Rays of sunshine

These days you can’t tell for sure if it’s the middle of winter of the beginning of spring.  It’s sunny, but it’s cold, and honestly, I can’t handle the pressure: which one is it? My one house plant bloomed today, which is a sign in the right direction. I know I said it before, and I know weather talk is boring, but I really want spring to come! It doesn’t only influence the way I dress, but also my mood. But you know what? I’m really grateful that I’m not allergic to spring (and cats!).

This Monki skirt is the other item I bought at their sales, and it’s splendid. I can’t wait to wear it with something other than booties and a sweater. These pictures don’t do it justice, it’s so soft and the fabric falls beautifully. My boyfriend says that the print looks like a blackboard that’s been erased with a sponge. In a negative way. I say: hurray for blackboards!

  • Shirt – Pull & Bear
  • Sweater and belt – no name
  • Skirt – Monki
  • Tights – H&M
  • Booties – BBup
  • Bag – Zara TRF
  • Scarf – Pieces
  • Necklace – Bo3mia
  • I feel the same way about the weather..boy, you still have a lot of snow there!
    Here is warmer, but no sunshine.

    Pretty outfit + accessories 😀

  • I know exactly what you mean by that. As I am writing this comment, outside it’s snowing heavily and I am starting to lose hope.
    Spring will not be here anytime soon.
    Love the color combination, the print of you skirt is beautiful.

    P.S. It would have really sucked if we were allergic to cats, right? I can’t imagine my life without Tenshi.

  • Horray for blackboards indeed! I wouldn’t have come up with that comparison, but I also wouldn’t have known that he meant it in a negative way had you not pointed that out! Seems like a compliment to me ;).

  • Love this outfit! That skirt is darling:)

  • Very cute – and I like the little charm necklace, too. I miss snow!

    You should check out the Dainty Squid blog! Your style reminds me of hers a bit.


  • Cinnamon

    Wheee-ha, you surely have a lot of snow! Today there will be +10 degrees in Munich, so I am willing to believe that spring it on its way.
    Cute blog makover and the logo is really you 🙂

  • That is such a funny comparison you boyfriend made:)) I adore the skirt, the print is very neat and the collar..yummy! 😀

  • How lovely! Your hair is also looking great. And the new look is very nice indeedy!

  • I love the sweater and shirt. Your smile is so cute! :] xx