Dress me in: Isabel Knowles, Cabbage

Isabel Knowles Handmade - Kittenhood

This lookbook has such simple styling – it’s just a blue background with yellow and white fresh flowers all over – but it’s so beautiful! It’s almost as if it’s an art project by itself. The pictures are actually part of the presentation of Isabel Knowles‘ collection of handmade dresses and separates. And I suppose it’s ok to take this opportunity to say I want every single piece. The prints are rather subtle, mostly florals, and the cuts are vintage inspired. I adore the twin sets and keep on wondering how I don’t own one already.

Isabel Knowles Handmade Twin Set  - Kittenhood Isabel Knowles Handmade Dress  - Kittenhood Isabel Knowles Skirt  - Kittenhood Isabel Knowles Cabbage - Kittenhood Handmade Dress Isabel Knowles - Kittenhood Handmade Dress Isabel Knowles - Kittenhood Isabel Knowles Handmade - Kittenhood Isabel Knowles Handmade - Kittenhood


DIY: faceted egg cups

DIY faceted egg cups - Kittenhood

Everything that’s faceted is cool these days, isn’t it? I had this idea for geometric egg cups, and I was surprised find that no one had made them before (at least according to my searches). Usually, it’s the excitement of “what a brilliant idea” followed by the disappointment of “oh, someone else has already done it”. Anyway, the most important thing I’ve learned from doing this project is that sandpaper can do wonders. The last time I worked with air dry clay (for these Christmas ornaments) I used a nail file I had at hand to polish the final product, and it was not the best choice. But sandpaper? It’s brilliant.

Clay, egg & cutter

What you need:

  • air dry clay (I used DAS)
  • egg (can be plastic as long as its accurate in size)
  • cutter
  • sandpaper
  • gold paint

Clay Egg Cup - Kittenhood Making DIY Clay Egg Cups - Kittenhood Clay Before and After Using Sandpaper - Kittenhood Golw & white egg cups - Kittenhood Clay Faceted Egg Cups - Kittenhood

How to:

To make two egg cups, I shaped two clay balls of roughly the same size. As the clay softened, I carefully pressed the egg on top of the ball, until it stayed on its own. I let the clay harden a bit, then randomly cut facets with the cutter. At this point, the clay cracked a lot, so I used a bit of water and my fingers to level them. I let it dry completely before proceeding (more than 24 hours in this case) and it was very hard to wait.

Next, I used sandpaper on each facet, until it got as smooth as I wanted. To do this, I scotch-taped a piece of sandpaper to the table, and just rubbed each side of the clay pieces on it. You can see from the second to last pic above that this step is crucial. Finally, I painted the inside of the cups in gold and let them dry. Still cracked here and there, but it’s a look I like.

Gold Filled Faceted Egg Cups - Kittenhood Chocolate Eggs in DIY Cups - Kittenhood DIY Clay Egg Cups - Kittenhood


Just a little crush: Pretty Little Fawn

Pretty Little Fawn Blog - Kittenhood

Although Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn has been blogging since 2011, I only found her corner of the internet in recent months. Actually, I think I found her beautiful Instagram first. Very quickly, it became one of my favorites. Courtney wears some of the lovelies labels out there (Dear Creatures, Miss Patina, Rachel Antonoff, Dahlia etc.), and she has a lot of cat-themed clothes in her closet. Which I want, obviously. She’s also an avid thrifter and vintage wearer, with some of her finds for sale on Etsy.

Pretty Little Fawn - Kittenhood


Put some color on: Life Wom Outdoor 1920’s-1940’s

I’m not an expert in dating vintage pictures, but I’d guess this one was taken closer to the 1940s. It’s such a fun picture! Despite the girl with the dog being kind of main character here, I chose to recreate the other girl’s outfit – it’s much more my style. The floral dress and the cutout shoes are what I want to wear this summer, and they couldn’t be any fresher.

Put some color on: Life Wom Outdoor 1920's-1940's - Kittenhood

Image source – Life | Dress – Topshop | Shoes – Asos | Watch – New Look


Shop handmade: cactus

Shop handmade: cactus - Kittenhood

1. Cactus watercolor print by Tropical Garden. If you can’t grow real cactus for some reason, how about this?

2. Cactus salt & pepper shakers by Newport Road. These are not actually handmade, but they’re cute, and that’s what matters.

3. Knitted cactus by Odds and Ends Handmade. Can you believe that this is knitted? It looks so much like the real thing.

4. Cactus phone case by The Mini Fab. Love the color combination on this one and I think my phone would, too.

5. Cactus cards set by Kate Broughton. All your cactus-loving friends would love to get one of these! Why don’t you send it?

6. Cactus tote bag by Meri RS. You can get a lot of stuff in this print, but the tote bag has to be my fave.

Tartan Scarf - Kittenhood

My outfit: oversized scarf & stripes

Striped Sweater - Kittenhood

Sweater – Pull & Bear | Skirt – c/o Front Row Shop | Coat – Zara | Scarf – c/o Front Row Shop | Booties – BBup | Necklace – DIY

At some point during the winter, I realized that I absolutely needed a big tartan scarf. I wanted it to have red on it, and to generally look like a blanket I used to have as a kid (I even thought about using a baby blanket). It was nowhere to be found. Until I had the revelation that Front Row Shop sells them. Winter may be over now, but I’m a passionate scarf wearer during most seasons, so I’m not worried. Since this one is so huge, I can imagine it worn over the shoulders on summer nights and even turned into blanket for an impromptu picnic. Talk about versatility! 

And what do you think about this skirt? It’s actually two-skirts in one, the under layer being shorter and fitted. I think it’s pretty funky, and I love that the length is proper, the colors are neutral (it has plenty of details already, color would’ve been too much) and it has pockets. And since the fabric is doubled, it’s warm too!

Oversized Tartan Scarf & Black Coat - Kittenhood Tartan Scarf - Kittenhood Pull and Bear Sweater - Kittenhood Handmade Wool Necklace - Kittenhood Front Row Shop Double Skirt - Kittenood Oversized Tartan Scarf - Kittenhood Hanging Scarf - Kittenhood


Dress me in: Eat Me! Bread and Butter

Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood

I don’t know who’s behind Eat Me! Bread and Butter, all I know is that it’s a label from Korea. I’m really curious about the photographer of their product pictures and the person coming up with these cool concepts. The correlation between the clothes and the settings is amazing, and it makes me wish I could visit Seoul sometime soon. The styling makes me thing of Tokyo Fashion, although it’s rather understated compared to what I see there.

Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood Eat me! Bread and butter - Kittenhood

DIY Recipe display with free printable | Kittenhood

DIY: recipe display & free printable recipe cards


Most of my cooking is done pretty randomly, depending on the things I already have in the fridge. However, I also have a bunch of recipes I love to do over and over, especially for sweets, and most of which I found online. I cannot in any way use my laptop or phone in the kitchen, I’m just too messy, so the recipes end up in notebooks and on sheets of paper, never to be found again. So I decided I should organize them in some way, as you’re about to see.


What you need:


How to:

This couldn’t be any easier! Just download and print the recipe cards here. I used regular paper, but you can choose a higher density is you want your cards to be sturdier. You get two A5 recipe cards on a sheet of paper, so fold it and cut in half. Then group them together with a skirt hanger, and you’ve got yourself an organizer! You can easily hang it on the wall, a cupboard door or wherever you feel it’s handiest during your cooking time.


DSC_4750 DSC_4763


Visual comparison: street style vs. birds

Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Fashion Week has more than once been associated with peacocks, and that’s how I got the idea for a comparison between outfits and birds. Don’t get me wrong, I mean no disrespect to any of the parties involved! Birds are beautiful and fashion is beautiful. Plus it’s just incredibly fun, time after time, to find all these similarities between seemingly different things.

Check out more visual comparisons here.

Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe


Visual comparison: Street style vs. birds - Kittenhooe