Just a little crush: Fashion Your Seatbelts

Fashion Your Seatbelts

First off, how good of a blog name is Fashion Your Seatbelts? Brilliant, I tell you. Toni lives in London, and I hope she doesn’t mind me saying, her style is very Londoner. That means Dr. Martens, cool tartans, some schoolgirl uniform inspiration and brick walls in her pictures. There’s also a pair of high waist denim shorts that got my attention, and a splendid brocade skirt that reminds me how wonderful turtlenecks can look in the right combo (both pictured below).

Fashion Your Seatbelts


Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels

Watch: The Carrie Diaries is back on, with lots of fun 80s fashion. What do you think of teenage Samantha & Carrie together?

Listen: Kaleidonescu is nice.

Wear: I got a Modcloth stylish surprise a few weeks ago (that’s a grab bag where you don’t know what you’re getting) and this dress came up. I love it, and I have no idea where to wear it, so it’s just been hanging on the wall since (it’s by Liz Callahan).

DIY: I love this so much! It’s a leather & wood tray that collapses for better storage. Brilliant, Monsters Circus!


Put some color on: 1930s Christmas

Not much is known about this girl from the beginning of the 1930s. The picture, however, is like a portal to eighty years ago, when trees were trimmed with paper garlands and lanterns (I too, would make those in school), and when taking pictures was an important event, rather than just an occurrence in the bathroom. I love the scene created under the tree, the floral wallpaper and (probably handmade) curtains. And the stiff little girl.

Put some color on 1930s Christmas

Image source – Cardboard Christmas | Dress – Dear Creatures |  Cardigan – Boden | Shoes – H&M | Tights – Monki


Shop handmade: calendars

shop-handmade 1. Cats calendar by Bloggers Love. A number of cool bloggers came together for this cat calendar, and the earnings are donated to charity. There’s also a dog version if you like them more.

2. Animal illustration calendar by Teconlene. Each month features a cute animal, and you’ve got a “things to remember” section as well.

3. Minimal calendar by Miss Malagata. A simple black and white wall calendar with cats and mice and geometry.

4. Recipe calendar by Clap Clap Design. A great addition to the kitchen counter, this calendar features easy recipes for snacks & desserts.

5. Travel calendar by Rifle Paper Co. Wouldn’t it be great to travel in one of those cities every month in 2014?

6. Seasons calendar by Nuria Diaz. This one comes with lovely illustrations for every season, and you can get it in English or Spanish.


My outfit: schoolgirl with a cat

Cat purse | Kittenhood

Dress – Dahlia | Shirt – Sheinside | Cat pouch – c/o Front Row Shop | Cardigan – United Colors of Benetton | Wedges – Max Shoes | Pin – charity shop

My hobby is dressing up like a schoolgirl. For this purpose, I use collared shirts, pinafores, and the occasional blazer. I cannot help it. I’m sure you understand. When Dahlia held a sale around black Friday, I jumped at the opportunity to finally get something from them, and it was this navy pinafore that was chosen. It has lateral cutouts at the waist and a faux collar, and it looks lovely over any shirt. Oh, and what do you think of this tiny cat pouch? It doesn’t fit much more than a lip balm and keys, but it’s a cat, and that’s what matters.

Navy & gray outfit | Kittenhood Schoolgirl outfit | Kittenhood Navy pinafore & white shirt | Kittenhood Dahlia pinafore | Kittenhood Peter pan collar | Kittenhood Cat purse | Kittenhood


Dress me in: Summerland, Looking Glass

Summerland, Looking Glass | Kittenhood

This is probably the (indie) lookbook of the moment, and it includes a lot of favorites of mine. First off, it’s Summerland, and Summerland always has beautiful lookbooks (see here and here). Secondly, the model is the gorgeous Tori Lynne (previously mentioned as a style crush), and the photographer is the talented Anja Verdugo.  And then there’s the coveted designs, such as In God We Trust or Twenty-Seven Names. Dreamy, isn’t it?

Summerland, Looking Glass | Kittenhood Summerland, Looking Glass | Kittenhood Summerland, Looking Glass | Kittenhood Summerland, Looking Glass | Kittenhood Summerland, Looking Glass | Kittenhood Summerland, Looking Glass | Kittenhood Summerland, Looking Glass | Kittenhood


5 ideas for a DIY Christmas + easy gingerbread recipe

Heart Shaped Gingerbread | Kittenhood

I’ve had a blast decorating the house last week! Our place is not very big, and it’s pretty cluttered, so I had to improvise. But it turned out lovely, so I thought I shared it with you. Here are some easy ideas that you can quickly put together before Christmas:

Miniature cars & Christmas trees | Kittenhood

1. Toy cars + trees from the craft store = lovely miniature decorations. Just imagine how happy those miniature families will be!

Tripod Christmas Tree | Kittenhood Plushie Tree Top | Kittenhood

2. No Christmas tree? No problem. I wrapped a tripod in Christmas lights, and topped it with a puppet. Bonus: make the puppet’s nose red like a reindeer’s, or stitch some angel wings if you want to keep it “classic”.

Jar filled with nuts | Kittenhood

3. Fill a big jar (and I mean big… this is 5l I think) with nuts and let guests eat them as they like. This also helps you remember you to use/eat them.

Scarf & Gloves | Kittenhood

4. This guy looked a little cold, so I made him felt gloves and a scarf in about 5 minutes. He seems cozier now.

Gift wrap & git tag | Kittenhood

5. I tied this package with shoe laces – I’m thinking the receiver can use them for actual shoes if they like! The pictured gift tag can be downloaded for free here, along with seven others.

Gingerbread | Kittenhood

Easy gingerbread
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  1. 600g flour
  2. 300g brown sugar
  3. 100g butter
  4. 1 teaspoon bicarbonate
  5. 200 g honey
  6. 3 eggs
  7. 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  1. Mix everything together in a large bowl, then knead the dough until smooth. Let it cool in the fridge for a few hours.
  2. Roll the dough out, until it’s a bit less than 1 cm thick. Cut it with cookie cutters. Place the gingerbread in a tray lined with baking paper, not too close together. Bake for about 15-20 minutes at 160°C (320°F).
KITTENHOOD http://kittenhood.ro/
Easy gingerbread recipe | Kittenhood

How to make gingerbread | Kittenhood


Put some color on: Richard Avedon

I’ve been saving this photo of a sparkly dress and shoes for the appropriate season: right now. It was taken by fashion photographer Richard Avedon, and it’s filled with movement and joy. Kind of what we need around Christmas, isn’t it?

P.S. Don’t forget about our Mona giveaway, ending in a few hours! You can still get your entry in & win the $50 gift card.

Put some color on | Kittenhood

Photo source | Dress – Pull & Bear | Bracelets – Topshop | Shoes – BC |


Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels

Watch: I was too young to understand Twin Peaks when it first aired, and while listening to the soundtrack obsessively as a teen, I’m only seeing the show now, for the first time. It’s a pity there’s only two seasons.

Listen: There are so many great musicians in Scandinavia! Listen up.

Wear: I love the new jewelry line from Front Row Shop – it’s geometrical perfection.

DIY: A Christmas tree mobile would be awesome! Found on Curbly.


Rock Paper Scissors Gift Guide For Everyone

Great news, everybody! I found the perfect formula for gift giving, and it’s as easy as saying rock-paper-scissors. Oh, wait, it actually is rock-paper-scissors! Let me explain… Good gifts always come in teams, and I’ve found the winning combination: the actual gift (rock), the card (paper) and something you make yourself (scissors). With that in mind, I’ve thought of 7 types of people and what they’d like to get, based on their personality:

Rock Paper Scissors Gift Guide For Everyone | Kittenhood

Crafty CathyMacrame DIY kit (TMod, $40.91) + Cat girl postcard (Audrey Jeanne, €2) + DIY cactus pin cushion (Plan B)

Busy BettyReturn address custom stamp (Sycamore Street Press, $65) + Animals notebook (Clap Clap Design, $16) + DIY mint lip duo (Alyssa and Carla)

Travel TomBackpack (Modernaked, $198) + Air travel framed print (Bykai, $33) + DIY passport holder (Always Rooney)

Indoor IvySalt & pepper shakers (Drake General Store, $18) + Christmas spirit to go (ILaBoom, $14) + DIY geometric candles (How Did You Make That)

Trendy TinaNavy bag (Nice Things Paloma S., €69) + “It” by Alexa Chung (Urban Outfitters, $30.84) + DIY gem hair pins (Minted Strawberry)

Gamer GabeiPhone & glasses stand (BushakanSF, $135) + Zelda card (Turtles Soup, $3.85) + DIY wood USB cover (Tuts+)

Hipster HarryLog cushion (Donna Wilson, £78.75) + ( Minimal card (Inhaus Press, $5) + Ironic gnome knitting pattern (The Work is Getting to Me)