Shorts & Tote Bag from Trousers

shorts & tote bag from trousers

A few month ago, I found a pair of high-waisted pants in a thrift store, for just $1. I liked the plaid lining and the soft fabric, but I only wore them once – I guess they were a bit old fashioned. The other day, searching my closet for a pair of shorts, I realized I could make then. And why waste the rest of the fabric? So here is how I made a pair of shorts and a matching tote from thrifted trousers…

what you need

What you need:

  • trousers
  • scissors
  • pins
  • an old belt (leather would be nice, but I found textile easier to handle)
  • sewing machine

make shorts from pants

pin hemline

stitch hemline

I used another pair of shorts to measure the length. Since I wanted the lining to show on the front, I cut them about 10 cm longer than the other shorts. Then I tried them on, and rolled them up, pinning the hemline. A quick stitch around each leg and the shorts are done! Moving on to the tote…

tear old hem



cut belt

stitch handles

belt handles

I cut open the inseam of each leg, using a sharp tool that came with my sewing machine. Scissors should do, too. I overlaid both sides on the table, with the lining facing each other. Just like I did with the shorts, I rolled the lining on the outside, and hemmed it. Next, I cut the belt in half, and used a lighter to make sure the edges don’t fray.ย  Each half would be one handle of the tote – so I stitched thoroughly, in a square shape and then an X shape inside. Once both handles were on, I stitched the whole thing on the wrong side of the fabric, cut off any excess and proceeded to buying a baguette to carry around ๐Ÿ™‚