Weekend marvels: 4/2014

 Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Play: My favorite contemporary Romanian band, Moonlight Breakfast, and their newest single, “My Baby“.

Wear: All the best stuff from &Other Stories, perfectly styled in this androgynous/feminine photoshoot with Michelle Harper and Jenny Shimizu.

Watch: I was surprised to hear many people didn’t like Her. I admit I expected way more of it, but I did love it visually.

Eat: Ricotta gnocchi by A Cup of Jo, obviously because comfort food.

Make: Breakfast in bed for yourself or your sweetheart. This printable kit has everything you need, from placemat to door hanger.


Put some color on: Lana Turner, 1939

I didn’t see any Lana Turner movies, even though she acted for over 50 years. This shot of her in Hollywood is from the beginning of her career, in 1939, when she looked particularly cool in high waist pants and a checkered shirt. I’m not sure if this was a setup or a snapshot, but it’s a very glamorous way to walk the dog!

Put some color on: Lana Turner, 1939 | Kittenhood

Image source – Life | Pants – Topshop | Shirt – Topshop | Shoes – BAIT Footwear


Shop handmade: mountains

Shop handmade: mountains | Kittenhood

1. Mountain notebook by Little Alexander. The perfect notebook for writing down travel thoughts from the middle of nature.

2. Alpine print dress by Bluebell and the Fox. Digital prints are still cool, and this dress is a nice compromise between fashion and love of nature.

3. Deer print by Paper Sparrow. This illustration is so inspirational, I just love the colors and the simple shapes.

4. Mountains pillow by Three Bad Seeds. I could fill up my couch with these pillows! They’re really pretty, but still masculine enough for boys to allow them.

5. Mountains mug by Asleep from Day. These rounded peaks would be perfect for morning coffee up in a cabin in the woods.

6. Wooden ring by Whimsy Milieu. These mountain rings are the prettiest! They probably look lovely layered on the same finger.


My outfit: pussybow & yellow dress

 Fox hat & pussybow blouse | Kittenhood

Dress – c/o 6KS | Blouse – vintage | Hat – Meli Melo | Tights – Primark | Shoes – Max Shoes

In the blink of an eye, I’ve become obsessed with yellow. I noticed I always pin runway and street style looks featuring this color, and I’m inclined to pick the yellow dress when I see it in a shop. It just pops. I’m not fully sure that this is a good color on me. But honestly, I don’t really see this thing where a certain color goes with a certain skin tone. Sure, redheads look particularly good in green and blue, and women of color sparkle in brights (I’m looking at you, Lupita!), but otherwise my narrow mind thinks everything goes on everyone. I’m just libertine that way.

Yellow & orange outfit | Kittenhood 6ks Yellow Dress | Kittenhood Yellow dress & pussybow blouse | Kittenhood Fox ears hat | Kittenhood


Dress me in: Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2014

Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood

I don’t know what it was about this collection that made me think “I need to post this” as soon as first saw it. It’s a combination of kitsch and awesome, that must probably be it. I love the mountains background and the prop goat, the Swiss influence (there’s even hats with edelweiss pins!), the tapestry pieces and how everything clashes a bit. Is it just me, or does Pre-Fall bring out the best in designers?

All images via Style.com.

 Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood Antonio Marras, Pre Fall 2014 | Kittenhood


DIY knotted rope necklace

 DIY knotted rope necklace | Kittenhood

I suppose everyone on the Internet tried their hand at a DIY knotted rope necklace by now. Even so, I decided to make my own. I found this cool rope I couldn’t resist at the hardware store, and it just screamed “necklace”. The combination of primary colors is not a favorite of mine, but I feel it works here somehow, especially once I added the skull. But let’s get down to business, and let me show how easy it is to make such a necklace:

DIY knotted rope necklace | Kittenhood

What you need:

    • cord in two colors
    • 2 ribbon ends
    • 3 jump rings
    • chain
    • clasp
    • bead or charm

How to make an 8 knot | Kittenhood How to make an 8 knot | Kittenhood How to make an 8 knot | Kittenhood How to make an 8 knot | Kittenhood

Cut two pieces of cord equal in size, and use them to make a simple 8 knot (very good instructions here). Then make another one, symmetrically. You can move the knots around until they’re perfectly centered, this type of knot allows it.

DIY Chord Necklace | Kittenhood DIY Chord Necklace | Kittenhood DIY Chord Necklace | Kittenhood

Next, place the ribbon ends at each end, and use the jump rings to connect them to the chain. Close the chain with a clasp, adjusting the necklace length as needed, and finish with a charm at the middle of the knotted rope (if you want to).

DIY Knotted Chord Necklace



Weekend marvels: 3/2014


Play: This wonderful puzzle game set in the 70s: The Silent Age. It’s got time travel, mystery, and beautiful graphics. Available for free on iOS and Android.

Wear: The way this gal mixed classic menswear with colors is brilliant! Snapshot from Kaipaparazzi.

Watch: Have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street already? It’s a must.

Eat: Or rather drink this pomegranate smoothie. I’m obsessed with this fruit and I can’t wait to try this recipe.

Make: The delicate pearl rings from Swellmayde are incredibly easy to make and so pretty!


Put some color on: Mirelli Pettini, 1965

The coat in this vintage Vogue photo is absolutely exquisite. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find a match – do they even make them like that anymore? The model, Mirelli Pettini, was photographed for the magazine by William Klein in 1965.  I just love the way her waist looks so very tiny, and her hands so gracious. Here’s an idea on how this could look like today:


Photo source | Coat – Toast | Scarf – Modcloth | Gloves – Black | Earrings – Marc by Marc Jacobs


Shop handmade: monstera print

Shop handmade: monstera | Kittenhood

1. Monstera print by Villa Vera. What do you think, is monstera the plant of the moment? I think so. And you can hang it on the wall if you can’t be trusted to water a real plant regularly.

2. Monstera sweatshirt by SNDCT. Or you can go ahead and wear it, in the form of a cool, digitally printed sweatshirt.

3. Lady with plant by Joana Rosa B. This cute, rosy-cheeked lady seems to be loving monstera as well. Who wouldn’t?

4. Watercolor by Irena Sophia. Now don’t tell me you don’t want a princess dress covered in monstera leaves… Cause I do.

5. Monstera pillow by Home Works Design Store. The living room will instantly become tropical and dreamy with an assortment of such pillows.

6. Zipper clutch by Kertis. A way to think of sunny days regardless of the season, and a way to organize your essentials quickly.