Dress me in: Reality Studio, SS14

Reality Studio, SS14 - Kittenhood
This is such an inspiring lookbook, I can’t believe it! The brightly colored clothes look spectacular in the desert background, and the photos are dramatic with minimal use of props. How clever is the shot with the water reflection? I can’t tell if it’s real or photoshopped, but I love it either way. The designer behind Reality Studio, Svenja Specht is interested in craftsmanship and culture rather than temporary trends, and it shows in her work. The fabrics are visibly soft and summery, and they aim at a good living/living in the now philosophy.

Reality Studio SS 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Reality Studio SS 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Reality Studio SS 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Reality Studio SS 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Reality Studio SS 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Reality Studio Spring Lookbook - Kittenhood Reality Studio Spring Lookbook - Kittenhood


DIY trend: marble

DIY trend: marble - Kittenhood
One: Marble tray by Almost Makes Perfect // I’m obsessed with breakfast trays, and this one looks super elegant. It’s made from actual marble and drawer pulls.

Two: Copper + marble shelves by The Merrythought // Marble goes hand in hand with copper, and I can imagine these shelves in a minimalist, even masculine space.

Three: Marble gemstones by Fall for DIY // While marble is not actually used, these stones look like they’re the real deal. Now I kind of want a gem mold…


Weekend marvels: 16/2014

Weekend marvels - Kittenhood

Watch: I plan to see Yves Saint Laurent, the movie, this week at TIFF. The trailer looks exquisite.

Make: I wish I had thought of these real flower phone cases! But Capture by Lucy already did, and they look lovely.

Wear: A t-shirt over a shirt dress? Blue, white + gold? That is what I call my cup of tea.

Eat: I’m so curious about this almond skillet cake! It sounds so easy to make and looks so tasty.

Read: All bloggers know how hard it is to keep up when you’re not at home. This post on IFB talks about blogging on vacation.


Put some color on: retro beach

The girl in this picture looks like she’s taking a selfie, isn’t she? Chances are, she’s not. That’s sunscreen in her hand, not an iphone. There were no iphones then, and somehow she managed to spend a day at the beach without sharing it with people from across the world. Must have been hard!

Put some color on: retro beach - Kittenhood

Image source | Bracelet – Mango | Sandals – Pull and Bear | Swimsuit – Modcloth (top + bottom)


Gala Avanpremiere 14

Gala Avanpremiere 14 - KittenhoodWith Eve of The Hearabouts (photo via Avanpremiere Fest)
Gala Avanpremiere, FW 2014 - Kittenhood
The seating arrangements (photo Alex Vlad)

This was a very long week for me, with a 9 hour bus ride combined with trains, heels and the first heat waves of the year. But it was also pretty fun, seeing my friends in Bucharest and spending some time together, as well as attending one of the most important fashion events in the country, Gala Avanpremiere. I’ve been there once before, but I liked it way better this time. There were seven collections for FW14, some of which really wowed me. Below are my favorite looks and a few thoughts on them:

Carmen Secareanu Gala Avanpremiere 14 - Kittenhood

Carmen Secareanu‘s collection brought a new concept, that of creating a line that’s dedicated to both men and women (“the same design, only mirrored”). I liked the androgynous look, and this unusual shirt dress was one of my favorite looks of the whole evening. Styled with brogues and long socks, it was instantly wearable. See more looks here.

Rhea Costa Gala Avanpremiere 14 - KittenhoodRhea Costa AW14 - Kittenhood
At the opposite side of a romantic scale was Rhea Costa. The label took inspiration from Anastasia Romanov’s story, and it felt very Valentino-esque. I loved the delicate lace and sheer fabrics, and most of all the golden accessories that were featured as brooches and belts. The whole collection here.

Alexandru Nimurad FW 2014 - Kittenhood

Alexandru Nimurad was a first timer at the Gala, and the clothes were minimalist and geometric. The accessories were impeccable – impressively simple jewelry by Vika Tonu. See the whole line here.

Serghei Yachenin + Olivia Flonta - Kittenhood Serghei Yachenin + Olivia Flonta Avanpremiere - Kittenhood
Another fresh designer was Serghei Yachenin, whose designs were complemented perfectly by the Otilia Flonta bags. The clothes were refined and basic, in nice pastels. The bags however were amazing – each and every one of them. My favorites were the boxy, top handle, pony fur bags, which looked as chic as they were functional. See the whole collection here.

Natalia Vasiliev FW 2014 - Kittenhood Natalia Vasiliev Gala Avanpremiere - Kittenhood
I’m under the impression that, like me, the Gala saved the best for last with Natalia Vasiliev‘s collection. It was my favorite collection from the event two years ago, and it was my favorite now. Romantic, bold, bright, and wonderfully accessorized with Raluca Buzura ceramics jewelry. Check out the whole line here.

Runway photos by Mircea Netea.


Dress me in: Pitchouguina, SS14

Pitchouguina, SS14 - Kittenhood

Let’s start by saying the name of this label three times in a row: Pitchouguina, Pitchouguina, Pitchouguina! Ok, the name may not be the easiest to pronounce, but the clothes are light and unexpected. And how often do we see a lookbook where the model actually has fun? I think it’s pretty rare, and the smiles in this one make it more approachable. I love the contrasting textures and layering from this collection, as well as the use of fabrics such as organza and lurex. My favorite look has to be the pink one (pictured upper right), which I think would work in a number of different contexts.

Pitchouguina, SS14 Lookbook - Kittenhood Pitchouguina, SS14 Lookbook - Kittenhood Pitchouguina, SS14 Collection - Kittenhood Pitchouguina, SS14 Collection - Kittenhood Pitchouguina, SS14 Collection - Kittenhood Pitchouguina, SS14 - Kittenhood

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Behind the scenes: Brasov

Brasov from up high - Kittenhood

This weekend I’ve had my 10 year high school reunion, which means I’m back in the nostalgic city of Brasov. After visiting my old high school and partying with my former colleagues, I had some extra time to see the sights. I always get the feeling that I don’t know this city at all, despite my living here for four years. I really can’t understand what I was doing with my time in high school, if not wandering about. Oh, wait, I remember… I was busy being a teenager.

Succulent pot - Kittenhood Tampa Brasov - Kittenhood Livada Postei - Kittenhood Pink roses - Kittenhood Entrance Sign - Kittenhood Blanaria Blancris Brasov - Kittenhood Disco Bar Brasov - Kittenhood Church in Brasov - Kittenhood Cetate Brasov - Kittenhood Brasov city center - Kittenhood


My outfit: spring in Amsterdam


Here are a couple of lost pictures from my Amsterdam trip last month. It’s so nice to look back and remember the places I’ve visited. The two pics below were taken on Easter day, when we went out for a picnic and had incredible weather. The one above is from the day before we left, when it was rather cloudy and we felt we had so much more to see. Have a lovely weekend!

dg-20140420-8703 dg-20140420-8709


Shop handmade: KlassDSign SS14

KlassDSign SS14 Collection - Kittenhood

I’ve followed KlassDSign since their first collection, and it’s always a pleasure to see what they come up with. The two Hungarian designers just launched a new line of handmade bags, all in pink, gray and black. The canvas totes feature the designers’ handwriting and they now come with a pocket inside (the pink “Stay weird” one is my fave). There are also these cool leather bags that are completely reversible and can be worn on both sides! I love the romantic lookbook, with the two models wearing complementary pastels and posing among the tulips.

KlassDSign Handmade Bags  - Kittenhood KlassDSign Handmade Bags  - Kittenhood KlassDSign Handmade Bags  - Kittenhood KlassDSign SS14 Lookbook - Kittenhood KlassDSign SS14 Lookbook - Kittenhood 7KlassDSign SS14 Collection - Kittenhood

See older collections from KlassDSign here and here.

Denim Dress & Round Bag - Kittenhood

My outfit: denim dress & round bag

Denim Dress & Round Bag - Kittenhood

Dress – c/o Sheinside | Bag – Lilou in Berlin | Shoes – Asos

Not long ago, I was telling anyone who cared to listen how I’d given up on denim completely. But in time, my mind was changed. Slowly, gradually. At first, it was a tote bag with leather handles that I couldn’t let go of. Then came the just-right-length jeans, which I found at River Island in Amsterdam (it’s not easy being petite). And now, guess what? The perfect everyday chambray dress, a lookalike of the popular Madewell design that everyone from Anne Hathaway to Katie Holmes wore. The overused “never say never” couldn’t be more true – at least in fashion! (I bet you didn’t think Birkenstocks would ever be cool, and look at them now!) Denim aside, I am proud to be the owner of Lilou in Berlin bag from the collection I recently featured. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the soft leather, the convenient size and the unique look! And I really like that I can wear it casually, like here, but also with something fancy for say, a fashion event.

Sheinside Dress - Kittenhood Lilou in Berlin bag - Kittenhood Chambray Dress - Kittenhood Red Poppy & Blue Dress - Kittenhood Denim Dress & Round Bag - Kittenhood