DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood

DIY sliced watermelon coasters

DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood

Watermelon is everyone’s summer obsession, and I’m no exception. There’s no other fruit that could compare in refreshment and cuteness, so last year I’ve made these watermelon shoes, while this year it’s time for watermelon coasters. They look absolutely lovely, and there’s no better way to serve watermelon based drinks, you have to admit! Moreover, you can make them in no time (if you don’t consider drying time, that is).

DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • cork trivet
  • paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • paint (red, green, black)
  • paintbrush
  • ruler
  • cutter

How to:

DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood

Start by drawing a circle that’s 2-3 cm smaller than the trivet. You will use this as a stencil to outline the watermelon peel. Paint the green part and let it dry completely. Remove the paper stencil and paint the red core of the watermelon. When that one is dry, use black paint to make the seeds, and let dry. Using a ruler and a cutter, cut the watermelon trivet into four equal slices, which will be your coasters.

Optionally, sandpaper the sides for a smooth finish. Enjoy your refreshments!

DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood DIY sliced watermelon coasters - Kittenhood


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Behind the scenes: Gala UAD 2014

Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood

The week before this one was pretty crazy and fully dominated by Gala UAD 2014, the most important fashion event in Cluj. Along with other 9 fashion bloggers, I got to visit the Vestige Pret-a-Porter showroom and pick an outfit from a local designer to wear to the Gala. I went with a white shirt dress by Alina Morar, which featured an open back and organza short sleeves, pockets and a big bow. A gorgeous dress, but a challenge for a 1.60m girl like myself. So I bought red high heels and gave it my best shot, and in the end it all turned out good.

The day after the Gala, we all got together again to exchange impressions at Pokka, a Mexican bistro that made us feel at home with a girls-only dinner. We even got to meet the chef, a Romanian-speaking Mexican who knows his way around a quesadilla. The place is unique in Cluj, so if you were curious how Mexican food really tastes like, I do recommend it. Try their spicy sauce with nachos, and order a seasonal watermelon lemonade as well – it’s a dream!

Alina Morar Dress & Red Heels - Kittenhood Gala UAD Red Carpet - Kittenhood Gala UAD 2014 - kittenhood Nazarica Bartos Gala UAD - Kittenhood#bloggers4galauad - Kittenhood Pokka Bistro & Cafe Cluj - Kittenhood Watermelon lemonade at Pokka - KittenhoodPokka Bistro Cluj - Kittenhood


Cat ladies unite: how to exercise with cats

How to exercise with cats - Kittenhood

Let’s talk a bit about exercising your stomach muscles. Not the Nikes and protein bars type of exercise, but the laugh-so-hard-your-stomach-will-hurt type. This is a video about how you can enjoy the company (and weight) of your cats while also staying healthy and in shape. Not that my would ever allow me such luxury. I’m curious, would you be able to exercise with your cat like this?


Weekend marvels: 20/2014

Weekend marvels - Kittenhood

WatchThe Double, with Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska. I had no clue this movie was gonna be this good.

Make:  Whisks as candle holders. Brilliant idea, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a source or tutorial, but I think it’s self-explanatory.

Wear: I’ve been trying to keep away from Resort 2015 collections, but failed. These colors from Antonio Berardi‘s collection so got to me.

Eat: I’m officially a fan of crumble/crisp, I could have it for breakfast every day! Here’s one from Averie Cooks, with my two favorite fruit: peaches and raspberries.

Ride: This weekend, Skirt Bike returns to Cluj! The event promotes riding in style, and it’s very dear to me as I’ve attended every edition so far and well, I just love riding my bike in a skirt! See pictures from the past editions here and here and join us on Sunday (1:30 pm) in the Central Park Cluj for a fashionable ride.


Gala UAD 2014 Red Carpet - Kittenhood

Event: Gala UAD 2014

Gala UAD 2014 Red Carpet - KittenhoodAlexa, Ioana, Gloria, Lucian, Sandra, myself, Oana and Ale, proudly wearing Romanian designers from Vestige

On Sunday evening, I attended the 2oth edition of Gala UAD, an event I was really looking forward to. The gala marks the graduation of Fashion Design students, 26 of whom presented small collections in front of an impressive audience. The event took place at the National Theater, a huge venue worthy of a fashion gala, and it was really neatly organized. Along with other 9 fashion bloggers, some of which are pictured here, I got to be part of a small jury to award a “passport to social media”. We observed all the collections and graded them, keeping in mind certain criteria such as originality, adaptability or viral appeal. Of course, it’s difficult to pick a favorite when there are so many people involved, but the winning collections were Lucian Rusu’s (“Radical of Image”, MA level) and Luis Drajan’s (“Me, Luis”, BA level) – see below for some samples:

Lucian Rusu Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood

Lucian Rusu’s collection featured both male and female models, with fabrics inspired by car upholstery and accessories crafted around broken bike wheels. “The concept of my collection, Radical of Image, is represented by bodily and mental fragmentation,” Lucian says in the description. “Radical of Image uses several contrasting images intended to recompose the beauty in a personal perspective.”

Luis Drajan Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood

Luis Dragan designed a very personal collection, inspired by his own style and his generation (the narcissistic, individualist “generation me”, as he puts it). The menswear line featured very contemporary looks which one could easily imagine transported to the streets. “The clothing items displayed reflect my own dressed body typology in an attempt to reconstruct the look of possible wearers,” the designer mentions.

Sabina Pop Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood Nazarica Bartos Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood Georgiana Giuroiu Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood Vitos Ildiko Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood

Vanessa Oros Gala UAD 2014 - KittenhoodCrina Moldovean Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood

This year’s gala was marked by menswear, which I’d say is rather unusual in a space where the feminine form is so highly valued. I liked how (some of) the young designers weren’t afraid to work with unconventional colors and silhouettes – because I’ve had it up to here with all the black collections. So we’ve seen reinterpretations of voivodes (Sabina Pop), folklore (Georgiana Giuroiu), Disney (Vitos Ildiko) and 1950s housewives (Nazarica Bartos), all of which I’ve enjoyed and hope to see more of in the future.

Red Carpet Gala UAD 2014 - Kittenhood #bloggers4galauad - Kittenhood

Photos: Francisc Sandor, Liviu Ratiu, Sergiu Negrean for Gala UAD

Photo: Dacian Groza.

My outfit: festival fashion at Electric Castle

Electric Castle 2014 - KittenhoodDress – Sheinside | Necklace – DIY | Sunglasses – Lulus | Socks – thrifted | Shoes – thrifted

With things cooling down from what is probably the best music festival in the country, I finally got a few Electric Castle snaps. These were taken on the last day, when the skies finally opened up after two days of rain and cold. In case you weren’t there, you missed some great performances from headliners Die Antwoord, Thievery Corporation and Bonobo, although my favorite show was probably The Correspondents (during the biggest rain of the whole festival) – that dude can dance! This last day was a bit melancholic, like most endings are, but it was great fun as well. Looking forward to next year…

Festival Fashion Electric Castle - Kittenhood Blue outfit at Electric Castle - KittenhoodFestival Fashion Electric Castle - Kittenhood Blue outfit at Electric Castle - Kittenhood

Photos: Dacian Groza for Electric Castle


Dress me in: Susie Bubble & Other Stories

Susie Bubble x & Other Stories - Kittenhood

To say that & Other Stories is brilliant would be an understatement. I don’t know how they do it, but everything on their site looks appealing and they always tap the best people to work with (see: their recent collaboration with Vika Gazinskaya or the Michelle Harper and Jenny Shimizu love story editorial I mentioned here). This spring, they went with Susie Bubble, who styled some of their colorful prints during her Fashion Week travels. The reason these pictures caught my eye is the styling of a pair of Nike Roche very similar to mine (see picture below). Ever since I got them, I couldn’t find the perfect, minimalist way to wear them. And then Susie Bubble & Other Stories comes along, nailing mismatched prints and color like it’s nobody’s business. There I was, worrying about these sneakers being too much, and there she was, making them look effortless and awesome.

The looks are perfect for traveling – especially if, like me, you’re the type who doesn’t like to look like a tourist. The (mostly) comfortable shoes are ideal for walking; the bold, fun prints and color combos make you stand out; and the structured bags are good for carrying your precious traveler cargo (camera, phone, sunglasses and the like). Well played, SB.

Susie Bubble  & Other Stories  - Kittenhood Susie Bubble x & Other Stories  - Kittenhood Susie Bubble x & Other Stories  - Kittenhood Susie Bubble in & Other Stories with Nike - Kittenhood Susie Bubble Styling & Other Stories with Nike - Kittenhood Susie Bubble Styling & Other Stories - Kittenhood

Photos via Susie Bubble


Easy DIY laptop support

Easy DIY laptop support - Kittenhood

Just minutes after I finished this laptop support I was happy I decided to make it: it’s so useful! Working at the desk all the time can become tiring and boring, so the couch, bed or a bench outside are all good options for unwinding. But, as we all know, laptops are quick to overheating – and no one wants that in summer! Enter the laptop support, which is both hard enough for the computer to sit on, and soft enough to hold on your lap. Of course, you can get one ready-made, but you can also DIY, which means you can play around with size and patterns to best suit your style.

How to make a laptop support - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • chair pillow
  • plastic cutting board (the size of your laptop)
  • scissors
  • cutter
  • sewing machine (or needle and thread)

 How to make a laptop support - Kittenhood How to make a laptop support - Kittenhood How to make a laptop support - Kittenhood How to make a laptop support - Kittenhood How to make a laptop support - Kittenhood How to make a laptop support - Kittenhood

How to:

Begin by cutting open one of the sides of your chair pillow. Take out the sponge inside it and cut it to the size of your cutting board. Place the sponge and the cutting board inside the pillow case. Cut off the excess fabric from the case and stitch it back together either with a sewing machine or by hand. Finished! You’ve got a rectangular pillow that’s soft on one side and hard on the other, perfect for your laptop.

DIY laptop support - Kittenhood



My outfit: jeans + trench at Expo UAD

 H&M Trench & Book of Deer Top - Kittenhood

Shirt – Book of Deer | Trench – H&M | Jeans – River Island | Shoes – Shabbies Amsterdam (thrifted)

This is not so much an outfit post, but rather a few snapshots of what I wore yesterday at the UAD Exhibition I was telling you about. When art students graduate, a huge exhibition is held, which includes everything from fashion and object design to sculpture and illustration. Each year is impressive, and while you won’t like everything you see, there’s certainly something there that will make you stop and stare. These pictures were taken inside an installation (sorry to have missed the artist’s name), a sort of tunnel/labyrinth made of soft textiles, which I found cozy and picture-perfect. You can still see the exhibition through the next month if you’re in Cluj Napoca.

While you’re reading this, I’ll already be at Gala UAD! Check out my Instagram for live pics and I’ll post some on the blog soon enough.

River Island Jeans & H&M Trench Coat - Kittenhood Shabbies Amsterdam Clugs - Kittenhood


Cat ladies unite: cat island

Cat Island Japan - Kittenhood

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it’s made my month when I first discovered it. Tashirojima is an island in (where else?) Japan, and it’s also known as “cat island”. It’s actually a fishermen village, where there are more stray cats than there are people. There’s an entire blog dedicated to the cats on that island, and fortunately, it’s still being updated regularly. So if you’re into pages and pages of cat pictures, in the cutest, most unusual poses, you’ll be in for a treat. I wish I knew more about the person taking these pictures (Fubirai), but you know how it is with Japanese blogs… P.S. What a great job, being a cat photographer, right?

Tashirojima Japan - Kittenhood Tashirojima Japan - Kittenhood Tashirojima Japan - Kittenhood Tashirojima Japan - Kittenhood Cat Island Japan - Kittenhood