DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore

DIY Denim Maxi Skirt to Pinafore | Kittenhood

I’ve been planning this project for some time, but I never found the proper skirt to work with. Here it is now, an old and ugly H&M number I found in a second hand shop. If you want to try this yourself, look for a skirt that is: long enough (preferably maxi), fitted at your waist and with a lateral closure. Otherwise things will become more complicated (taking it in, adding a zipper etc.) and no one wants that.

Denim Pinafore Made from Maxi Skirt

What you need:

  • maxi skirt (as described above)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • two buttons

Refashion a Maxi Skirt Denim Skirt DIY Pinafore

Start by trying on the skirt and marking the new length you want. Cut through and hem. Using the denim fabric you cut off, make the front of the pinafore, a rectangular. Make use of the already available hems as much as possible to ease your work (like I did for the upper part). Hem it and try it one before sewing it to the skirt.

Denim Scraps Denim Straps DIY Making Denim Straps Denim Straps

With your skirt on, measure how long the straps should be. It would be helpful if someone else could do the measuring for you. Don’t forget that the straps have to cross at the back.

Cut two denim pieces of that length, with the width being twice the strap width + 2 cm seam allowance. Fold and pin throughout the length, as seen above. Iron a bit, and then use the zig-zag setting on your machine to stitch along each strap.

DIY Denim Pinafore

Try the whole thing on again and stitch the straps at the lower back. Cross them and mark the spot where your buttons should be. Stitch the buttons and make the corresponding buttonholes on the chest.

DIY Pinafore from Skirt | Kittenhood


Just a little crush: Cuillère à absinthe

Typhaine Cuillere a Absynth

I rediscovered Typhaine’s Cuillère à absinthe recently, and I like her blog more than ever. Her perfect photographs feature exquisite layering, she’s always wearing realistic outfits (i.e. flats and wearable but chic clothes), she’s got natural poses and a lovely smile. I also like her combination of tomboy style with feminine pieces, comfortable items with tailored ones, and the general French-ness/freshness.

cuillere a absinthe


Weekend marvels

weekend marvels

Watch: Free Samples, a movie that generally takes place over the course of one day, but not just any day.

Listen: Metronomy – The Look. It’s catchy.

Wear: I’ve seen a lot of great all-gray looks lately, and I think they’re so stylish. This one is from Atlantic Pacific and I would wear it without question.

DIY: Did you know that drawing with milk on paper is revealed if you iron it? Awesome technique found here.


Put some color on: Meeting around a baguette, 1950

After all the fashion pictures I colored in this section so far, I decided to go back to what I really wanted to do: take inspiration from old pictures, even if they’re not fashion related. I know you guys liked my newsboy costume for Halloween, and this look is something like that. So let’s dress like little boys in the ’50s, shall we?

put some color on

Photo source – unknown (found here) | Shirt – Custommade | Sweater – Bulle de Savon | Shoes – Dr. Martens | Shorts – Zara

el desayuno

I am a Spanish genius!

el desayuno

I’m a bit nervous posting these posters, because it’s the first time I’ve done something like this. I got the idea while I was trying to learn Spanish online. Romanian and Spanish are closely related, so it’s not really that hard. Having watched a couple of telenovelas in the past also helps. But some words I just couldn’t associate with anything: emparedado (sandwich), almuerzo (lunch), cangrejo (crab) and conejo (rabbit), among others. So I sketched them in the notebook I keep on my desk (it’s crazy in there), to see them all the time. One thing led to another, and here they are now, in digital form. What do you think? I’d really like your feedback on this one, guys!

*The title is a reference to Chang of Community, not to my own abilities :)

**These posters are now available as prints, t-shirts, hoodies, throw pillows, tote bags, phone cases and stickers on Society6.

la sopa el almuerzo

Bow Sweater

My outfit: butterfly sweater & scallop tights

Red Collar

Sweater – c/o Sheinside | Shirt – Pull&Bear | Dress – Sheinside | Tights – gift | Booties – BBup

This (sweater + shirt + skirt/dress) is clearly my fall uniform. I feel like all the possible combinations in my closet lead to this. And I don’t mind, cause I’m not yet sick of collars popping out from under a sweater, nor of the full skirt and crop sweater pairing. Something that’s not so typical about this look: the scallop tights. They were sent to me by a sweet reader of the blog, together with some cat goodies and a copy of Funny Face. While I’m more or less used to getting gifts from brands, it’s so wonderful to get something from a reader – someone who’s not looking to advertise or benefit from that gift in any way! Walking around in them today, I felt like I was wearing a seal of approval. I hope you’re reading this, Claudia, and I’m sending you all my best wishes!

And for all of you readers, a piece of good news: you can get 15% off on Emerging Thoughts with the coupon code daria. The sale only lasts 48 hours!

Scallop Tights Sweater Over Dress Bow Sweater Black Navy Red

Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013

Dress me in: Rosaspina Vintage AW13

Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013

I was looking forward to Ale’s new handmade collection, since the first one was very much my style. It’s a pleasure to see one of my favorite bloggers coming up with such a sweet concept (her designs with her mother’s handiwork and her grandmother’s vintage fabrics stash). She says she conceived this line as her ideal winter wardrobe, and I second that: it’s my ideal one too. Although I’m clearly a skirt girl, my favorite outfit is the one with wool shorts: that retro explorer is an adorable look, don’t you think? I’m also quite taken with the capelet if you must know. Check out more pictures from the lookbook and shop the collection here.

Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013 Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013

See the Rosaspina Vintage SS13 collection here.

DIY chair place card holder

DIY: chair place card holders

DIY chair place card holder

I searched the city high and low for a set of toy furniture, just because I needed tiny chairs for a Halloween workshop last week. Right when I was about to give up, I found a cute and cheap set at the neighborhood 24/7. Oh well, Halloween was done and I wanted to repurpose these babies. So I thought: what better way to suggest a seating than with chairs?

DIY chair place card holder

What you need:

  • toy furniture chairs
  • spray paint (gold)
  • colored paper & scissors
  • ball pins
  • sharp pin

Place card holder idea

First thing’s first: spray paint your chairs in the desired color, and let dry. Depending on the paint you use, this might take a while, so be patient.

DIY Place cards

Place cards

Place cards

While you wait, cut paper circles and write the name of a guest on each one. Use the sharp pin to pierce the lower side of each circle, twice. Then pass a ball pin through both holes, as pictured above.

Place card holder idea

Place card holder idea

DIY chair place card holder

When your chairs are dry, use the sharp pin to pierce a hole in each one. If they happen to be hard plastic (mine weren’t), just heat up the pin before you proceed. Use the holes to place your ball pins and place cards.

DIY chair place card holder

DIY chair place card holder

DIY chair place card holder

Napkins DIY here.

Street Style Cluj

My outfit: jewel print dress & mustard tights

Geometric Floor

Dress – c/o Sheinside | Necklace – DIY | Tights – Primark | Shoes – BBup

I don’t know why, but it’s relatively hard to find a good fall-winter dress that has sleeves. So whenever I get the chance, I grab it. This one is from Sheinside (currently sold out – I guess I was on the same page with everyone else!), and even though it’s not a traditional cold season color, it has the perfect length sleeves (3/4) and it has the cutest jewels embroidery. It works with cardigans or sweaters, and even with a shirt underneath, so it’s probably gonna be sort of a staple for me the following months.

Oh, and remember this necklace I’m wearing? It was featured in DIY Lifestyle magazine, together with the watermelon shoes and many other cool projects. It’s available for IOS users, and you can get it here. The people at the mag were nice enough to offer Kittenhood readers access to a free issue (click on subscribe and then current subscribers. Enter in promo code: nov13 to get the current issue for free; and do it soon because the coupon is only valid until November 8, 2013). Hope you enjoy it!

Jewel Print Dress

Pixie Cut & Cream Dress

Street Style Cluj

Sheinside Dress

DIY Necklace & Embroidery Dress

DIY Wool Beads Necklace


Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels

Watch: Celeste & Jesse Forever, such a sweet, beautiful movie. The whole story seems so real, and Rashida Jones so good in it.

Listen: The fabulous Princess Chelsea. I finally give her “Lil’ Gold Book” a listen and it’s all I ever wanted.

Wear: This eye print skirt from Front Row Shop is so cool! I love the shape, length, print and colors equally.

DIY: Have I mentioned that pointy flats are beginning to grow on me? What’s even better is this heart-toe pair from Swellmayde.