10 homemade candy recipes for Halloween & beyond

I think it’s amazing there can be a whole holiday dedicated to candy. Obviously, that’s an exaggeration… But being “legally” allowed to indulge for one night – even if just as a reward for not being creeped out by all the costumes – now that makes for a great celebration! I’ve learned from Freaks and Geeks that homemade candy can be a little tricky, with all the worried parents out there. But I’ll still try to convince you to give it a try. Worst case scenario, you end up with a ton of homemade candy on your hands. 

Treeacle toffee Fruit jellies

1. These beautiful toffees from Wallflower Kitchen are made with pretty much just coconut in various forms – 2. Blossom to Stem shares this awesome recipe for gummies flavored with passion fruit

Butterscotch lollipops Peanut butter jelly cups

3. Bring butterscotch back with these fun lollipops from Wanna Come With – 4. Peanut butter jelly cups are the best idea and we have Handmade Charlotte to thank for it

Homemade gummy bears Donut candy

5. I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Both of them are that you can make your own gummy bears – 6. Invest in a mini donut silicone mold and make donut candy forever and ever 

Polish caramels Butter mints

7. Soft milk caramels are my favorite thing and this recipe from And Cute is queued up in my list – 8. This old recipe discovered by Cookies for England is what I want in a jar by my side at all times 

Candied citrus peels Salted caramel squares

9. I don’t know if actual kids would consider citrus peel candy, but I do! Recipe from The Cookie Writer – 10. “You can achieve perfect caramel on the first try” – sold! Recipe from Thread and Butter 


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    • I’m very curious to try your recipe, the candy looks so delicious!