Ruche: Enchantment – A Melodic Daydream

The perfect title for yet another perfect look book from Ruche. It’s a collection that honestly and quickly puts you in daydream mode. The pale, sorbet colors, the flawless curls of the model and the unique setting make this another success for Ruche and another reason of joy for Ruche fans.

I almost always use Ruche images as a desktop wallpaper, and the only problem with them is: which to choose? As for today’s post, I wanted to make a small selection of pictures from the look book, but I found myself unable to decide. In conclusion, I love the ethereal feel of all Ruche pictures, this series included.

I love this teal lace dress and wouldn’t mind – not one second – if it mysteriously made its way into my closet. Which one would look good in your dream wardrobe?

Have a look at the entire look book here: Enchantment – A Melodic Daydream.

  • I like the second and the fourth dress 🙂 very nice colours!

  • Blogger

    I love this romantic style! -in case you wanna take a look 🙂

  • A.

    She truly looks like a princess.. with the hair, the big eyes and the pretty dresses and all that! Lovely!

  • Just when I was getting tired of a lot of the fashion blogs out there, I found yours! Spent way to much time here today, but it was a fabulous visual feast!! Thanks!

    • Thank you for your sweet, sweet words, Suzi!