Dress me in: Kelly Love, AW13

Kelly Love, AW13 Lookbook | Kittenhood

“A wooden door in Paris. Painted duck egg blue with a fine brass knocker. It used to be grand. Used to be the house on the street that wanderers would marvel at and bohemian folk would flock to for tea and parties. Now it is faded with a nostalgic air of tragedy and loss. But the air of beauty has never left…..” The Kelly Love fall-winter 2013 collection revolves around calla lilies, orchids, sweet peas and poppies, and it’s called Flowers & Grandeur. It combines the delicacy of silk dresses with the rough coziness of wool fabrics. The colors are rich and beautiful, and just look at those low heel loafers (upper right picture)!

Kelly Love, AW13 Lookbook | Kittenhood Kelly Love, AW13 Lookbook | Kittenhood Kelly Love, AW13 Lookbook | Kittenhood Kelly Love, AW13 Lookbook | Kittenhood Kelly Love, AW13 Lookbook | Kittenhood


DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine's Day Card | Kittenhood

I think we can agree spooning is one of the nicest and most intimate things a couple can do. So when the folks from BuzzFeed asked me to do a Valentine’s Day card, I decided spooning was the way to go. Also, puns were in order, cause they seem to never be out of style. This is how the easy spoon Valentine was born and btw, check out the whole post on BuzzFeed, cause there are 39 other cool ideas you can try.

Supplies for V-Day Card | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • free printable (download here and here)
  • small plastic spoon
  • pink/red nail polish
  • glue
  • scissors

Paint a spoon | Kittenhood I will always want to spoon | Kittenhood Spooning Valentine | Kittenhood

How to:

Start by painting the front of your spoon with a coat of nail polish. Once that’s completely dry, apply another coat and let that one dry too.

In the meantime, print out your favorite template (each one makes two cards). Fold it in half. Glue the spoon in place and you’re done! Fill out the card with even more sweet messages for your loved one.

I will always want to spoon | Kittenhood DIY Valentine's Day card | Kittenhood


Just a little crush: Xu a

Just a little crush: Xu a

As expected from a website in Chinese, I don’t know much about this stylish girl, Xu a. I found her profile on Ibaifang, and decided she was just my type of dresser. Feminine, cute, retro, with a sleek bob and cat tights. Add different hats, collars and layers, and you’ve got a real crush! The language barrier is a bit of a disappointment – sometimes not even Google Translate can help – as I wish I knew more about her. But hey, it’s the outfits that matter in this case, right?

 Just a little crush: Xu a


Weekend marvels: 5/2014

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Play: I’d be surprised if you didn’t find a topic you love on QuizUp! My favorites right now are Twin Peaks, Spelling and Name the Celebrity (sorry about the last one).

Wear: This cool girl I know, Aitch, managed to get her design produced on Threadless! And it’s awesome.

Watch: You should see American Hustle, even if only for the unrecognizable actors.

Eat: Anything homemade, really. This video might convince you why you should do so.

Make: Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, so how about a sweet plush to go with it? It even has a shadow that works as a blanket!


Put some color on: couple in the 1940s

I love this kissing shot from the 1940s! The two are wearing the same Nordic-style sweater, with printed deers, and very similar jeans (which she rolled up). As tacky as couples matching their clothes usually is, I kind of like it in this instance. Must be the appeal of everything vintage, rather than something I’d like to do myself. 


Photo source – The Sartorialist | Sweater – Superdry | Jeans – J Brand | Loafers – Topshop | Socks – Monki


Shop handmade: romantic jewelry (without hearts)

Shop handmade: romantic jewelry (without hearts) | Kittenhood

1. Necklace by Gouttedeterre. The beauty of porcelain dipped in the richness of gold equals perfection.

2. Ice cream necklace by Rabbits Fantasy World. An ice cone pendant to make you look forward to summer, and a “lick me” message you can interpret as you please.

3. Braided ring by Doron Merav. This is definitely a special piece of jewelry, but once that’s made to last forever.

4. Colored necklace by xoias meNinas. The definition of romantic colors, in a simple and fun necklace. And guess what: the plastic drops are actually spoons!

5. Cactus earrings by Eried. Ok, these may have something close to hearts on them, but they’re so delicate that they’re absolutely not tacky.

6. Pink bangle by Rosella Resin. One of the loveliest resin pieces I’ve ever seen, in delightful honeysuckle and gold leaf.


My outfit: brick orange & burgundy

Orange sweater burgundy skirt | Kittenhood

Sweater – handmade | Shirt – thirfted | Skirt – Sheinside | Pin – Maia Grozavescu | Boots – Wagoneer

We finally got the winter wonderland we asked for Christmas! It’s a bit late, but we’ll take it. It acts as a distraction, and we’ll enjoy it for a little while, before it starts melting and we get back to craving spring. In this white context, I finally got a pair of flat boots, after somehow managing to go with just heeled ankle booties for the past few winters. They’re not exactly snow boots, but they’re lined with faux fur and are comfortable to walk in, so they’ll do. It’s not like I’m hiking or anything!

Winter outfit | Kittenhood Playing with snow | Kittenhood Blue + orange | Kittenhood Brick orange sweater | Kittenhood Winter wonderland | Kittenhood Orange & burgundy | Kittenhood


Dress me in: Honor Pre Fall 2014

Honor Pre-Fall 2014 | Kittenhood

Honor is a no-fail label in my book (at some point I DIY-ed their hair pins). Season after season, the girly silhouettes and neat collars make me dream of a world where I only wear Honor. For Pre-Fall, it’s all about tones of chocolate, with added lace and fur here and there. Designer Giovanna Randall was apparently inspired by “those times you really want to have a countryside picnic—with an attractive gentleman wearing a suit, of course—but it’s too chilly outside,” when creating this collection. I can totally relate, can’t you?

Images via style.com

Honor Pre-Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Honor Pre-Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Honor Pre-Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Honor Pre-Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Honor Pre-Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Honor Pre-Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Honor Pre-Fall 2014 | Kittenhood


DIY Cross Stitch Heart Pin for Valentine’s Day

DIY Cross Stitch Heart Pin for Valentine's Day | Kittenhood

Is everyone excited for Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re celebrating or not, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to resist this pretty pin. It has neon pink, cross stitch, and a cute heart, which makes it wearable all year round. And with just a few minor twitches, you can use your creativity to turn it into a pendant. Since I’m more of a pin person, that’s what I made. And this is how I did it:

Supplies for cross stitch heart pin | KittenhoodHeart cross stitch pattern | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • 16 hole button (available here)
  • red or pink thread + needle
  • scissors
  • felt scraps
  • pencil
  • strong glue
  • brooch pin
  • heart template (pictured above)

Heart Cross Stitch | Kittenhood Tracing on felt | Kittenhood Heart Cross Stitch | Kittenhood Pin back | Kittenhood Pin & glue | Kittenhood Heart Cross Stitch Pin | Kittenhood

How to:

Thread your needle and cross stitch the heart, using the chart (third picture from the top). This should take less than five minutes. Next, use the round pin to outline a circle of the same size on the felt. Cut it out and make sure it fits, as you will use this to cover the back of the pin.

Stitch the brooch pin on the felt, towards the upper side, or glue it if you like. Next, glue the felt part to the plastic pin, using strong glue.

DIY Cross Stitch Heart Pin for Valentine's Day | Kittenhood Cross Stitch Valentine | Kittenhood Pink Cross Stitch Heart | Kittenhood 


Just a little crush: The Northern Light

Just a little crush: The Northern Light | Kittenhood

Hedvig of The Northern Light is more high-fashion that most of the bloggers I follow. Even though her clothes are out of my league, I can’t help but feel charmed by the minimalist aesthetic. The neutral colors she wears and the simple lines make her look polished at all times. I’m utterly in love with that light gray coat, which seems to be going perfectly with anything. A dream. Oh, and can you believe she has a baby? She certainly doesn’t look it.

The Northern Light Blog | Kittenhood