Shop handmade: nautical vibes

Cliche? Yes. Necessary summer after summer? Also a yes. You can’t miss nautical vibes this time of the year, no matter how hard you try. The easiest thing is to stop trying and give in to the temptation. Just, you know, close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach. But don’t close them just yet, cause the best is yet to come! 

Click on each picture to get to the mother source. 

Ceramic Mermaid Miniature Post card paper boatsCollar swimsuit  Bon voyageFlamingo pendant necklace Polka dot blouse

1. Mermaid miniature by Barruntando  | 2. Postcard by Design Fraeulein | 3. Swimsuit by Collar Swimwear | 4. Illustration by Depeapa | 5. Flamingo pendant by Bonbi Forest | 6. Blouse by Armura