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Event: Gala UAD 20th edition

Vestige Pret a Porter Cluj - KittenhoodPlaying dress-up before the Gala, at Vestige Pret-a-Porter

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know I’m a big fan of the most important local fashion event, Gala UAD. It’s a yearly gala showcasing the graduation collections of Fashion Design students, one I’ve been attending every time I could. You can see pictures from past years here, here, here and here. The Gala is a wonderful platform for promoting young talents, especially given the media attention and the prizes. Many graduates began their careers on that very stage, and ended up working with famous designers or starting their own labels.

Gala UAD 2014 - KittenhoodPhoto via Gala UAD

This year marks the 20th edition of the gala, and it’s going to be a very special one. With 900 guests and 40 graduates showcasing their collections, it’s gonna be a (fashionable) night to remember. The weekend starts with an enormous art exhibition on Saturday (6 pm, Expo Transilvania) and it continues with the actual gala on Sunday (8 pm, National Theater).

The exciting part is that, together with 9 other bloggers from Cluj, I’m gonna be part of the Jury. The ten of us, #bloggers4galaUAD, will pick our favorite collection and hand its designer the social media award. The other bloggers involved are Oana/Zipcode Fashion, Iulia/La Jolie Julie, Gloria/FlashMe, Alexa/Cluj Life, Ale/La Belle Critique, Catalina/Ide3a, Sandra/Sandra’s Fashion Corner, Ioana/Fashion Spot and Madalina/The Indie Chase. I’m very excited about the project, and I can’t wait for the big day on Sunday!



Shop handmade: About Arianne, La Stadion Olimpique

About Arianne Handmade Shoes - Kittenhood

A reader recently introduced me to About Arianne, a Barcelona-based handmade shoes label. I was instantly charmed by their La Stadion Olimpique lookbook, shot by Alejandro Sonoro. The retro-sports environment seems to work perfectly in fashion editorials for some reason (see another example here). Plus, in my opinion, no combination is more summery than water-blue with red (that’s why I recommend red swimsuits to everyone and even bought one for myself). The shoes are vintage inspired, comfortable-looking, fun. Most of them are chunky, which contrasts nicely with the swimwear and bare legs of the models. I found that some of the shoes can be bought here.

About Arianne La Stadion Olimpique Lookbook - Kittenhood About Arianne La Stadion Olimpique Lookbook - Kittenhood About Arianne La Stadion Olimpique Lookbook - Kittenhood About Arianne La Stadion Olimpique - Kittenhood About Arianne La Stadion Olimpique - Kittenhood

Roses Sweatshirt - Kittenhood

My outfit: the pink roses sweatshirt

Roses Sweatshirt - Kittenhood

Sweatshirt – c/o Front Row Show | Skirt – thrifted | Shoes – Pull and Bear

As soon as I graduated from college and started earning a paycheck, my priority became clothes shopping. This happened to be around the time when my city opened its first malls and high street shops. Of course, there are also the gifts that come with blogging, so I can’t complain about the size of my closet. As my wardrobe grew, however, my enthusiasm for new items started wearing off. It rarely happens that I wear something the same day I buy it/receive it.

And now comes the “but”: an exception is this floral sweatshirt that I received from Front Row Show. I ran to the post office on Thursday afternoon, and then took it with me to Electric Castle, where it came in handy for facing the evening cold. Obviously, this is not the outfit I wore to the music festival – I already tested the sweatshirt’s versatility. I like that it can be worn in both situations just as easily: the rose print makes it sweet and romantic, but the poly fabric and cut make it equally casual. With all the excitement of the top, it looks like I neglected ironing the bottom. Is it a sin that I dislike ironing? It’s one of those things you only notice in pictures, when it’s too late. All apologies.

Stair climbing - Kittenhood Sweatshirt + Pencil Skirt - Kittenhood Rose Print Sweatshirt - Kittenhood Floral Sweatshirt + Pencil Skirt - Kittenhood Front Row Shop Sweatshirt - Kittenhood

IMG_7724 copy

Dress me in: Biantika summer 2014

Biantika Summer 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood

A good background can do so much for a lookbook! The clothes from the summer 2014 Biantika collection may be good on their own, but they’re even better when photographed in the setting of Jerusalem’s Natural History Museum (“a well-kept secret which looks like something that could only exist in Wes Anderson’s imagination”). Designer Anat Berman got the inspiration for this line from 80’s summer camps: “not just vintage, not just another homage to the eighties, but a tribute to the vintage summer camp”. This includes chiffon dresses inspired by summer nightgowns, sporty shorts, denim skirts and uniform style dresses.

Biantika Summer 2014 - Kittenhood Biantika Lookbook - Kittenhood Biantika Handmade Clothing - Kittenhood Biantika Dress - Kittenhood Biantika Dress - Kittenhood Biantika Summer Collection - Kittenhood Biantika Summer Collection - Kittenhood

See an older Biantika collection here and dress styling here.

Recipe: rhubarb strawberry individual pies

Recipe: rhubarb strawberry individual pies - Kittenhood
Growing up in the countryside, I took what we had in the garden for granted, and thought everything store-bought was superior. It was the case of peonies, it was the case of rhubarb. It was more urban (i.e. cool) to get roses from the flower shop or a slice of cake from the sweets shop. Now that the world has kind of turned around and everyone is into basic, organic stuff, I rediscovered a part of my childhood in the form of rhubarb. Have you noticed how everyone is baking with rhubarb lately? And it looks divine (for example). So here’s what I did: I adapted the raspberry pie recipe and made these super tasty mini pies with rhubarb (from my parent’s garden) and strawberries.

Rhubarb strawberry individual pies
Serves 8
Taste summer goodness with these individual pies filled with rhubarb and strawberries.
Cook Time
20 min
Cook Time
20 min
  1. 2 cups whole flour + more
  2. 4 tsp baking powder
  3. 1/2 cup sugar + a few tsp more
  4. 1/3 cup butter (cold)
  5. 1 large egg (beaten)
  6. 1/2 cup chopped strawberries
  7. 1/2 cup chopped rhubarb
  1. Chop the strawberries and rhubarb, mix, and let them sit with a little sugar on top.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix the flour, baking soda and sugar.
  3. Cut the cold butter in small cubes and add it into the flour mixture. Mix with a fork.
  4. Preheat the oven at 190°C.
  5. Beat the egg and add it into the bowl. Mix until you get a sticky dough.
  6. Divide the dough into two pieces. Dust your work surface with flour and roll a thin sheet (a few millimeters thick). Using a water glass, cut 8 dough circles and set them on a lined tray. Spoon some fruit in the middle of each circle. For the top, either cover with another dough circle or with crossed dough strips. Press the sides with a spoon in each case.
  7. Bake for about 20 minutes, checking from time to time.
  1. Optional: brush the surface of each pie with a mixture of egg, milk and vanilla essence.
Recipe: rhubarb strawberry individual pies - Kittenhood


Cat ladies unite: Cat People Magazine

Cat People Magazine - Kittenhood

I feel like I promised cats in the description of the blog, and there aren’t nearly enough cats on the actual blog. So here’s my trial to put together a new section, especially for us cat ladies. 

Cat People Magazine is exactly what the name says: a magazine about and for cat people. Why wasn’t that a thing before? The mag is bilingual, in both English and Japanese, and it features interviews and the work of cat enthusiasts. A really exciting project, if you ask me. One of the people interviewed for their first issue is Vivetta Ponti of Vivetta, one of my favorite labels! Their issue is currently sold out, but I hope there’s a second one on the way. Meanwhile, check them out on Instagram and get a glimpse of the first issue here.

Cat People Magazine Issue 1 - Kittenhood Cat People Magazine Issue 1 - Kittenhood Cat People Magazine Issue 1 - Kittenhood Cat People Magazine - Kittenhood


Weekend marvels: 19/2014

Weekend marvels: 19/2014 - Kittenhood

Watch: Your city from the rooftop. It may not be as amazing as the view over at Coco + Kelley, but you could still have a good time.

Make: How do you feel about the woven wall hanging trend? I’m thinking of giving it a try. Tutorial from Fall for DIY.

Wear: While you’re reading this, I’m away at a music festival. So I’ve got festival fashion on my mind.

Eat: This cherry pie recipe has been right under my nose for a year, and I haven’t tried it yet! I think I will, and you should too.

Read: How to find your personal style, from Hello Giggles.


Shop handmade: summer sandals

Shop handmade: summer sandals - Kittenhood

1. Sandals by Love From Cyprus. I love the combination of white and gold, and how comfy these sandals look. They’d be great for a vacation in Cyprus.

2. Sandals by Olive Thomas Shoes. A slightly more urban sandal, with a braided closed toe, but equally comfortable to walk in. They it also comes in red!

3. Sandals by Adikilav. Soft colors and a subtle peep toe make these sandals perfect for everyday wear. They’re made in Israel.

4.Clogs by Imelda Shoes. If flats aren’t your thing, maybe clogs are! These look stylish and flattering and they feature a wooden sole.

5. Sandals by Crupon Sandals. I love it when straps are crossed in a novel manner – it’s simple but it looks amazing.

6. Sandals from Walk by Anat Dahari. A very unusual and edgy use of leather that looks good from day to night.

Floral Skirt Polka Dot Top - Kittenhood

My outfit: Floral, polka dots + Anna Smith bag

Pastel Outfit + Clutch - Kittenhood
T-shirt – Vero Moda | Skirt – swapped | Bag – Anna Smith c/o LYDC | Shoes – Pull & Bear

I haven’t entered a second-hand shop in months, until last week. And boy, was it a good week! This lovely t-shirt, these brand new wooden shoes, as well as a bunch of other new-to-me stuff (which you’ll see on a different occasion) made their way into my closet. It was, what you would call “productive” thrifting. And then, I got lucky again, receiving this super-versatile bag from LYDC in the mail. I like to call it the 100 in 1 bag, because you can wear it so many ways! It’s actually a white tote, which can be worn (1) as a tote (2) as a crossbody bag and (3) folded as a clutch. But then it also has a detachable clutch, which can be worn (1) by itself or (2) as a pocket to the bag. I love that there are so many possibilities and I think it might just be the perfect bag for traveling.

Speaking of which, who’s coming to Electric Castle tomorrow? See you there?

Floral Skirt Polka Dot Top - Kittenhood Floral + Polka Dots - Kittenhood LYDC Tote Bag - Kittenhood LYDC Clutch - Kittenhood Pull & Bear Wooden Sandals - Kittenhood Anna Smith Clutch - Kittenhood


Dress me in: Lazzari summer 2014

Lazzari Summer 2014 - Kittenhood
When you’ve been blogging about fashion for a while, you get to a point where you think nothing could surprise you. And then comes a collection such as this one: the summer line from Lazzari. Surprise! On the one hand, there are the awesome clothes: swimsuits, dresses, rompers, all in adorable prints such as ice cream, cats or fruit. I want to wear all of them. On the other hand, there are the awesome backgrounds for the shoot: various beach scenes. I want to be in every one of them.

Lazzari Summer 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Lazzari Summer 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Lazzari Summer 2014 Lookbook - KittenhoodLazzari Summer 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Lazzari Summer 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Lazzari Summer 2014 Lookbook - KittenhoodLazzari Summer 2014 - Kittenhood Lazzari Swimwear - Kittenhood Lazzari Lookbook Summer 2014 - Kittenhood Lazzari Lookbook Summer 2014 - Kittenhood
Past Lazzari collection here, here, here and here.