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DIY: recipe display & free printable recipe cards


Most of my cooking is done pretty randomly, depending on the things I already have in the fridge. However, I also have a bunch of recipes I love to do over and over, especially for sweets, and most of which I found online. I cannot in any way use my laptop or phone in the kitchen, I’m just too messy, so the recipes end up in notebooks and on sheets of paper, never to be found again. So I decided I should organize them in some way, as you’re about to see.


What you need:


How to:

This couldn’t be any easier! Just download and print the recipe cards here. I used regular paper, but you can choose a higher density is you want your cards to be sturdier. You get two A5 recipe cards on a sheet of paper, so fold it and cut in half. Then group them together with a skirt hanger, and you’ve got yourself an organizer! You can easily hang it on the wall, a cupboard door or wherever you feel it’s handiest during your cooking time.


DSC_4750 DSC_4763


Visual comparison: street style vs. birds

Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Fashion Week has more than once been associated with peacocks, and that’s how I got the idea for a comparison between outfits and birds. Don’t get me wrong, I mean no disrespect to any of the parties involved! Birds are beautiful and fashion is beautiful. Plus it’s just incredibly fun, time after time, to find all these similarities between seemingly different things.

Check out more visual comparisons here.

Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe



My outfit: pinafore dress & yard birds

Hens Shirt & Rooster Pin - Kittenhood

Dress – c/o Biantika | Shirt – Sheinside | Pin – vintage fair | Sunglasses – Chicwish | Wedges – Max Shoes

Tomorrow marks the official beginning of spring, and like I said a dozen times before, that’s my favorite season. This pinafore dress from Biantika couldn’t have come at a better time: it makes me think of lilac blooms and nothing is better than lilac blooms. Maybe just hyacinths? While waiting for spring flowers to show themselves, the dress is quite right for wandering through the prettiest neighborhoods of the city. It’s lovely with a shirt underneath and a lighter coat on top, and the pockets remind me of little girls’ dresses. And yes, I did put a fir cone inside and regretted afterwards when my hands were dirty with resin. But after all, that’s what little girls do: they live and they learn.

Purple Dress & Lilac Tights - Kittenhood Biantika Pinafore - Kittenhood Oversized sunglasses & pixie cut - Kittenhood Back details on pinafore dress - Kittenhood Biantika Dress - Kittenhood


Shop handmade: quartz jewelry


1. Quartz door knocker necklace by Cities in Dust. A minimal piece made of copper, bronze and quartz, just small enough to wear all the time, and just large enough to be noticed.

2. Quartz adjustable ring by Terrene Shop. I love the rough, irregular shape of this quartz piece together with its translucency.

3. Rose quartz stone brass bracelet by Brass Lady. It’s hard to find good quartz bracelets, but this one is a nice combination of edgy and friendship bracelet.

4. Crystal cocktail ring by Midwest Alchemy. The rough aspect of the copper and the small, delicate rose quartz make a great pair if you ask me.

5. Rope and quartz necklace by The Vamoose. I love almost everything by The Vamoose, so picking one quartz item was hard. But the dusty pink rope really got me.

6. Pyramid ring by Atelier Yumi. A pretty shade of pink and a regular geometric form make this the perfect cocktail ring.


Les Apres-Midis (Kusmi Tea review)

Kusmi Tea Paris - Kittenhood

The idea of reviewing tea blends for the blog got me very excited, and so did getting the package! We don’t normally associate tea with Paris, so I was really curious to see what Kusmi Tea was all about. I received an assortment of five afternoon teas in individual tins, together with an infuser, all packed up nicely in a box. Needless to say, the set would make a wonderful gift. Note that they ship internationally, to many countries, and that they have a wide variety of blends to choose from (including the intriguing BB Tea, a beverage that takes care of your skin!)

Kusmi Tea Set - Kittenhood


Spicy Chocolate Kusmi Tea - Kittenhood

Spicy Chocolate is a black tea, and it’s just the kind I’d order in a cafe. You can’t really go wrong with something that tastes like chocolate, but is guilt-free, can you? It goes very well with milk, as it’s quite dark, spicy and intense. I’d say this is a sophisticated tea, pour les connoisseurs.

Prince Wladimir

Prince Vladimir Kusmi Tea - Kittenhood

Prince Vladimir is an unusual tea, blending citrus such as bergamot, grapefruit and lemon, with vanilla and additional spices. If it doesn’t sound like any other tea you’ve had before, it’s because it isn’t. I found it tasty and special, with a hint of wanderlust.

Thé vert à l’amande

 Almond Green Tea Kusmi - Kittenhood

This Almond Green Tea is really fresh and nutty. I was a fan of green tea for a very long time, and I can’t get enough of almonds, so I’m pleased to say that this is exactly what the name suggests, and nothing less.

Quatre fruits rouges

Four Red Fruit Kusmi Tea - Kittenhood

The Four Red Fruits blend is one fun tea! It’s sweet and pleasant, and I wouldn’t have guessed it’s black just by the taste. I drank it milk-less, and loved the full flavor of berries (the four red fruits are actually cherry, strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant).

Vert St-Pétersbourg

Green St. Petersburg Kusmi Tea - Kittenhood

The Green St. Petersburg tea was my least favorite from the bunch. I might have over-infused it, because it tasted smokey rather than anything else. The idea of citrus, red fruits, vanilla and caramel does sound promising, so it may be just a matter of taste(buds).

Kusmi Tea Assortment - Kittenhood


Dress me in: Dear Creatures, SS14

Dear Creatures, SS14 Lookbook - Kittenhood

It’s no secret that Dear Creatures is my favorite clothing label. I wear each of the dresses I own proudly, and I instantly fall for almost everything they make. It’s a joy to see a new collection signed by the duo, especially one that’s as sunny and novel as Life of Leisure. The latest addition to the family is denim – high waist skinny jeans and shorts. I personally get depressed whenever I try on jeans, but I’m sure there are other people who can’t wait to try them on! My favorites are the Poebe dress (that triangle cutout is adorable!) and Quinn dress (more cute cutouts and the sweetest shade!), and I hope they like me back.

Dear Creatures, SS14 Lookbook - Kittenhood Dear Creatures, SS14 Lookbook - Kittenhood Dear Creatures, Life of Leisure - Kittenhood Dear Creatures, Life of Leisure - Kittenhood Dear Creatures, Life of Leisure - Kittenhood Dear Creatures, Life of Leisure Collection - Kittenhood Dear Creatures, Life of Leisure Collection - Kittenhood


DIY: Plants in boots

Plants in Boots - Kittenhood

Plants in boots are in no way a new idea, but I’ve been meaning to do it for ages! I’ve actually been keeping these boots in the hallway for more than a year after they were no longer waterproof, in the hope of turning them into quirky planters. And finally, it happened! We’ve had pretty warm weather for February, so I took some time to plant herbs and these pretty primroses.

Gardening Trowel - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • old rubber boots
  • piercing tool
  • gravel
  • trowel
  • potting soil
  • seedlings

Polka Dot Rain Boots - Kittenhood Yellow Primroses - Kittenhood

How to:

I started by piercing the sole of the boots in a few places, for draining. Next, I filled the foot area of the boots with gravel – this helps with draining, but it’s also heavy enough to keep the boots standing even in windy weather. I filled the leg area of the boots with potting soil and carefully planted the primrose seedlings. Wet regularly and enjoy the colorful flowers for a few months!

Yellow Primroses in Boots - Kittenhood


Weekend marvels: 8/2014

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Play: Here’s a new (to me) band to listen to: London Grammar. I say pretty good!

Wear: The sweetest trench coat in the world, in blush pink with polka dot lining, from The White Pepper. Want. So. Bad.

Watch: In the race of seeing every Oscar nominated movie before the awards, I’ve finally seen 12 Years a Slave. Now I like everyone’s crush, Lupita Nyong’o, even more.

Eat: Bo3mia‘s carrot ginger soup with coconut milk looks delicious and just light enough for this time of the year.

Make: The best DIYs are the simple ones, like these gold stripe salt & pepper shakers from Cupcakes & Cashmere.