Spotted: full skirt, shirt + sweater

Say it with me: trend-spotted! I noticed that a lot of fashionable ladies have been wearing this combo lately: a sweater with a shirt underneath (or at least a collar), full skirt and heels. Do I love it? I love it. Do I wear it? I wear it. So there’s no reason why I shouldn’t share it with you.

The Sartorialist; Garance Doré

Vanessa Jackman; Lady Moriarty

Since I dig this trend so much, I thought I’d style some pretend outfits in this style, in a look-for-less sort of way.

Blouse – Oasap; Bag – Sophie Hulme; Earrings – Miss Babacilu; Skirt – Flaunt; Ring – Clay Pot; Sweater – Siren London; Shoes – Modcloth.

Sweater – Weekday; Shoes – Topshop; Collar necklace – Dorothy Perkins; Purse – Flaunt; Ring – Monchi Beaucoup; Dress – Asos.


  1. Did someone raid my wardrobe lol? I love this look and I find I’m always sportting it. It’s just so chic and easy to pull off.

  2. Best trend there is! Love the last collage! Had no idea gray and red look so good together.

  3. I love this look! It’s girly and comfy at the same time [;

  4. Great trend! I like and wear it too! 🙂

  5. Ha! I just made a full black skirt this weekend! Love this and will brag about the new skirt (as well as how I made it) soon!