DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

DIY fox shoes

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

I know you guys loved the DIY cat shoes, so when I saw these reddish-brown colored shoes I immediately thought: fox. I’ve been eying such foxy heels over on Modcloth and other quirky shops, so I decided to make my own in what took about half an hour. The only thing I didn’t think in advance was the glue – do use one that’s good for leather instead of a glue gun like I did! The latter tends to be very sensitive to friction, and since you’re going to wear your fox shoes all the time…

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • fox colored shoes
  • scissors
  • leather
  • permanent marker
  • strong glue (for leather)

How to:

DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood DIY fox shoes - Kittenhood

Begin by cutting four equal triangles out of leather – the ears. Follow with two circle halves, which will become the noses. Make sure they’re proportionate in size and that you place them symmetrically before you glue them – which is the next step. Once you’re done with the leather pieces, use a marker to draw the eyes. And that’s that!

But beware, your feline friend may not be as excited about the new critters in the house – see below.



[Put some color on] school girls in 1944

This photo is making rounds of the internet captioned “the original texting in class”. I don’t know about you, but when I was in high-school, the mobile plans were so bad that we didn’t even consider texting someone in the same room. That is, for the few people who actually had a cellphone. Instead, we would opt for the good old-fashioned piece of paper, torn from the end of the notebook, written in pen. Yes, in pen. Ten years later, I can barely remember my own handwriting. That aside, this photo from the 1940s is filled with girls that dress like Audrey Horne (yes, I know, it’s the other way around) and I love it.

Image source | Sweater – Front Row Shop | Socks – Asos | Skirt – Coggles | Shoes – Modcloth |


[Shop handmade] great greyhounds


1. Italian greyhound print by Woodwings. The Italian greyhound wears the crown in this lovely, romantic limited edition print.

2. Greyhound illustration by Gingiber. I love the texture on this greyhound illustration, plus you can customize it with your dog’s name.

3. Supa fly sweatshirt by Nic and the Newfie. Soft and comfortable sweatshirt featuring a nice greyhound illustration.

4. Greyhound PJs by Loved Houndz. A cool thing about greyhounds is that they look great in clothes. Like this fleece PJ in tartan.

5. Greyhound necklace by Just Plain Simple. Tiny pendant made of sterling silver, one that literally shows your love for greyhounds.

6. Resting greyhound throw pillow by Grantabi. Don’t you feel that this blue greyhound needs your care and caress?


[Weekend marvels] 31/2014

What are your plans for the weekend? Here are some links to keep you company:

Cross stitch sweater by Uber Chic for Cheap | Kittenhood
Cross stitch sweater by Uber Chic for Cheap
I've tried and failed at making a cross stitch sweater a couple of times, so I fully embrace this one. The secret is in the grid-like pattern already in the knit.
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DaWanda Giveaway | Kittenhood
DaWanda Giveaway
Don't you just love this strawberry pillow? It's up for grabs courtesy of DaWanda.
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Hair pins by Rifle Paper Co. | Kittenhood
Hair pins by Rifle Paper Co.
Nothing is simpler and prettier than bobby pins, don't you agree? And look how cute they are all mixed up in this print.
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Great hair day by Cocorrina | Kittenhood
Great hair day by Cocorrina
Speaking of hair accessories, this print is the sweetest: have a great hair day! I'd love this on a card or hung by the mirror.
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House of cardboard by Dosshaus | Kittenhood
House of cardboard by Dosshaus
An unbelievable house of cardboard, like no doll or human has ever seen.
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When blogging becomes a slog | Kittenhood
When blogging becomes a slog
This New York Times post on professional blogging is spot on, and I recommend that you bloggers check it out.
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Valentino SS15 | Kittenhood
Valentino SS15
It's safe to say Valentino is my favorite high fashion designer. The spring 2015 collection is a dream. Bye bye, Fashion Month!
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Front Row Shop Dress - Kittenhood

[My outfit] wicked symbols dress

 Front Row Shop Dress - Kittenhood

Dress – c/o

If I’d be a Halloween person, I would don this dress all the time till the end of the month. And maybe I will anyway. The print on it is hilarious and probably a bit random, including a drum-playing dinosaur, an eye, a candle, a palm tree, a can of spinach, a magician’s hat, a bunny, Earth, a rocket and a banana peel. If you ask me, all of those things could be the starting point of a good Halloween costume (maybe not the banana peel, who wants to go as a banana?) and the least they can do is put one in a spooky fall mood. What say you?

Photos taken at Plan B Gallery.

Front Row Dress - Kittenhood Navy Printed Dress - Kittenhood Cartoon Print Dress & Red Shoes - Kittenhood Eyes Closed - Kittenhood Plan B Gallery Cluj - Kittenhood


[Giveaway] Win a strawberry pillow from DaWanda!

Dawanda giveaway | Kittenhood

Those of you living in Europe might be more familiar with DaWanda, since it’s a Germany-based online marketplace. To the others, be careful, you might be very into it! DaWanda is where you can find unique and handmade items from around the world, and I’ve recently started a collaboration with them, curating a list of favorite items to showcase on their site. I have to say I was almost overwhelmed by the variety of beautiful things I could find, from fashion to household items and art.

One of the cutest items from my list has to be the strawberry pillow by Canufactum, created especially for people who love strawberries so much they want to hug them. If that’s you, enter below and this pillow could be the pop of color on your couch!

Win a strawberry pillow | Kittenhood

a Rafflecopter giveaway


[Dress me in] Betina Lou, fall winter 2014

Betina Lou, Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood

The moody shades of navy, gray and burgundy in the latest Betina Lou collection are my dream fall wardrobe. I’m generally crazy about colors and that’s what I usually wear, but these shades are irresistibly beautiful and classy. The fall lookbook from the Canadian label (which recently turned 5, happy anniversary!) features light knits, cozy wool skirts, collared dresses, cute shorts, as well as basic pants and button downs. Nothing too fancy, just pretty pieces that one can wear on a daily basis – and that’s one of the most important things, if you ask me. P.S: Those knee length circle skirts are killing me!

See previous Betina Lou collections here.

Betina Lou, Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood Betina Lou, Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood   Betina Lou, Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood Betina Lou, Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood Betina Lou, Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook | Kittenhood


[Just a little crush] Viele Fuchse

Just a little crush: Viele Fuchse | Kittenhood

Sometimes when I find a new blog I like I have to wonder: how many amazing blogs are out there? What am I missing on? I’m pleased to say that at some point I’ve encountered Jess of Viele Füchse somewhere on the internet, so at least I know I’m not missing out on that. Must have been the logo and name of her blog that first caught my attention, since it means “many foxes”. Jess lives in Germany and she’s an avid vintage hunter. Naturally, that translates into an impressive collection of pretty dresses from past decades, mixed with retro-style Dear Creatures or Pepa Loves. I love the primary color palette in her wardrobe, the light layering, the low heels as well as the beautiful spots she takes pics in.

Just a little crush: Viele Fuchse | Kittenhood


[Weekend marvels] 30/2014

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Here are some links to keep you occupied:

Downton Abbey in Harper's Bazaar | Kittenhood
Downton Abbey in Harper's Bazaar
A gorgeous editorial celebrating the new season of Downton Abbey, with all the leading ladies looking s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.
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Sex & the City | Kittenhood
Sex & the City Brands
Ever wondered about all the brands ever mentioned in Sex & the City? This video has each and every one.
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DIY acorn pillow | Kittenhood
DIY acorn pillow
It's that time of the year when this acorn pillow becomes seasonal again.
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Sweetheart triangle bra by Free People | Kittenhood
Sweetheart triangle bra
I didn't realize Free People had such pretty bras available - this one features lace and polka dots, and it comes in red or black.
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Noisly background noise | Kittenhood
Noisli background noise
Hate silence? Dream of nature while you're working? Noisli is a beautifully designed app for background noises of all kinds. I'm using it as I type.
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Taylor Swift Street Style with Cat | Kittenhood
Taylor Swift's cat
I don't how Taylor Swift got her cat to act like a purse dog, but I'd really want to find out.
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The Piemaker by Nan Lawson | Kittenhood
The Piemaker by Nan Lawson
How wonderful is this portrait of the piemaker from Pushing Daisies? Spot on.
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