Shop handmade: Lunet eyewear

Lunet Eyewear Monocle - Kittenhood

This is what you find when you open the sleek cardboard box containing Lunet sunglasses: “As one of the few Lunet owners, you will be looked upon with great wonder. You will be studied and photographed. You might even be approached by unknown people wanting to establish communication.” It’s true. I’ve had mine for about a month, and they already attracted a bunch of looks and chats.

Lunet eyewear is a new label, based here in Cluj Napoca, and they handcraft wooden sunglasses. The process is long and beautiful and definitely impressive. There are two models so far, a classic wayfarer (Cas) and a round keyhole design (Eta), each one in walnut, oak and cherry tree wood. There’s also a sun-protecting monocle available (Io), a quirky little accessory you can wear many ways. Don’t be surprised if you find me on their site, demonstrating the versatility of the modern monocle.

Wooden Sunglasses Made in Transylvania - Kittenhood Lunet Eyewear Made in Transylvania - Kittenhood Lunet Eyewear Wooden Sunglasses - Kittenhood Lunet Eyewear Lookbook - Kittenhood


My outfit: Skirt Bike 2014

Skirt Bike Cluj - Kittenhood

Dress – Sophster Toaster | Sandals – Vulturi | Photos – Calin Ceteras

As soon as the first rays of sun hit the city and until the very last ones in fall, my means of transportation is my bike. It’s been so for the past five years, since I got this pink KTM bike from the flea market. At first I had trouble reconciling bike riding with my dress-based wardrobe, but in time I learned a few things. And for the past three years, I’ve been taking part in an event promoting elegant riding for women, Skirt Bike. I’ve mentioned that several times before, I know, but it’s one of my favorite events of the year. This time it took place in early July, and in several cities across the country. If last year we rode in the rain, this year we rode in the full summer sun. I probably caught a little tan on the back of my neck (that’s the worst!), but otherwise it was pleasant as always: bells ringing, balloons and flowers on every bike, lots of pretty dresses and skirts, even prizes. It’s also been really nice hanging with my pals Giani (who took all the pics below) and Iuliana (pictured below) – great ride, girls!

Sophster Toaster Dress - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood


Dress me in: Pull and Bear SS14

Pull and Bear Spring 2014 - Kittenhood
While I haven’t been shopping as much at Pull and Bear lately, I still fall in love with their lookbooks every once in a while. This one was launched at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been keeping it bookmarked for when it fits perfectly with the weather: right now. These lazy summer pictures are just wonderful, and the colors makes it so that you can almost feel the heat. There are some adorable cut-out back dresses in here, and I need that floral crop top + skirt duo from the jumping picture!

The lookbook, shot by Xevi Muntan√©, features a new generation of models, and apparently it’s a mix of inspiration from various decades, from the 50s to the 90s, as well as the typical American youth. The Californian background couldn’t be more perfect for the mood, don’t you think?

Pull and Bear SS14  - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14  - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14  - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14 Dress - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14 Campaign - Kittenhood Pull and Bear SS14 Campaign - Kittenhood Pull and Bear Lookbook - Kittenhood Pull and Bear Lookbook - Kittenhood
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DIY recycled candles & handmade wicks

DIY Recycled Candles - Kittenhood

When I was a teenager, I was absolutely mesmerized by candles. I liked every candle I saw in the supermarket, and collected as many as I could for my room. I used to light them up and look at the flame, and there was nothing more relaxing than that. In time, my passion faded, and now I can barely find a candle in the house if I need one. But I still like the feel of warm wax on my fingers, so I decided to try making my own candles for the first time. Everything I needed I already had in the house, so it easy to say the least.

Handmade candle wicks - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • cotton string
  • old candles
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • empty tins
  • BBQ sticks

Make your own candle wicks - Kittenhood

To make your own wicks, all you need is some wax, cotton thread, scissors and tweezers. Warm up the wax in an old candle (I did so above a pot of hot water), and cut pieces of cotton string a few centimeters long. Soak the string in wax, then pick it up with the tweezers and let it dry and harden on a sheet of paper.

Recycling Candles - Kittenhood Handmade Candle Wicks - Kittenhood Making Candles - Kittenhood Recycled Candles in Tea Tins - Kittenhood Kusmi Tea Candles - Kittenhood

Twist each wick on a stick, and place on a tin, as pictured above. The other end of the wick should be able to touch the bottom of the tin. Next, start melting your wax. You can do that using a double broiler, just make sure the bowl you use for the wax is made of glass or metal. Alternatively, use the microwave and a microwave safe bowl. At this point, you can add essential oils to your liking. Carefully pour a bit of how wax into each tin, and allow it to harden for a bit. Make sure you don’t pour on the wicks! Pour the rest of the wax and allow to cool and harden before removing the sticks and trim the wick.

Recycled Candles - Kittenhood


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Behind the scenes: domestic life lately

Neon Trabant - Kittenhood

I gotta say I’ve been on a roll with pie-making lately, and I do hope I don’t jinx it by saying this. The one pictured below is peach and rhubarb, following my very basic pie recipe with just a little variation, and it was absolutely dreamy. Sure, other kitchen things didn’t turn out as nice (I’m looking at you, bagels!), and you won’t find them pictured anywhere on the internet. But it was aslo good time for pasta, for gnocchi and, of course, fresh fruit. I just adore raspberries and have been stuffing my face with them as often as I could. Also pictured are some snaps from Skirt Bike, the riding in skirts event I was telling you about.

What’s your favorite summer treat?

Peach rhubarb pie - KittenhoodHomemade Parsley Pasta - Kittenhood  Fresh Raspberry - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj - Kittenhood Flower Ring - Kittenhood Skirt Bike Cluj 2014 - Kittenhood




Put some color on: girls on the beach, 1950

“The latest beach fashion” in this 1950 picture is very much like the latest street fashion now. The striped crop tops and the high waist shorts are a summer uniform that seems to have lasted over the decades. Sure, there was a brief time when waists were so low that everyone got a UTI, but I hope we’re over that now. (photo by Nina Leen)


Image source | Top – Mango | Shorts – Modcloth | Earrings – Rachel Os


Weekend marvels: 21/2014

Weekend marvels - Kittenhood

Watch: Tracks is not a tense movie, but it’s still good. Starring Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver, and four camels.

Make: A watermelon bike bell! I know you can’t get enough of watermelon crafts either…

Wear: I find this outfit so chic: black jumpsuit and blazer, espadrilles and body chain. Understated and beautiful.

Eat: The cake in the picture looks good. But what if I told you it’s ice cream cake? Now you’re drooling…

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Shop handmade: watermelon treats

Shop handmade watermelon treats - Kittenhood


1. Pillow case by I Love Pillow. Get that summer feeling all year round with a pretty linen pillow thrown on the couch or the hammock.

2. Bowls by Vegetabowls. Probably the best way to serve watermelon: in bowls that look just like watermelon!

3. Clock by Art Clock. I don’t remember the last time I had a wall clock in the house, but this one looks… delicious.

4. Ring by Doll Food Miniatures. This looks so much like real watermelon, it’s impressive! I love the texture and you wouldn’t guess it’s polymer clay.

5. Phone case by Alexis Gonopolsky. A beautiful illustration that I could use on my phone this summer. Couldn’t you?

6. Candle by Less Candles. It’s hard to believe this one is a candle, right? Cause it sure does look like a watermelon cone…

Twirling Red Dress - Kittenhood

My outfit: burgundy dress & chunky heel sandals

Burgundy Dress & Brown Sandals - Kittenhood

Dress – c/o Mart of China | Belt – thrifted | Sandals – Vulturi

When I saw this burgundy dress online, it looked great on the model. But when it arrived in the mail, I started having doubts: the fabric wasn’t the chiffon I imagined, but a heavier, visibly synthetic fabric. I was disappointed, but I tried it on. And it’s a good thing I did, because I can’t think of another dress that falls so nicely! I don’t know what it is about it – maybe the slight stretch from what I usually wear, and by that I mean the v-neck – but it really feels good. It feels fancy, even though the fabric is casual and comfortable. So here’s the lesson, fellow online shoppers: you don’t always get what you expect. But that’s not always a bad thing.

V-neck Dress - Kittenhood Twirling Red Dress - Kittenhood Squire Haircut - Kittenhood Summer Outfit - Kittenhood Burgundy V-Neck Dress - Kittenhood


Dress me in: Nice Things Paloma S, summer 2014

Nice Things Paloma S Swimwear - Kittenhood

From shivering to yawning, you can do everything with a friend. It’s actually better that way. These girls seem like they’ve been at the beach all day, and even dusk can’t send them home. I love the mood in the pictures, the way the models mimic each other’s movements, and of course the swimsuits. There are both one piece and two piece options, all of them in beautiful prints (such as Capri Island, which is my favorite in the collection). Prints are a staple at Nice Things Paloma S, as is the natural look of their clothes and lookbooks. I find that to be very important in summer wear, don’t you? And while we’re out answering questions, which suit do you like best?

Nice Things Paloma S Swimwear - Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S Swimwear - Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S Swimwear - Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S Swimwear - Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S Summer 2014 Lookbook - Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S Swimwear - Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S Bathing Suits - Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S Bathing Suits - Kittenhood
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