Guest post: DIY Refashioned Denim Pinafore With Lace

Sheri is the Berlin-based blogger behind Confessions of a Refashionista, and she’s brilliant at thrifting and repurposing her finds. She finds the potential in not-so-amazing pieces and turns them into something wearable and fun. Today she’s agreed to share a tutorial on Kittenhood: a quirky bleach and lace denim pinafore that’s truly one of a kind:

DIY Bleached Lace Pinafore by Confessions of a Refashionista | Kittenhood

I absolutely love the functional yet feminine combination of denim & lace and my oh-so-stylin’ Kittenhood inspired DIY overall dress was the perfect choice for a bit of dainty embellishment. The result? A charming pinafore ideal for wandering through the flea market or a lazy day in the park…

Refashion a denim pinafore | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • denim pinafore (refashioned)
  • bleach
  • elastics
  • lace bistro curtain
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • scissors

Refashion a denim pinafore | Kittenhood Bleached Denim Pinafore | Kittenhood Bleached & Lace Denim Pinafore | Kittenhood Bleached & Lace Refashioned Denim Pinafore | Kittenhood

Grab that denim pinafore/overall dress, a lace bistro curtain, bleach & elastics. Fold/scrunch up the dress and secure with the elastics. Submerge & soak the dress in an equal parts bleach & water mixture until your desired lightning is achieved then rinse & launder (I left mine for about 2 hours).
Arrange the lace bistro curtain on the front of the skirt, pin & stitch it on. Add some lace to the bib of the pinafore chop off the excess & enjoy your adorably unique new dress!
Refashioned denim pinafore - Kittenhood

Weekend marvels: 24/2014

Weekend marvels - Kittenhood

Watch: Everything is Illuminated. It’s unbelievable that this movie is almost 10 years old and I’ve only seen it now.

Make: This wrap crop top looks excellent! I’d love to try it for my summer vacation.

Wear: How cute is Katie (Skunkboy) in this pineapple print dress? I love the cutouts and her flower crown.

Eat: I tried coconut roti this week and it was pretty good! I paired it with sour cherry apricot jam.

Read: Can you say something nice about someone you don’t like?


Shop handmade: undergarments

Shop handmade undergarments - Kittenhood

1. Panties by Egretta Garzetta. High waisted, gorgeous retro panties with a sexy back and surprisingly overlapped fabric.

2. Bralette by Econica. A super comfortable organic cotton bralette inspired by vintage designs. Plus it’s custom-made to your own measurements!

3. Floral set by Ohhh Lulu. Simply put, the most beautiful lingerie that ever existed.

4. Bodysuit by Little White Closet. A minimalist, sexy lace bodysuit which also works for brides.

5. Panty set by DW Danielle Wood. This set features velvet and sheer fabric, as well as detachable garter straps. Hot.

6. Panties by Knickerocker. Your bum is a donut, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Striped Tote & Polka Dot Dress - Kittenhood

My outfit: nautical stripes & dots

Stripes & Dots - Kittenhood

Dress – flea market | Bag – c/o Aiko Threads | Shoes – Bait Footwear | Pin – flea market

I’m a big fan of tote bags – I have a whole collection – because they’re easy to carry and practical.  When I picked this bag from Aiko Threads, it was because of the nautical stripes, just perfect for my upcoming vacation (I’m going to Portugal in a couple of days!). I liked that the bottom is leather-like, which gives it more stability and makes it harder to get dirty. But then came the pleasant surprise that makes me really love this bag: it’s fully lined and it has pockets! Lots of pockets! I got to fill them with all those little things that usually get lost inside tote bags, such as lip balm and hand sanitizer, and I could separate the two items that should never be together, i.e. phone and keys. I don’t know why all totes aren’t like that. I’m so taking it with me to Portugal, it’s super practical for traveling and the beach as well!

Nautical Look - Kittenhood Striped Tote & Polka Dot Dress - Kittenhood Nautical Dress & Bag - Kittenhood Aiko Threads Tote Bag - Kittenhood



Dress me in: Vintage Gal Shop

Vintage Gal is a Georgia-based online boutique I’ve recently discovered while browsing Mariam Sitchinava‘s portfolio. She’s one of my favorite photographers, and the pictures (and film) she took for this lookbook feature her exquisite romantic style. The shop mostly sells clothes from the 60s and 80s, including retro bathing suits, fun jumpsuits, soft sweaters and lace detail tops. I love the colors and mood of the pictures, like on a nicely cloudy summer day, just before the rain.

Mariam Sitchinava for Vintage Gal - Kittenhood Mariam Sitchinava for Vintage Gal - Kittenhood Mariam Sitchinava for Vintage Gal - Kittenhood Mariam Sitchinava Photography - Kittenhood Mariam Sitchinava Photography - Kittenhood Mariam Sitchinava Photography - Kittenhood Vintage Swimsuit - Kittenhood

Vintage Gal from Mariam Sitchinava on Vimeo.


2 Summer Recipes with Kusmi Strawberry Green Tea

Kusmi Strawberry Green Tea - Kittenhood

When I’ve first tried Kusmi Tea, I was instantly smitten with their great quality and variety. I even turned the tins into candles, because that’s how much I like tea tins. So when I was asked to review the Strawberry Green Tea, I had no doubt it would be the perfect summer tea. I drank the tea warm and loved it, but summer calls for cooler, lighter things. So I took that flavorful, antioxidant tea and turned it into two treats: ice tea and popsicles. To keep the tea from diluting, I used frozen strawberries instead of ice cubes, and to make the pops more fun I’ve layered the tea with mashed strawberries. And yes, that’s as easy as it sounds:
Strawberry Green Ice Tea - Kittenhood

Strawberry green ice tea
A refreshing drink for all your summer parties
  1. 1 liter water
  2. 5-6 strawberry green tea bags
  3. sweetener
  4. frozen strawberries
  1. Heat the water to about 80 degrees Celsius. Pour over the tea bags and infuse for 3-4 minutes.
  2. Sweeten the tea and allow it to cool completely.
  3. Serve with frozen strawberries instead of ice, so the taste doesn't dilute.
  1. Don't infuse the tea longer than the time specified on the package - instead of being stronger, it will just be bitter.
Green Ice Tea With Strawberries - Kittenhood

Strawberry green tea popsicles
Serves 6
A refreshing and healthy snack or dessert for hot summer days
  1. 200ml water
  2. 1 strawberry green tea bag
  3. 200g strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  4. popsicle molds
  1. Heat the water to about 80 degrees celsius and infuse the tea for 3-4 minutes. Sweeten if necessary and let cool.
  2. Divide the tea into six popsicle molds, only covering about half of each one. Place in the freezer for at least half an hour (or until it starts freezing).
  3. Meanwhile, puree the strawberries using a blender or a potato masher. Pour in the popsicle molds, creating a layered effect. Freeze for a couple of hours before serving.
  1. To remove popsicles from their molds easily, run some warm water over them.
Strawberry green tea popsicles - Kittenhood Strawberry green tea popsicles - Kittenhood

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Behind the scenes: Oradea

Oradea River View - Kittenhood

I visited Oradea for the first time this weekend, and these are some snaps I took with my phone. It’s a lovely city, still developing into a modern one, with plenty of parks and charming old buildings. One of my favorite things was the zoo, which always leaves me feeling a bit guilty. On the one hand, I love seeing the animals from up close, and I had so much fun interacting with this meerkat, some clever monkeys and cute bunnies. On the other hand, it breaks my heart to see wild animals condemned to such a small habitat, and being deprived by their primary hunting instinct. How do you feel about animals in the zoo?

Deer sleeping - Kittenhood Cheetas sleeping - Kittenhood Meercat at the zoo - Kittenhood Pouring rain - Kittenhood Waterlilies & sandals - Kittenhood Interior garden - Kittenhood Urban Tunnel - Kittenhood Oradea Museum - Kittenhood Lacto Bar Oradea - Kittenhood


Visual comparison: beaches vs. street style


Street | Beach

Blue is exquisitely summery. The sea is blue, the sky is blue, the wardrobes of some street style stars are blue. I’ve played around with different shades of this color and ended up with this visual comparison between stylish outfits and seascapes. I did something similar last year with vintage postcards, but I’m once again in love with this color, so there you go.


Street | Beach


Street | Beach


Street | Beach


Street | Beach


Street | Beach



Weekend marvels: 23/2014

Weekend marvels - Kittenhood

Watch: Very Good Girls – it won’t blow your mind, but it’s a nice and calm movie. Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen are both amazing girls.

Make: You know I love monstera leaves, so I’d naturally like to try this tote bag DIY by Encourage Fashion.

Wear: Modcloth just launched the cutest dress, printed with logs, owls and other forest themed illustrations. And it’s designed by a fan!

Eat: I made pita bread this week! The recipe is from Food Pusher, I just changed it a bit by adding whole grain flour instead of white. It totally worked.

Read: The truth behind those glamorous Instagram shots by Olivia Muenter. Reading this is very reassuring.