Dress me in: Pomandere AW13

Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood

Pomandere are from Italy, and they have a pomegranate as a logo. I don’t know what’s the deal with this gorgeous fruit today, but I’ve seen it everywhere. Now back to the brand, I don’t know much about them, except that I like the styling in the autumn-winter collection. I’m still not over the crop pants + socks + sandals combo or the cocoon coat + midi skirt one. The colors are completely neutral, even a bit sad maybe. But winter is like that, and sometimes it’s ok to dive into a gray coat.

Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood


DIY Gingerbread Ornaments Made of Felt

DIY Gingerbread Ornaments | Kittenhood

Delicious gingerbread looks nice hung in the Christmas tree. So does felt gingerbread. Eat the baked one, and hang the felt kind. It makes more sense this way. Read on for the how-to:

Felt Gingerbread Men | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • brown felt
  • paper & pencil
  • scissors
  • brown thread and thin needle
  • white thread and thick needle
  • white beads

Felt gingerbread ornaments | Kittenhood Gingerbread in the making | Kittenhood How to make a gingerbread man | Kittehood Gingerbread man | Kittenhood Felt Gingerbread | Kittenhood

Start by tracing the shape of a gingerbread man to a piece of paper. You can copy one from the computer screen, or draw freehand. Cut it and use as a stencil.

Using the paper stencil, cut two identical gingerbread shapes out of felt. On one of them, stitch white beads as buttons. Then use the white thread to stitch eyes and a smile, and more decorations as you please (I made cuffs). Glue or stitch a loop of white thread at the head, on the wrong side of the fabric, to be used for hanging.

Finally, stitch the two sides together with brown thread, using a blanket stitch. If you hate sewing, you can also glue the two sides together, just make sure it’s stable.

DIY Christmas Ornaments | Kittenhood Gingerbread man ornament | Kittenhood


Just a little crush: Finch & Fawn

Finch & Fawn

I found Finch & Fawn at the beginning of fall, through a Dear Creatures dress I was researching (first picture below). I loved the colors in her photos, and the colors she was wearing. It’s now safe to say I have a crush on Kiana’s blog. She wears dresses with elegance and jeans with nonchalance. She lives in California, but her photos have a cold, wonderful mood. It’s always a pleasure to have her pop up in my blog reader.

Finch & Fawn


Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels

Watch: I kind of forgot about Parks & Rec this year, so I found myself with a marathon of over 10 new episodes. Score!

Listen: I like this punk mix. I know it’s not in holiday spirit, but we’ll get there too.

Wear: A faux-fur sweatshirt sounds super fun and cozy to me! Btw, you could get it with the $100 gift card in the giveaway… 2 days left!

DIY: December 1st may be tomorrow, but there’s still a little time to make an advent calendar. Check out mine on Secretly a Fashionista – it’s made of matchboxes and (Bait) shoe boxes.

*Don’t forget about the sale on Etsy: 25% off on everything until Monday. Code BLACKFRIDAY13.


My outfit: all gray + new cards

El almuerzo | Kittenhood

Dress – local shop | Shoes – BBup | Cards – Kittenhood

The freezing cold is officially here, but it’s fine, cause I’m keeping busy with holiday preparations. No time to think about better ways to layer and cover up: long sleeved dresses will do for now. With Black Friday tomorrow, I’m excited to see what kind of deals I’ll find online, and snag some gifts (and new ways to layer and cover up, perhaps?). I’ll also be doing a sale in my Etsy shop, offering 25% off on all prints and cards (between November 29 and December 3, with code BLACKFRIDAY13). This means you can get A3 prints for $15 and sets of 3 cards for just $7.5. Hope that’s something you’re into.

Oh! And happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers!

Gray Dress Pink Belt Gray Dress & Tights | Kittenhood Gray Pink | Kittenhood Pointy shoulders dress | Kittenhood Food cards | Kittenhood All gray outfit | Kittenhood Rooftop Cluj | Kittenhood Caravan postcard | Kittenhood


Shop handmade: felt

Handmade Felt Ornaments

1. Felt acorns by Feltjar. There are lots of felt acorns out there, but these have the loveliest honeysuckle hue.

2. Snow peas by Fairyfolk. Like peas in a pod, these would be nice as decor regardless of the season.

3. Traveler mouse by Felting Dreams. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a mouse that knows what he wants. I mean, he has a backpack…

4. Radishes by Bossy’s Feltworks. I’ve never seen felt radish ornaments before, which makes these pretty amazing.

5. Fox ornaments by Samantha Stas. You didn’t expect this to go without foxes, right? I love these bidimensional dressed up ones.

6. Brooch by Hanna letters. The kind of hat I’d like to wear myself.

***Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (29 November – 3 December) you can get 25% off in my Etsy shop. Just use the code BLACKFRIDAY13***


Dress me in: Nice Things Paloma S.

Nice Things Paloma S

Nice Things by Paloma S. is a Spanish brand I recently discovered. First thing I noticed were the beautiful nature inspired prints, so I was happy to find this camping-set lookbook (“When I Was 17”). Of course, this is a stylish and urban kind of camping, the kind where you drive into the woods and do minimal physical effort. I love almost every single piece of the line, and especially how they’re styled in the photos. See the full collection here.

Nice Things Paloma S When I Was 17 Lookbook Nice Things Paloma S When I Was 17 Lookbook Nice Things Paloma S When I Was 17 Lookbook Nice Things Paloma S When I Was 17 Lookbook Nice Things Paloma S When I Was 17 Lookbook Nice Things Paloma S When I Was 17 Lookbook

DIY ornaments | Kittenhood

DIY geometric winter ornaments

DIY geometric winter ornaments | Kittenhood

With exactly one month left till Christmas, it’s time to dig into ornament making. I recently bought air-dry clay and thought I’d give it a try. It wasn’t what I expected (I think I got the wrong kind), but I do like how the ornaments turned out. Want to make your own? Here’s how:

Winter ornaments materials | Kitenhood

What you need:

  • air dry clay
  • things to cut shapes with (cookie cutters, cups, lids), including one small round one (mine was a bottle stopper)
  • gold paint
  • gold string
  • knife (optional) for decorating
  • nail file

Winter ornaments | Kittenhood Clay ornaments | Kittenhood DIY ornaments | Kittenhood DIY ornaments | Kittenhood DIY ornaments | Kittenhood DIY ornaments | Kittenhood

Roll a sheet of clay, 4-5 few millimeters thick. Use various cutters to get shapes – you can even combine them to get irregular shapes. Using the small circular shape, make a hole in each future ornament, towards the upper side.

Carefully remove the clay shapes from the sheet and place them on a clean surface. Using a (plastic) knife, make lines here and there, in a random fashion. Let dry for 24 hours.

When the clay is dry, use a nail file to smooth out the sides and corners as you wish. This is a dusty procedure.

Next, you can start painting. I made lines on some of the ornaments, or just filled in some spaces. Let dry.

Finally, thread each ornament and hang it in the tree or around the house.

DIY ornaments | Kittenhood DIY geometric winter ornaments | Kittenhood DIY geometric winter ornaments | Kittenhood

Just a little crush: Tori Lynne

Tori Lynne

Tori Lynne‘s style is sweet and vintage inspired. She almost always wears a hat, and she’s a bit fan of pinafores and school girl socks. She’s 20 and she lives in Portland, but I could easily see her rocking Tokyo. Even though her blog is just a little over one year old, I feel like she knows her style, and everything she wears seems to suit her perfectly. Her lace-up ankle boots will make you think of literary characters, and her dark braided hair of fairy tales. Charming girl, I tell you what.

Tori Lynne Blog