Shop handmade: Rebecca Gladstone jewelry

Rebecca Gladstone Jewellery - Kittenhood

I haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately, but I do envy those girls who manage to do it so effortlessly. Especially in the case of understated, minimalist pieces such as the ones by Rebecca Gladstone. She is a London-based designer, inspired deeply by geometries. The jewelry is hand formed, molded, shaped and casted in silver. And it’s not just the jewelry that caught my eye – the pictures showcasing it are amazing! I love the melancholic blonde model with short bangs, the simple white tops she is wearing and how the accessories fit the whole picture.

Minimalist Jewellery by Rebecca Gladstone - Kittenhood Minimalist Jewellery by Rebecca Gladstone - Kittenhood Minimalist Jewellery by Rebecca Gladstone - Kittenhood Minimalist Jewellery by Rebecca Gladstone - KittenhoodRebecca Gladston handmade jewelry - Kittenhood Rebecca Gladston handmade jewelry - Kittenhood

V-Neck Dress - Kittenhood

My outfit: floral dress & clogs

V-Neck Dress - Kittenhood

Dress – c/o Rosewe | Belt – thrifted | Shoes – Shabbies Amsterdam (thrifted)

After a brief fight with the sleeves (they have lateral cutouts, so naturally that’s where I tried slipping my arms through), zipping up this dress was very satisfying. Finally, a dress that fits right at the waist! Must be because of my body type, but so many of my dresses are too loose around the waist, and just don’t look as well without a belt. It’s true that I’m wearing a belt here, but take my word for it, it isn’t a necessity. I just wanted an extra item in the outfit, because summer outfits are oftentimes just dress + shoes, and that can be boring. I also adore the cut and print (is that funny-colored lilac? hyacinths? I don’t know) on the dress. 

What’s your summer uniform?

Rosewe Dress & Shabbies Amsterdam Clogs - Kittenhood Blue Floral Dress - Kittenhood Growing a Pixie Cut - Kittenhood Blue Dress & Clogs - Kittenhood


Dress me in: Magnolia Antic

Magnolia Antic Lookbook - Kittenhood

Magnolia Antic is a Barcelona based boutique, specializing in beautiful garments and decor. “Magnolia Antic’s interior styling unites emotions and unique articles with timeless beauty, intelligence, sensitivity and love; creating an utterly unique experience for those who chose to visit.” Even if you only visit them online, you may still leave with a very pleasant feeling. The clothes in their shop are minimalist (showing once again that simplicity equals pure beauty), wonderfully styled and perfectly suited for this time of the year. Head to toe monochrome looks with turban scarves and canvas espadrilles, silk and natural fabrics, elegance.

Barcelona Clothes - Kittenhood Magnolia Antic Barcelona - Kittenhood Minimalist Dress - Kittenhood Magnolia Antic Barcelona - Kittenhood Gingham Dress - Kittenhood Silk Shirt & Pants - Kittenhood Magnolia Antic Lookbook - Kittenhood



Recipe: berry frozen yogurt

Berry frozen yogurt recipe | Kittenhood

The end of July is just the perfect time for picking raspberries in my hometown. Luckily, I was there this year and was able to bring back a big batch of fresh fruit. However, the five-hour ride wasn’t very kind on the poor berries, and most of them were smashed in the container I used to carry them. The solution? Turning them into desserts. I had already made my raspberry pie a few days before, so I wanted to try something else. Something refreshing and healthy and, of course, easy to make: berry frozen yogurt!

Froyo with Berries - Kittenhood

Berry frozen yogurt
Serves 2
A refreshing summer treat that's healthier than ice-cream, but still super tasty!
  1. 1 cup fresh berries (I used raspberry)
  2. 1 cup Greek yogurt
  3. 3 tsp berry jam (I used wild strawberry)
  1. Put the berries in the bowl of a mixer and mix until you get a puree. Alternatively, you can do this in a blender or by hand.
  2. Add in the Greek yogurt and keep mixing until it becomes pink and homogeneous.
  3. Add the jam and mix it in by hand, allowing it to swirl.
  4. Freeze for 2 hours for a creamy consistency or more if you want it to look more like ice-cream.
  1. Since the berry jam is already sweet, you may not need any further sweetener. However, you can add some to taste.
Raspberry & wild strawberry froyo | Kittenhood


Put some color on: beach style, 1940s

Have you met The Sartorialist’s great-grandma? Apparently, she and her sister were impressively beautiful and stylish around the time of WWII. In this picture from the street style photographer’s personal archive, both of them sported crop tops (probably crocheted) with high waist pants, big sun hats and sandals for a stroll on the beach. There’s no reason we shouldn’t do the same thing now, is there?


Photo: The Sartorialist | Top – Aeropostale | Pants – Monki | Sandals – Topshop | Hat – Warehouse

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Behind the scenes: Brasov again

Raspberries, mint & crackers - Kittenhood

I’ve spent this whole week in Brasov, the city where I went to high-school. Every time I visit I realize I don’t know the place too well, and it seems to have all sorts of hidden treasures. Luckily, I stayed by the farmer’s market, and I could get “supplies” every day – from raspberries to melon, everything seems to be in season! That market is a real pleasure to visit, I’m gonna go as far as saying it’s the best in town.

Salad, melon & peaches - Kittenhood London postcard - Kittenhood Tiny Kitten - Kittenhood Piata Enescu Brasov - Kittenhood Bistro de l'Arte Brasov - Kittenhood Piata Enescu Brasov - Kittenhood Strada Postavarului Brasov - Kittenhood Carousel in Brasov - Kittenhood Tiny Hands & Pretzel Place - Kittenhood

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Weekend marvels: 22/2014

Weekend marvels - Kittenhood

Watch: I’m a fan of Romain Duris, so I loved him and Vanessa Paradis in L’Arnacoeur. Plus her wardrobe is fab throughout the movie.

Make: Make your cooler… cooler with this tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect. And it’s picnic time!

Wear: Flawelss Vika Gazinskaya & Hanneli Mustaparta show us how to do rain right.

Eat: Have you ever tried making your own bagels? My first attempt failed miserably and I don’t know when I’ll recover my strength to go through that long process again. But you should totally try, go ahead.

Read: If you’re going camping, make sure you read this checklist from The Merrythought. And while you’re at it, check out their DIY sleeping pad too.


Shop handmade: Lunet eyewear

Lunet Eyewear Monocle - Kittenhood

This is what you find when you open the sleek cardboard box containing Lunet sunglasses: “As one of the few Lunet owners, you will be looked upon with great wonder. You will be studied and photographed. You might even be approached by unknown people wanting to establish communication.” It’s true. I’ve had mine for about a month, and they already attracted a bunch of looks and chats.

Lunet eyewear is a new label, based here in Cluj Napoca, and they handcraft wooden sunglasses. The process is long and beautiful and definitely impressive. There are two models so far, a classic wayfarer (Cas) and a round keyhole design (Eta), each one in walnut, oak and cherry tree wood. There’s also a sun-protecting monocle available (Io), a quirky little accessory you can wear many ways. Don’t be surprised if you find me on their site, demonstrating the versatility of the modern monocle.

Wooden Sunglasses Made in Transylvania - Kittenhood Lunet Eyewear Made in Transylvania - Kittenhood Lunet Eyewear Wooden Sunglasses - Kittenhood Lunet Eyewear Lookbook - Kittenhood


My outfit: Skirt Bike 2014

Skirt Bike Cluj - Kittenhood

Dress – Sophster Toaster | Sandals – Vulturi | Photos – Calin Ceteras

As soon as the first rays of sun hit the city and until the very last ones in fall, my means of transportation is my bike. It’s been so for the past five years, since I got this pink KTM bike from the flea market. At first I had trouble reconciling bike riding with my dress-based wardrobe, but in time I learned a few things. And for the past three years, I’ve been taking part in an event promoting elegant riding for women, Skirt Bike. I’ve mentioned that several times before, I know, but it’s one of my favorite events of the year. This time it took place in early July, and in several cities across the country. If last year we rode in the rain, this year we rode in the full summer sun. I probably caught a little tan on the back of my neck (that’s the worst!), but otherwise it was pleasant as always: bells ringing, balloons and flowers on every bike, lots of pretty dresses and skirts, even prizes. It’s also been really nice hanging with my pals Giani (who took all the pics below) and Iuliana (pictured below) – great ride, girls!

Sophster Toaster Dress - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood


Dress me in: Pull and Bear SS14

Pull and Bear Spring 2014 - Kittenhood
While I haven’t been shopping as much at Pull and Bear lately, I still fall in love with their lookbooks every once in a while. This one was launched at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been keeping it bookmarked for when it fits perfectly with the weather: right now. These lazy summer pictures are just wonderful, and the colors makes it so that you can almost feel the heat. There are some adorable cut-out back dresses in here, and I need that floral crop top + skirt duo from the jumping picture!

The lookbook, shot by Xevi Muntané, features a new generation of models, and apparently it’s a mix of inspiration from various decades, from the 50s to the 90s, as well as the typical American youth. The Californian background couldn’t be more perfect for the mood, don’t you think?

Pull and Bear SS14  - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14  - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14  - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14 Dress - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14 Campaign - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14 Campaign - Kittenhood Pull and Bear Lookbook - Kittenhood Pull and Bear Lookbook - Kittenhood
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