Put some color on: Francoise Hardy

This picture of Françoise Hardy, like most pictures of her, is pure inspiration. Could she be any more French-chic? The checkered-lining trench coat, the white sunglasses, the gadget of the era and, of course, the book, are all carried so effortlessly. The whole look makes me want to dive into spring with open arms and with my trench coat ready.


Image source | Sunglasses – Asos | Turtleneck – Uniqlo | Trench – Front Row Shop


Shop handmade: origami style

Origami style handmade finds | Kittenhood

1. Foldable clutch by Lara Kazis. It was virtually impossible to choose a single bag from this shop, but this chubby clutch totally got to me.

2. Throw by Mika Barr. Oh, to cozy up in such a pretty blanket! Not that it wouldn’t get covered in cat hair in no time at my place…

3. Origami shawl by Okka Okka. A combination of 3D origami fabric and polka dots – who could resist?

4. Wall shelf by Design by Stanford. Origami for the walls, or the perfect minimal (and cool) decor.

5. Geometric vase by Studio Armadillo. When ceramics looks like folded paper, you know a master is at work.

6. Pillow by Mika Barr. I know it’s probably cliché, but this would be like a ray of sunshine on the couch!


My outfit: Shabby Apple dress & handmade bag

Handmade Bag & Shirt Dress

Dress – Shabby Apple | Bag – c/o Bimagine | Shoes – flea market

You don’t often get to follow the evolution of a maker from up close and be able to enjoy their creations at the same time. Lucky for me, I could observe Bianca’s journey from her early days of making bags. We actually met at handmade fairs back in the day, and she even posed for my lookbook when I was still making jewelry. Over the years, her bags turned from simple canvas tote bags to intricate leather and fabric messengers and clutches, featuring embroideries, unique prints and (tons of) pockets. This particular bag is the perfect medium size for everyday wear, it’s got enough pockets – inside and out – for every lip balm and napkin one might carry, and, needless to say, it’s pretty to look at (you should see the lining!). Check out Bianca’s blog and the Bimagine Facebook page for more such bags.

Shabby Apple Dress + Handmade Bag | Kittenhood Green Dress Purple Tights | Kittenhood Shabby Apple Shirt Dress | Kittenhood


Dress me in: Biantika, FW13

Israel Indie Clothes - Kittenhood

I feel like lately there’s a big wave of indie fashion creatives based in Israel, and I love their style. An example would be Anat Berman of Biantika, a young, vintage-inspired clothing label. Her garments are hand-made, often from vintage or retro fabrics, both factors contributing to the final quality of the pieces. She has a great line of dresses inspired by diner uniforms, but there are also retro-style t-shirts, button down skirts, shirt dresses and the recurring (beautiful) prints. I know this is officially a fall collection, but it makes me think of spring and of how much I want to wear bare legs with my dresses.

Visit Biantika on Etsy to see all the clothes.

Biankita FW13 collection - Kittenhood Biantika Dress - Kittenhood Biantika Fall Collection - Kittenhood Biantika Fall Collection - Kittenhood Biantika Diner Dress - Kittenhood Biantika Dress - Kittenhood

Photography: Roni Cnaani
Model: Lior Shachar
Styling: Ori Giladi
Hair&Make-up: Anastasia Soffer


DIY clay bee pin

DIY clay bee pin | Kittenhood

This childish project is a remake of something I made when I first discovered polymer clay, back in 2009. I didn’t realize the powers of the internet back then, so I would just make what I thought would be nice. In a way, it was more “pure” that way, because I wasn’t influenced or inspired by any other people who worked with clay. For a spring fair back then, I made a few of these bees,  and I still remember them dearly. So I decided to give it another shot and show you the how-to, especially since spring is (hopefully) on its way:

DIY clay bee pin | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • small piece of yellow and black clay
  • see-through ribbon, lace or tulle
  • brooch base
  • strong glue
  • cutter
  • toothpick
  • scissors

Step by step DIY clay bee | Kittenhood Step by step DIY clay bee | Kittenhood Step by step DIY clay bee | Kittenhood Step by step clay bee | Kittenhood Step by step clay bee | Kittenhood Step by step clay bee | Kittenhood

How to:

Roll your yellow and black clay in two tubes of the same thickness. Slice each one with the cutter. Combine the slices black + yellow + black + yellow and so on, until you reach the desired length. Roll it a bit, so that the different colored slices stick together. Make a round slice atone end, for the head.

Next, pass a toothpick through the body of the bee, towards the upper side. Bake it according to the instructions on the package.

When the clay is baked and cooled, take out the toothpick and use it to insert the fabric wings. Trim the excess.

Finally, glue the brooch base on the back of your bird, and wear it to welcome spring!

How to make a clay bee | Kittenhood How to make a clay bee | Kittenhood



Just a little crush: Monling Lee

Monling Lee | Kittenhood

As soon as I first saw this Instagram account, at literally first glance, I clicked follow. It’s so unique and well put together, it has concept and it’s a visual treat. Monling Lee’s staples are color block and layers, but not the regular kind. Her #colorindex series on Instagram started out with her exploring her own wardrobe in terms of color, using a color-reference book called Color Index. She reproduced combinations from the book with clothes she owned. Right now, her outfits are in perfect tune with the backgrounds where she photographs them, which makes for a really exciting series. Read more about her journey in this Refinery29 interview.

Monling Lee Color Index | Kittenhood


Weekend marvels: 6/2014

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Play: Ever now and then, I remember  I Blame Coco.

Watch: Are you guys watching Shameless? I’m so excited about this fourth season and I love Emmy Rossum.

Wear: Would you wear this watermelon tank? You can decide if my design stays or goes on Threadless.

Eat: I made this banana French toast this week, and it turned out pretty good. That is, if you’re into greasy comfort food, and I know you are.

Make: KraftMade is a very interesting project put together by a handful of creatives and artisans, meant to integrate Romanian heritage into everyday life. The objects they make are pure beauty.


Put some color on: Sylvie Vartan, 1960s

Sylvie Vartan is a French ye-ye singer of Bulgarian origin, famous in the 1960s. Her style from that age is everything I like to wear now, including peter pan collars, sailor dresses, cropped pants and low heels. I admit I haven’t listened to her music yet, but all the fun pics I found online make me really want to.

Put some color on: Sylvie Vartan, 1960s | Kittenhood

Photo source | Pants – Madewell | Top – Vanessa Bruno | Shoes – Roger Vivier





Shop handmade: the birds and the bees


1. Bee ukulele by The Ukulele Workshop. The prettiest ukulele in the world is yellow and painted with bees.

2. Bird pin by Dinabiju Shop. A plain, black brooch like this would look so pretty at the collar of a shirt!

3. Stacking ring by Spiffing Jewelry. A lovely mix of metals, this ring was made for being stacked. With bird rings, perhaps?

4. Bee bracelet by Frosted Willow. A thin bee bangle like this one makes you think of spring over and over.

5. Bird hair day print by Monica Gifford. If you’re having a bird hair day, just glance at this print on your wall. Case solved.

6. Honeycomb ring by Silver Blueberry. This is so chic, I don’t even know what to say.


My outfit: the red dress

 Red + gray winter outfit | Kittenhood

Dress – c/o Front Row Shop | Cardigan – United Colors of Benetton (thrifted) | Shoes – BBup

Sometime between Christmas and New Year, I realized I don’t have enough red in my wardrobe. I don’t know why – I love this color, and always found red accents to be flattering on everyone. But the truth is, I find it a little hard to pair. I can’t wear all red, because it’s too much; with black it looks too contrasting and not my kind of sexy; with green it’s too Christmas-y. But then this dress came, and I remembered by trusted friend: gray. To me, red and gray are the perfect combination of gloomy and cheerful, muted and bold. And so I wore it from head to toe. P.S. Pockets!

Red dress with collar | Kittenhood Red & gray | Kittenhood Big tree in the park | Kittenhood Red dress | Kittenhood Front Row Shop Dress | Kittenhood