Put some color on: Berlin, 1955

This picture couldn’t be more suited for the rainy month of September. Let the pretty pagoda umbrellas and poplin coats parade begin! (now, if only people would still wear such things…) Shot by fashion photographer F.C. Gundlach in 1955, this scene takes place in Berlin, and it’s described as “Rainweather, party sunshiny. Three poplin coats by Staebe-Seger”. The fashion world in the ’50s was so different from what we know today, it’s almost unbelievable. Can you imagine shows with no one allowed to photograph them? Models covered in white sheets when headed for a shooting on location? You can read a very interesting piece on the topic here.

berlin 1955

Photo via Art Blart | Coat – Fig London | Umbrella – Umbrellas | Shoes – Stradivarius


Shop handmade: back to school

back to school

1. Cruel Candy dress. Nothing says back to school like plaid. And since there’s no actual school for me to go to, the open back on this dress works.

2. Arc of a Diver bag. The perfect school satchel shape, only in a smaller size that doesn’t break your back. That makes a great everyday bag.

3. Emili Studio backpack. Convertible bag that you can wear as a backpack or satchel, big enough to fit a laptop. P.s: I need more convertible things in my life.

4. Maoiliosa pencils. Pretty pencils adorned with cherry blossom printed washi paper. They’d make a great gift for any back-to-schooler.

5. Mini Bee Bee leg warmers. Knitted leg warmers for cold fall days. In chocolate brown, the most fall-like color I can think of. Ok, except maybe orange.

6. Michal Miller shoes. Camel and blue go together like a charm, the heel is low and rounded, and they’re 40% off. Need I say more?

Daria necklace

My outfit: Rain coat & namesake necklace

Raincoat with hood

Dress – Dear Creatures via Cygnature Collections | Rain coat – thrifted | Necklace – c/o ONecklace | Bag – found in the attic | Shoes – BBup

This morning, we had a preview of what fall’s gonna be like. Not in terms of FW fashion, but in terms of gloomy, short, rainy days. I can tell you one thing: I barely managed to get out of bed. As the sky finally brightened up in the afternoon, I got the chance to take out one of my newest (and most prized) possessions: Penny. I’ve become addicted to Dear Creatures, and finding my coveted Penny dress on an extreme sale on an Australian site left me with no other choice than to add to cart. I wish I had sized down, but it’s nothing a belt can’t fix. Another thing I wore for the first time today is my namesake necklace. It’s so delicate and pretty! It’s custom-made, and you can choose from a variety of fonts, and even add gemstones to make it your own. I obviously had to go for the one closest to Carrie’s, because how else would it make sense to wear my own name around the neck?

Rain coat

Dress & rain coat

Daria necklace

Dear Creatures Penny Dress

Dear Creatures dress

Dress me in: Handsom, AW13

Handsom AW13

Handsom has British origins, but it’s established in Australia. I found this collection to be the perfect back-to-school wardrobe, so if that’s your case, I’m sure you’ll find it inspiring. There are as many plaid pieces as one could wish for, sometimes styled unexpectedly with against animal print, comfortable shirt dresses, denim, velour minis, turtlenecks and, of course, opaque tights. As much as I dread cold weather, I have nothing against layering a button down under a sweatshirt, and definitely nothing against a tote that converts into a backpack. Note that with the difference in hemispheres, they already have a couple of new lines out since this one, worth checking out!

Handsom AW13

Handsom AW13

Handsom AW13

Handsom AW13

Handsom AW13

DIY sparkly sweater

DIY sparkly sweater

DIY sparkly sweater

There are plenty of sequin sweaters to buy – but I think updating an old one is worth the trouble. Since I already had everything I needed around, why bother buying a new one? The only downside is that all this DIY-ing left me with almost no plain clothes in my wardrobe. And I was already a print addict… But let’s move on to the sparkly sweater:

Sequin embellished sweater

What you need:

  • sweater you want to alter
  • sequins
  • (gold) thread & needle
  • small coin
  • pencil or chalk

Make circles with coin

Stitch gold circles

Set your sweater on a table and use the coin as a stencil to make a few circles. Do a running stitch all around, until you get a circle. You can leave it like this, or fill it with more stitches, if you like. I ended up with one full dot and two circles, especially because filling with stitches takes some time.

Stitch sequins

Sequin sweater

Next, stitch your sequins in a random fashion, for a confetti-like look. Rinse gently before wearing, so the pencil lines go out.

Sequin sweater DIY

Girl cat gif

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Plum cake

Recipe: plum cake

Plum cake

I’m not one for fresh plums, but I’ve learned that they taste incredible in cakes. So when I found myself with a bag full of plums at hand, I decided to alter one of my trustful recipes, the one for fluffy fruit cake (see apple version here). I made it healthier by using dark flour instead of white, and fructose instead of sugar. So here we go, plum cake:

Plum cake recipe

Plum cake
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  1. 6 eggs (room temperature)
  2. 6 tbsp whole grain flour
  3. 6 tbsp vegetable oil
  4. 3 tbsp fructose
  5. ca 10 plums
  6. cinnamon
  1. Beat the egg whites with the fructose, until you get stiff peaks. Gradually add in the yolks, then the flour, then the oil, mixing continuously.
  2. Wash the plums, remove the kernels, and cut them into small cubes. Line a bread baking tray with parchment paper, and place the plum cubes on the bottom. Sprinkle with cinnamon, then add the batter on top.
  3. Bake for about 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let it cool down before slicing.
Kittenhood http://kittenhood.ro/
Plum cake


Weekend marvels

weekend marvels

Watch: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back! It’s so great to have a show that’s still good after so many seasons. Also, The League, which is so much better than the name would suggest.

Listen: This is also more of a “watch”, because Dizee Rascal’s new video is insane. Catchy tune, too. See for yourself: I Don’t Need a Reason.

Wear: Anything NYFW, of course! Like the new Red Valentino collection for next spring, which is just as pretty as I had expected. By the way, I’m pinning my favorite runway looks here.

DIY: These hair pins from Whimsey Box are the best thing I’ve seen in a while. What are they made of? Pasta. That’s right, pasta.


Put some color on: Central Park, 1939

It’s incredible how little I know about things. For example, there’s this Weegee guy I had no concept of. He took this perfect pic, as well as (virtually) every other black and white pic ever. He was a press photographer, and captured some of the most important, unaltered events of the ’30s and ’40s. Like this here image of two girls dancing in Central Park, dated approximately 1939. I thought her look was very back-to-school, so naturally, I had to update it.

Central Park 1939

Image via International Center of Photography|Shirt – Whistles | Blazer – John Lewis | Skirt – Asos| Shoes – Bass | Socks – Happy Socks

The White Ribbon Ballet Flats

Shop handmade: The White Ribbon

The White Ribbon Ballet Flats

Even though I don’t wear ballet flats, there’s something very sweet about them, and I’ve owned some in the past. None as cute as the ones from The White Ribbon, though! They’re simple, with a round toe and neutral in color, but they’re made of responsibly sourced, upcycled leather. Sustainability is always a plus, right? The shoes are designed and produced by Dori and Michele, who are based in London and Berlin.

Visit The White Ribbon on Etsy.

The White Ribbon Ballet Flats

The White Ribbon Ballet Flats

The White Ribbon Ballet Flats

The White Ribbon Ballet Flats

Train window

My outfit: mustard dress on a train

Girl on train

Dress – Dear Creatures | Sandals – Saltwater

Our trip was supposed to be a few days long, but we only came home ten days later. A pretty good way to end the summer. These pics are from a trip-within-the-trip, to Orsova, when we realized I was dressed in the colors of the train. Not much else to do than take pics, right? And now, to get accustomed to a relatively regular work schedule and to a crazy cat once again.

Dear Creatures dress

Peter pan collar dress

Mirror shot

Train window