Dress me in: Heinui, Paper Moon

 Heinui Spring Summer 2014 - Kittenhood

The newest collection from Heinui is fresh and pretty. At first, the clothes may look simple, but a closer look reveals the details: the cuts, the folds, the watercolor prints. I like that there are just a couple of colors used – red and blue – which are excellent for summer. My favorite item is the one pictured below, a fit and flare shirt dress with blue pinup print and an incorporated sash, which twists and ties at the back. Also available are some cool jumpsuits, button downs and a variety of dress shapes.

Heinui Shirt Dress - Kittenhood Heinui Paper Moon - Kittenhood Heinui Dresses - Kittenhood Heinui Paper Moon Collection - Kittenhood Heinui Paper Moon Lookbook - Kittenhood

DIY floral headband - Kittenhood

DIY flower headband

DIY floral headband - Kittenhood

I know everyone has already made a flower headband, but I was never fully convinced up until now. This tutorial is self-explanatory and as easy as gluing fake flowers to a plastic headband. The fun part is that you can customize it in any way you want, and even though we may all use the same method, the results will be unique and personal. I picked these particular flowers because they looked like peony blooms, although who can tell with these plastics? And I finally got the chance to use my glue gun, which has been sitting in a corner all winter long.

DIY floral headband - Kittenhood DIY floral headband - KittenhoodDIY floral headband - Kittenhood

What you need:

DIY flower headband:

DIY floral headband - Kittenhood DIY floral headband - KittenhoodDIY floral headband - Kittenhood

Start by warming up your glue gun. Meanwhile, cut off the blooms off your fake flowers. Glue the blooms to your headband one by one. I glued a row of flowers on top, from ear to ear, and then another row towards the front side. I filled the blanks with tiny white blooms (which came in the same bunch of fake flowers) and let it dry off.

Accessorize by holding cats. 

DIY floral headband - Kittenhood

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Behind the scenes: cats + plants

Girl + cat portrait - Kittenhood

This week has been filled with cats, for some reason. Might have to do with a fun fellow (pictured below) that started hanging around our yard, a black (+white) tomcat. He’s extremely friendly and loving, and pretty much the opposite of my Lizzi (pictured above) in terms of behavior. We took him to the vet and we’re feeding him, although we’re trying not to claim him as our own. Through the week, we’ve also visited the Botanic Garden for a photo shoot, attended a bistro opening, and harvested jasmine and elder flowers from the yard. How did your week go?

Black tomcat - Kittenhood Botanic Garden Cluj - Kittenhood Japanese Garden Cluj - Kittenhood Mint bistro Cluj - Kittenhood Black white cat - Kittenhood Jasmine flowers - Kittenhood


Weekend marvels: 15/2014

Weekend marvels: 15/2014 - Kittenhood

Play: I’ve been obsessing about this Alice Boman song, Waiting. It’s sad and beautiful and it sticks with you.

Wear: I can’t get enough of this popular monstera print – you can get it on almost anything at Penfield (I love the tent!)

Watch: Lena Dunham x Rachel Antonoff Best Friends – it’s not new, but it’s still a pleasure to watch.

Eat: As soon as I get my hands on some chia seeds, I’m trying this chocolate pudding from Oh My Veggies!

Make: Say Yes put together a lovely citrus themed baby shower, including these lemon stamps I fell in love with.


Put some color on: Paris, 1960s

While stripes may be the print most commonly associated with France, I’ve always been more of a polka dot girl. So you can understand what it was that attracted me to this Paris picture from the 1960s (by Patrice Molinard). More than that, there’s something about that ethereal scarf that’s utterly mesmerizing: the movement, the suggested wind, the gesture itself, I don’t even know. Either way, I’d love to hang my laundry out to dry on a Parisian balcony, wouldn’t you?


Image source | Dress – Twenty-Seven Names | Scarf – Free People | Belt – Banana Republic


Shop handmade: Clean Everything, the trilogy collection

Clean Everything Backpack - Kittenhood

Clean Everything means just what it sounds like: clean, minimal design that leaves you breathless. The designer behind it, Cristina Dima, is Romanian and she’s making leather accessories like I’ve never seen before. The label started with a seamless wallet, continued with a seamless messenger bag, and now launched these awesome triangular pieces: a backpack and a clutch. My favorite is the flawless backpack, retro inspired, but still so new and beautiful. I love the lookbook for this collection, with the geometric bob being in perfect tune with the bags and simple clothes.

Clean Everything triangle backpack - Kittenhood Clean Everything triangle bags - Kittenhood Clean Everything clutch - Kittenhood Clean Everything clutch - Kittenhood Clean Everything stitchless bag - Kittenhood

Orange Lips & Foxes -Kittenhood

My outfit: fox dress & fox legs

Orange Lips & Foxes -Kittenhood

Dress – c/o Sheinside | Tights & shoes – random

Just yesterday I was talking about greenhouses as photo settings, and now here I am, posing in front of one. Not inside – but with plenty of cacti and greens to show off. Foxes may not be from the same areas as these plants, but the ones on my dress are. Because I said so. They’re actually very friendly foxes, and they like to run around in big groups, as you can see. But they’re also cautious, so as not to sting their paws into the cacti. Taking care of so many foxes may sound like a drag to some, but I don’t mind. I like it, actually. And thank goodness they’re all so well-behaved.

In Front of a Greenhouse - Kittenhood Fox dress - Kittenhood Girl & Cacti - Kittenhood Fox Print Dress - Kittenhood Blue dress & orange tights - Kittenhood

Dress me in: A la sha – Mucha SS14

A la sha Mucha SS14 - Kittenhood
Can we agree that greenhouse photos are awesome? I’ve seen a lot of them lately, and I’ve taken some for the blog in the past. Greenhouses make great places to shoot in especially during the cold season, since it’s always warm inside. And trust me, you don’t want to shoot in cold weather.  More than that, having exotic plants as a background works very well for portraits. These photographs were taken by the talented Miss Bean, for a Taiwan-based clothing label, A la sha. The clothes are suited for the warm weather outside, they’re sweet and (probably) comfortable because of the loose fit. I like how some of them are layered, although that’s something I don’t see myself pulling off these days.

Miss Bean x A la sha - Kittenhood Miss Bean Photography - Kittenhood Miss Bean Photography - Kittenhood Miss Bean Photography - Kittenhood A la sha Mucha SS14 - Kittenhood A la sha Mucha SS14 - Kittenhood


DIY: J.Crew inspired rope bracelet

DIY J. Crew inspired rope bracelet - Kittenhood

I saw these bracelets on the jewelry page of J.Crew and I couldn’t help noticing how easy they were to recreate. And at $65-70 a piece, I knew for sure I wasn’t gonna buy. I admit the kind of rope they used is prettier and the neon/gold insertions look really cool. But I could easily make my own with things I already had in the house, and the whole thing took less than 15 minutes! My bracelet is more delicate and more nautical than theirs, so I’m pretty satisfied. Oh, and can you imagine all the color options for these?


What you need:

  • piece of rope (length=size of your wrist x2)
  • carabiner (I used one from a purse)
  • two jump rings
  • lighter
  • string in two colors

DG000114 DG000115 DG000117 DG000118

How to:

Start with a piece of rope that’s twice the size of your wrist. Pass it through the jump rings and join the ends by burning them with a lighter. Pull each jump ring in an opposite direction, and attach the carabiner to one of them. Estimate the middle of the bracelet, and start wrapping two small segments in string, as pictured above. Using a contrasting color, wrap the center in string as well. Make small knots or simply cover up with string so it doesn’t slip. You can even use a drop of glue to make sure the string holds together. Make a bunch of these in various colors and wear them all summer long!


Piata Unirii Cluj Napoca - Kittenhood

Behind the scenes: lately in Cluj

Strawberry peach popsicle - Kittenhood

These past few weeks I’ve been readjusting to life in Cluj Napoca, after all that delightful traveling. Luckily, there were plenty of things to do, including a designer pop-up store, a dairy shop redesign, coffee in nostalgia-filled places and my first popsicles. Check out more behind the scenes snaps on Instagram.

Napolact Cluj - Kittenhood Black cat & book - Kittehood Spaghetti & wine - Kittenhood Flowers Tea House - Kittenhood Selfie - Kittenhood Mallard pin - Kittenhood Designer Pop Up Store Casa Tiff - KittenhoodPiata Unirii Cluj Napoca - Kittenhood