Train window

My outfit: mustard dress on a train

Girl on train

Dress – Dear Creatures | Sandals – Saltwater

Our trip was supposed to be a few days long, but we only came home ten days later. A pretty good way to end the summer. These pics are from a trip-within-the-trip, to Orsova, when we realized I was dressed in the colors of the train. Not much else to do than take pics, right? And now, to get accustomed to a relatively regular work schedule and to a crazy cat once again.

Dear Creatures dress

Peter pan collar dress

Mirror shot

Train window

Nadinoo Play by Numbers

Dress me in: Nadinoo, Play by Numbers

Nadinoo Play by Numbers

A post on Instagram caught my attention the other day, as Nadinoo announced the release of a new lookbook. I went straight to my computer to find it and post it, knowing that I will love it no matter what. It’s been a while since the latest collection, but it was worth the wait! The pictures are peaceful and charming, while the clothes are all I ever wanted :) I’m already head over heels with three of them, and when the time comes, I’m hoping to have at least one in my hands.

See the older Nadinoo collection here.

Nadinoo Paint by Numbers

Nadinoo Paint by Numbers

Nadinoo Paint by Numbers

Nadinoo Paint by Numbers


My outfit: LBD on a mountain top


Dress – Sheinside | Sandals – Saltwater via Modcloth| Bag – KlassDSign

Hiking in a little black dress and sandals is silly – even if just for a 530m high hike. I know for a fact teenage me would be disappointed in present me. However, this trip was unexpected, and all I had packed were clothes for the city. And truth to be told, I didn’t even ruin my sandals. And the view was worth it. So I suppose it all turned out for the best. These pics are from Crucea Alba (The White Cross) and the old city center of Baile Herculane, an area that’s worth visiting, while it’s still on its feet.





weekend marvels

Weekend marvels

weekend marvels

Watch: I know everyone has seen The Great Gatsby a million years ago, but I only got to it now. It’s surely a must-see movie, although I’m not sure yet sure I like it. Admittedly, I’m only halfway through.

Listen: A band of sisters is just my cup of tea. HAIM, they’re one such band.

Wear: The copper frame and braided leather clutch from mOyO sounds like perfection to me. I’m happy to say they’re Romanian.

DIY: There are so many lovely things you can do with old books! But a clutch would still be my fave, call me obsessed with hand carried bags if you like.

I hope you all have a terrific September!

Atelier Mecanic

My outfit: Kitten & snake print

Kitten print top

Top –  Sheinside | Skirt – StyleStalker | Shoes – thrifted

One of the most popular areas in Bucharest right now is the old city center. The place is crowded with bars, pubs and restaurants, for every taste and style. After a larger-than-life Roger Waters performance the day before, we just had to have coffee at Atelier Mecanic, probably one of the coolest spots in the city (especially if you’re into the whole socialist era + DIY + industrial aesthetics). I have to admit, Bucharest is more exciting each time I visit it. Coming up next: Baile Herculane, an old health resort that has been on our to-go list for years. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Centrul Vechi


Atelier Mecanic


Put some color on: Le Figaro’s Peppy Miller

This picture is the reason I started this whole “put some color on” thing. At first glance, it seemed like an old photo, and I was amazed by this incredibly well dressed woman (also, how do they do it: wear a fur and sandals in the same season?). With some research, I found out it was actually a fashion shot from Le Figaro, showing Peppy Miller of The Artist looking for a role in the newspaper. Beautiful picture.
madame lefigaro

Image via Le Figaro Madame | Fur – Vintage | Dress – Warehouse | Shoes – Seychelles | Hat – Brooks Brothers | Ring – Kate Spade

My hipster road pic

glasses on train

This is me right now, in one of my most hipster looks to date (insert ode to technology here, for allowing me to blog while on the move). About 12 years ago, I was a long-haired teen who was first listening to Pink Floyd – The Wall on a cassette tape, home recorded from someone else’s CD. Compared to mp3 files now, you could barely hear the music on the tape. But I would still listen to it obsessively, and it was sad and moving. Scribbling lyrics on every notebook. Pink Floyd has been my favorite band for years after, and I honestly never even thought about seeing them live. So you can understand my excitement about heading to Bucharest now, for a Roger Waters production of The Wall. I already know it’s gonna be the best concert ever.



Dress me in: Lauren Moffatt Fall 2013

Lauren Moffatt Levon Mini Dress

At this point, I’ve come to believe that Lauren Moffatt can’t go wrong with her collections. The prints, the garments, the styling of the lookbooks or the showcasing during fashion week are always spot on. This fall line, for example, was presented in the mountains, with a cabin key for an invite, and the models up on log platforms (this is what it looked like). The prints are just how they’re supposed to be, the red and blue combo is very appealing, and when the model laughs/screams at the camera, the whole of the internet lights up. So much yes.

Lauren Moffatt Woodstock Collar Dress

Ulster Pullover and Uma Pant

Lauren Moffatt Overlook Midi Dress

Midnight Ramble Party Dress

Kingston Scallop Neck Dress

Juniper Woods Pintuck and Mini Skirt

Lauren Moffatt Doll House Parrot Sweater-and-Big-Pink-Skirt

Lauren Moffatt Byrdcliffe Midi Dress

Woodstock Button Back Top-and-Woodstock Cutaway Skirt

See the Lauren Moffatt Fall 2012 collection here.

Felt Cat Bed

Handmade finds: Storow

Cat Bed

Cats have been missed here, on the blog, so it’s high time they took back their well deserved spot. I fell in love with this Italian felt artist the minute I saw the model: a fluffy orange fellow, who seems quite indifferent to trying on all those lovely cat “caves”. Mila Storow is the person behind this, and I can only imagine how magnetic these beds are for lazy, warmth-loving cats. Actually, I could almost try out the sensation on my own skin, because there are felt slippers available as well. Matching cat and human attire, anyone?

Visit Storow on Etsy.

Handmade Felt Slippers

Handmade Cat Bed

Handmade Felt Bed for Cats

Felt Cat Bed


Weekend marvels

weekend marvels

Watch: This little dance never ceases to amaze me. It’s a scene from Bunheads, the sweet and short lived TV show about ballerinas. More about Sasha’s style here.

Listen: This little mix tape I put together on 8tracks with some songs I’m digging (everything is little today, isn’t it?)

Wear: The prettiest dress, by Jennifer Glasgow. Look how perfectly stiff that fabric is! And the details at the neckline and pockets are exquisite. Also, pockets.

DIY: This cat face mug seems fairly easy to replicate: I’d just use sharpies on a nice glass mug and bake it afterwords to fix the color in. Kind of like this.