[My outfit] Horse print skirt & blush blouse

Pink Vila Blouse | Kittenhood

Skirt – handmade | Blouse – Vila | Tights – Primark | Shoes – BBup

It’s officially fall, so I’m officially starting to wear tights. I dreaded it, but then I remembered that I like the way they look and how cozy they feel. So there you have it: my favorite tights and my most worn shoes, paired with a brand new skirt that my friend Giani made for me as a birthday gift. You should see the print from up close – the horses are beautiful! I love how full it is, almost like it had a petticoat underneath, and that it hits right at the knee – this girl should be doing some serious business!

Vila Blouse & Handmade Skirt | Kittenhood Pink blouse | Kittenhood Horse Print Skirt | Kittenhood Vila Blouse & Horse Print Skirt | Kittenhood


[Shop handmade] Ana Marchetanu jewelry

Ana Marchetanu Jewelry | Kittenhood
I’ve been following Ana Marchetanu (Toot Stuff) for years, but her latest jewelry collection really wowed me. She’s made wonderful things before, and there’s a portfolio to prove it, but this time… it’s different. The pieces are chunky, truly statement jewelry, they’re geometrical and simply spectacular. Rough, gemstone-shaped, cement-like material is mixed with organic accents (wood, crystals), to mind-blowing results. More than that, the collection complements the fall-winter clothes (also her designs) perfectly.

Ana Marchetanu Necklaces | Kittenhood Ana Marchetanu Solitude Lookbook | Kittenhood Untitled-3 1238099_904011302958991_1880336428072149645_n Untitled-5 10559851_904006986292756_8725936996245383113_n


[Dress me in] Kling, fall-winter 2014

Kling, Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood

There’s something about pictures of girls looking pretty in Paris that just sweeps us off our feet, isn’t there? The latest loobook from Spanish label Kling is set in iconic spots in Paris, starting with the Tour Eiffel and finishing with what appears to be a delightful cheese shop. But it’s not just the lovely city – it’s also the clothes that caught my attention. They’ve always had nice designs, but I think they’ve outdone themselves this fall, with fun graphic tees (“too old for school”), school-like dresses, pinafores and skirts, pastel coats and hilarious food-themed bags. Plus some incredible party dresses.

[Dress me in] Kling, fall-winter 2014 | Kittenhood [Dress me in] Kling, fall-winter 2014 | Kittenhood [Dress me in] Kling, fall-winter 2014 | Kittenhood [Dress me in] Kling, fall-winter 2014 | Kittenhood [Dress me in] Kling, fall-winter 2014 | Kittenhood  Kling, fall-winter 2014 | Kittenhood  Kling, fall-winter 2014 | Kittenhood


[Just a little crush] A Fashion Nerd

Just a little crush: A Fashion Nerd | Kittenhood

A Fashion Nerd is a recent discovery for me, and an instant fave. Amy knows how to dress and she knows how to pose, plus she seems to be having lots of fun doing both these things! Her wardrobe features a nice combination of feminine pieces, 1960s style and edgy accents, with the raddest, funkiest shoes. Her photos always make me smile, many of them featuring that-Californian-suburbia-mood that gets me nostalgic despite never experiencing it personally. Check out her blog – she’s bound to steal your subscription with a smile and a Royal Tenenbaums t-shirt.

Just a little crush: A Fashion Nerd | Kittenhood



[Put some color on] Vespa girl by Jean-Francois Jonvelle

I clearly cannot resist a good scooter picture! This one was apparently taken by French photographer Jean-François Jonvelle (if my sources are correct). There’s so much life in it, with the visible movement and the visible fun. I love her school-girl outfit with the plaid skirt, oversized turtleneck sweater and ballet flats, it’s so easy and wearable!


Photo source | Sweater – Paper, Denim & Cloth | Skirt – Monki | Flats – George J Love


[Weekend marvels] 29/2014

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

SuTurno Scarves - Kittenhood
SuTurno Scarves
Have you seen these awe-inspiring pictures? And yes, of course, the scarves!
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DIY donut stools by Studio DIY | Kittenhood
DIY donut stools
Leave it to Kelly of Studio DIY to turn anything into a donut - including these plain white Ikea stools.
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Aerial view by Bernhard Lang | Kittenhood
Aerial view
It's amazing how organized and unorganized everything is from up high. Spectacular photo series by Bernhard Lang.
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Eggs benedict cumberbatch by My Name is Yeh | Kittenhood
Eggs benedict cumberbatch
This breakfast is so easy to make - eggs benedict, bacon and polenta - I have to ask myself why I haven't tried it already.
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Army Green Dress on Fashion Your Seatbelts | Kittenhood
Army green dress
Toni of Fashion Your Seatbelts got the most amazing army green shirt dress and I'm jealous.
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Lara Stone by Bruce Weber | Kittenhood
Lara Stone by Bruce Weber
I feel like I haven't seen Lara Stone in a while, but this editorial for T Magazine is pure fall beauty. I love this intimate shot especially.
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Pear, gorgonzola & walnut tart by Disturbingly Delicious | Kittenhood
Pear, gorgonzola & walnut tart
I love the strong taste of gorgonzola, and I imagine it's incredible with pears and walnuts in a tart.
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Parisian rooftops by Michael Wolf
Paris is absolutely amazing and you have to see it from above the roofs in order to take it all in. Michael Wolf documented that.
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Rosewe Dress - Kittenhood

[My outfit] soft pink dress

 Sat Upon The Stairs - KittenhoodDress – c\o Rosewe | Kangaroo pin – flea market | Shoes – Bait Footwear

Finding the proper location for an outfit post can be a challenge, especially when you’ve been doing it for a while. Like every week, we wondered around the city for a bit before we could both agree on a spot. In the end, I guess this particular stone wall and this dress went pretty well together, the former being so medieval and all, and the latter being so flowy and whatnot. It’s also the softest of pinks, and somewhere in between casual and fancy. I’m definitely gonna wear it with sweaters on top over the fall!

Rosewe Dress - Kittenhood Pink Dress - Kittenhood Pink Rosewe Dress - Kittenhood Pink Dress Stone Wall - Kittenhood


Shop handmade: Yelena Bryksenkova, Solitaire

Yelena Bruksenkova Illustrations - Kittenhood

Yelena Bruksenkova is a Russian born illustrator currently living in the States, with a mesmerizing way of portraying mundane activities. On one hand, her illustrations remind me of old Russian children’s books I used to have, while on the other hand they’re contemporary as can be. Her series “Solitaire“, which she did for an exhibition last fall, is the one that caught my eye – girls doing things on their own. My favorite has to be the pink-haired girl playing Solitaire, although each one has a certain mood to relate to.

Visit Yelena Bruksenkova’s blog and Etsy shop for more of her illustrations.

Yelena Bruksenkova Solitarie - Kittenhood Yelena Bruksenkova Solitarie - Kittenhood Yelena Bruksenkova Solitarie - Kittenhood Yelena Bruksenkova Solitarie - Kittenhood Yelena Bruksenkova Solitarie - Kittenhood


[Dress me in] Lazzari, Diana + Diana

11325_902493433112392_164061170413854640_nAfter so many years of blogging, I don’t expect lookbooks to surprise me anymore. And yet, it still happens! My heart skipped a bit when I started browsing the latest Lazzari campaign, called Diana + Diana. Everything about it is perfect: the setting – a spectacularly preserved 1960s mountain resort in Italy; the model – Diana Neu, pure cuteness with and without the wig; the photography – shot by Fox Eating Skyr, who also did Lazzari’s summer campaign. It’s everything I want to do, be and wear right now – fantastic capture, Lazzari!

Lazzari Fall 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood Lazzari Fall 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood Lazzari Fall 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood Lazzari Fall 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood Lazzari, Diana + Diana | Kittenhood Lazzari, Diana + Diana | Kittenhood Lazzari, Diana + Diana | Kittenhood10404106_902492386445830_2050612618400629135_n Lazzari Fall 2014 Collection - Kittenhood Lazzari Fall 2014 Collection - Kittenhood Lazzari Fall 2014 Collection - Kittenhood



[Put some color on] Girls with apples, 1927

The minute I saw this photo on Honey Kennedy, I knew it was going to be my next collage. It’s perfectly suited for this time of the year, with these nicely dressed girls and their freshly picked apples. And how beautiful is the apple print dress pictured to the right? I wish I could find something similar these days.


Photo source | Dress – Modcloth | Shoes – Seychelles | Tights – Modcloth | Earrings – Marc by Marc Jacobs