfoxx

This blog may be called “kittenhood”, but I’ve never shied away from a little fox loving. So when I discovered @juniperfoxx a while back, I was really excited for all the cuteness that would follow. Juniper is a fox living with humans (and a dog) and the photos make it look like owning a fox is pure fun. But the human behind the account makes sure to warn people that’s not the case, and I love that. You can read some not-so-cute facts about domesticated foxes here – it’s never just fluffy fur and puppy eyes. It may seem like it’s just a happy combination between a cat and a dog, but it’s not. Still, I would like to get a chance to pet her, you know? So follow along if you want to see a fox in a sweater, flower crown, or just being her charming, furry self. 
Sunday Grammin: Juniper Foxx | Kittenhood

All photos from @juniperfoxx on Instagram. 

  • wow! she’s gorgeous!

  • Maybe because I live someplace where there are no foxes, I don’t feel the attachment haha But they’re cute! The picture where she’s all curled up is specially cute! ♥