[Shop handmade] Ziggy Stardust

[Shop handmade] Ziggy Stardust | Kittenhood

1. Ziggy skirt by Kayci Wheatley. A totally awesome Ziggy Stardust skirt that you’re probably not gonna see on other girls.

2 Brooch by And Smile.  If you ever doubted David Bowie could look cute, this brooch will prove you wrong.

3. Changes phone case by John Stick. All the different faces of Bowie, now on the back of a phone near you.

4. Bowie doll by Proxy Shop. Just in case you want him in your pocket at all times – and who doesn’t.

5. Bowie t-shirt by Emily the Pemily. Not your regular Bowie t-shirt, because this time he’s casually having coffee.

6. Christmas BOWie by Tay Ham. A greeting card that will be appreciated by all spiders from Mars.

  • dottiemakesmagic

    whhaaa, a DB phone case! I need that.

  • I can’t believe it took me so long to see this but thanks for the shoutout for our David Bowie doll! Hope you saw the lifesize Bowie too 🙂 – love, Demi from PROXY SHOP.