Postmark Print Skirt

My outfit: post office print, gray sweater & beanie

Postmark Print Skirt | Kittenhood
Sweater – c/o Sheinside | Skirt – c/o Front Row Shop | Shirt – Sheinside | Beanie – Camaieu | Shoes – BBup

I’m sure many of you love getting mail. I know I do – I feel like I have a relationship with the mailman and all the people at the post office. So picking this postmark print skirt from Front Row Shop felt like a pretty obvious choice! It may be more proper for spring and summer, but I like to wear clothes all year round, so I paired it with ankle boots and a sweater to make it winter friendly. Speaking of which, I’ve been wearing this Sheinside sweater pretty much non stop lately (I even got a “are you going to wear this again?” from the bf). Gray is the perfect neutral, but the pattern makes it special. So yeah, new favorite sweater.

Front Row Shop Skirt | Kittenhood Sheinside Sweater | Kittenhood Gray Sweater Printed Skirt | Kittenhood Blue Pompom Beanie | Kittenhood Blue & Gray Outfit | Kittenhood


DIY: snowflake gloves & 8 free printable gift tags

DIY Snowflake Gloves | Kittenhood

Last winter I made pearl gloves, so this year I decided on sweet snowflake ones. These pink ones are pretty old and rugged, so a makeover can only do them good. This idea is super easy, and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time. Here are the simple instructions:

Make Snowflake Gloves | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • gloves
  • white thread (silver would work nicely, too!)
  • needle
  • scissors

DIY Snowflake Gloves | Kittenhood DIY Snowflake Gloves | Kittenhood DIY Snowflake Gloves | Kittenhood DIY Snowflake Gloves | KittenhoodFree printable Christmas gift tags | Kittenhood

Decide on a pattern, and thread the needle. Stitch various stars on the back of each glove. The best part is that, since no two snowflakes are the same, you can’t go wrong: some may be bigger, some may be wider, it doesn’t really matter.

Next, wrap them up nicely and adorn the package with a pretty gift tag. Choose your favorite one from the tags I made especially for this winter’s holidays – download here. The A4 .jpg file includes 16 gift tags with 8 different designs, each one measuring 40 x 22 mm.

Free printable Christmas gift tags | Kittenhood Free printable Christmas gift tags | Kittenhood Free printable Christmas gift tags | Kittenhood


Dress me in: Suncoo, AW 2013

Suncoo Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook | Kittenhood

This lookbook by French label Suncoo is theatrical and perfectly suited for winter. There is knitwear, but there’s also sparkle. There’s leopard, but also novelty prints. There are plenty of party looks in the collection, but you’ll find casual, everyday wear as well. All topped (or should I say bottomed) by funky creepers. I wish I were able to wear a printed pant suit without looking like I’m wearing pajamas (not in the cool, Marc Jacobs way, but in the weird, old lady kind of way). The girl in the lookbook clearly does it right – and I’m surprised how fun the flare pants + cape look together! Which outfit is your favorite?

Suncoo Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook | Kittenhood Suncoo Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook | Kittenhood Suncoo Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook | Kittenhood Suncoo Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook | Kittenhood Suncoo Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook | Kittenhood Suncoo Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook | Kittenhood


Giveaway: win a $50 gift card to Mona

Mona Dress | Kittenhood

You might remember Mona as one of the regularly featured shops on this blog. The lovely Tel-Aviv based label makes a lot of pretty dresses (like the one I’m wearing above), skirts and blouses, and their lookbooks are always a delight to look at. Because Christmas is quickly approaching, I’ve teamed up with Moriah, the designer behind Mona, to offer you a $50 gift card in her shop! You could use it to get this splendid pinafore (my fave) or any other piece from the Etsy shop.

Mona $50 Giveaway | Kittenhood

How to enter: click here. Good luck!

If you’re too excited to wait until the giveaway winner is announced, you can still get a good deal: use the code KITTENHOOD30 for 30% off on all Mona purchases over $70.

International Fashion Giveaway | Kittenhood

The giveaway is open internationally and will end on 12/17.

Nifty Gifty Pop Up Shop

How to find the perfect gift

Nifty Gifty Pop Up Shop

Gift giving, no matter how wonderful as a gesture, may become overwhelming. These tips will help you do a good job this Christmas, and find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Speaking of which…

1. Make a list. Just like Santa, make a list of the people you want to give to. Write down the first thing that pops to mind when you see someone’s name. For example, people always tell me they think of me when they see foxes. The same could be true about a certain song, movie, food or piece of jewelry.

2. Plan ahead. I know, I know, you don’t have time to think about Christmas in July. But if you had a folder of gift ideas (secret Pinterest board?) for close people, you could use it on birthdays as well as holidays. Whenever you see something they’d like, put it in the folder.

3. Stalk them online. You’re allowed to, if it’s in the interest of the perfect gift! This works even if you don’t know the person that well. Check out their Facebook page and find out what they’re always sharing. Is it a certain musician? Get the CD. Scenes from a certain movie? Get the poster. Even better, check out their Pinterest, and you get free access to their wishlist! Some items will be way out of your (and their) price range, but you’ll surely find something nice and affordable.


Put some color on: Vogue knitting pattern, 1960s

It’s funny and strange that there was smoking in 1960s knitting patterns. I’m amazed at how little people knew about it back then, and how popular it was with everyone, pregnant ladies included. Cigarette aside, this is a nice picture: cozy turtleneck sweater, long false lashes, the typical short haircut of the era… Lures you right in, doesn’t it?

Put some color on: Knitting pattern

Photo | Lashes – BH Cosmetics | Mascara – Clinique | Sweater – Fashion to Any | Pants – Uniqlo |


My outfit: versatile dress & military coat

Square print dress | Kittenhood

Dress – c/o Sheinside | Shirt – thrifted | Coat – factory store | Tights – Primark | Shoes – BBup

Fact: I cannot stay away from prints. One thing I’m trying to do is keep them a bit simpler. This new dress I received is black and white (classic color palette – check!) and it features little squares all over (relatively minimal print – check!). The shape is quite classic as well, and it’s my favorite: fit and flare, round neck, with 3/4 sleeves. There’s enough space under it to fit a shirt, but it’s also fitted enough to wear on its own. And that, in my layering book, is what makes a good cold season dress. I could say I nailed it.

Military coat | Kittenhood Short hair | Kittenhood Khaki coat | Kittenhood Black and white dress | Kittenhood B&W dress | Kittenhood  Peter Pan Collar | Kittenhood


What bloggers want: a Christmas gift guide

December might just be the most exciting time of the year. We get to make lists of what we want, and go through the whole month hoping Santa does his job right! I’ve asked some of my favorite bloggers to share their Christmas wishlists, and I’ve compiled their answers in a pretty cool blogger gift guide. If you’ve got a blogger friend to shop for… you’re in luck!

What bloggers want: a Christmas git guide | Kittenhood

  1. Rebecca @The Clothes Horsebook
  2. Anais @The Time is Greybag, book, sweater, sneakers
  3. Kiki @The Imaginistcoat, scarf
  4. Ashley @Sugar & Clothshoes
  5. Ashley @Fancy Fineshoes, dress, book
  6. Ale @Rosaspina Vintageconsole, coat, shoes
  7. Kathryn @Kistune Kunrucksack, hat, ring

*Post submitted to IFB.


Dress me in: Pomandere AW13

Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood

Pomandere are from Italy, and they have a pomegranate as a logo. I don’t know what’s the deal with this gorgeous fruit today, but I’ve seen it everywhere. Now back to the brand, I don’t know much about them, except that I like the styling in the autumn-winter collection. I’m still not over the crop pants + socks + sandals combo or the cocoon coat + midi skirt one. The colors are completely neutral, even a bit sad maybe. But winter is like that, and sometimes it’s ok to dive into a gray coat.

Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood Pomandere Autumn Winter 2013 | Kittenhood