DIY Acorn Pillow | Kittenhood

DIY acorn pillow for fall

DIY Acorn Pillow | Kittenhood

Acorns are cute – everyone knows that. This is the perfect time of the year to put them on things – and decor most of all. I had just enough brown felt left over in the house to make a throw pillow cover – and so I did. The steps are few and simple – but the quilting might take about 40 minutes, especially if you’re not a sewing machine master.

Acorn pillow how to

What you need:

  • fabric for the pillow cover
  • brown felt
  • acorn outline
  • scissors
  • sewing machine

Acorn outline

Sewing machine

Start by tracing the outline of an acorn on a piece of paper. If your drawing skills don’t help (as was my case), just find a photo online and trace it by putting paper on the computer screen. Or print it out if you can.

Next, use the stencil to cut the acorn out of felt. Cut off the cap, and pin both pieces in the right place on the fabric. Stitch the body of the acorn all around, using thread of a similar color. Then move to the cap, and stitch oblique parallel lines to the right and then to the left, to create a diamond pattern. Use a slightly darker thread for contrast.

Stitching an acorn

Felt Acorn

Stitch your cover all around (or 3 sides + zipper) and dress up your pillow. Throw around the house!

Acorn throw pillow


Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels

Watch: Rachel Antonoff’s new video for SS14 is the whole package: love, drugs, even some rock’n’roll. It features her brother Jack, together with Gillian Jacobs, while the lookbook is modeled by Aubrey Plaza.

Listen: I’m not a fan of Rihanna, but I like her song “Stay”. It’s brilliant that Thirty Seconds to Mars covered it, because (1) Jared Leto and (2) it sounds pretty good.

Wear: The necklines in Vika Gazinskaya‘s new collection are very sexy: buttoned up, but still showing the very shade of a collarbone. Love.

DIY: This parka by Preen Line is nothing like the regular kind. The embroidery on the shoulders takes it to a whole new level. Diy, anyone?


Put some color on: Eva Marie Saint by Philippe Halsman

Discovering the treasures of the past in a beautiful exercise. Since I’ve started Put some color on, I’ve (virtually) met some incredible photographers and style icons. Such is the case of Eva Marie Saint, Academy Award-winning actress most famous in the ’50s (now aged 89); and Philippe Halsman, a portrait photographer of the same time who took unusual techniques to the rank of art. This shot is rather simple, natural, and so is the outfit. But I think it couldn’t be more “now” if it tried.

Put some color on - Eva Marie Saint

Belt – Mink Pink | T-shirt – Monki | Skirt – H&M | Shoes – BC Shoes


Shop handmade: movie night

Handmade Movie Night

1. Card by The Invisible Kitten. First of all, that’s a lovely name for a shop. Secondly, who could say no to this card?

2. Printable tickets by Dabbles & Babbles. I’d love to be part of an at-home movie night that’s so fancy as to have tickets. I mean, you can’t just go uninvited. And it only admits one.

3. Shot glass by Fan Art Glassware. Not that we have shots on movie night, but this Totoro one is plain adorable.

4. Coasters by 2 Vinyl Cats. Love this idea of making coasters with the looks of movie soundtracks!

5. Movie prints by Monster Gallery. Is anyone not a Wes Anderson fan? I didn’t think so. I have this set and love to see it on the wall (even when it’s not movie night).

6. Wall decal by Single Stone Studio. If you really, really love movies, stick this on your wall. And there you have it: popcorn craving forever.

Handmade Sweater

My outfit: knitted sweater over sundress

French Hen & Sweater

Sweater – handmade by mom | Dress – Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts | Shirt – Sheinside

I think this is a very Alexa Chung kind of outfit (did you know how much I love her style?), although she’d probably wear it exclusively in neutrals. Me, I can’t seem to do it. As much as I’d like to have that minimal, versatile wardrobe, I keep being attracted to, and distracted by, pretty colors and prints. I guess style chooses us, and not the other way around? Anyway, my mom knitted me this crochet sweater out of fluffy mohair, and I love how it looks over a dress – I’ve been keeping it in my closet for ages before I’ve had this realization. I love the salmon hue, too.

Pink Blue Outfit

Dear Creatures dress

Pastel Outfit

Handmade Sweater

Samuji Folks of October

Dress me in: Samuji, Folks of October

Samuji Folks of October

Who needs models? Not Samuji. The way they displayed their latest collection is genius: the clothes are carefully laid on the floor, in positions resembling those of humans. Kind of like what we do on Polyvore sometimes. My favorite has to be the one below, of the couple, in which the combination of navy and brick orange is exquisite. And look at the use of props: how perfectly placed are those flowers? And how about those twinkles in the final photo? In short, these are pictures that make me happy.

Samuji Folks of October

Samuji Folks of October

Samuji Folks of October

Samuji Folks of October

Samuji Fall Winter 2012 collection here.

DIY Skull Collar Necklace | Kittenhood

DIY: skull collar necklace

DIY Skull Collar Necklace | Kittenhood

When the trend of collar necklaces came out, I was completely crazy about it! I don’t know how it happened, but I didn’t manage to make one for myself – up until now. This one has the delicacy of a collar, but also the edge of the thick chain, black beads and skull. Want to know how to make your own? It’s actually really simple.

How to make a collar necklace

What you need:

  • 12 beads
  • 12 eye pins
  • 5 jump rings
  • chain
  • central piece (skull or another charm)
  • clasp

Beads & eye pins

Black plastic beads

Divide your beads into two groups (6 and 6) and pass an eye pin through each one. Link the first group of six beads together, and then do the same for the second group.

Collar necklace

Skull Collar Necklace

Above, you have a sketch of how the necklace is supposed to be put together. Measure equal pieces of chain to the left and right, place the central piece in the middle and connect everything using the jump rings. Make sure it’s symmetrical and decide your perfect length before attaching the closure system.

Tip: if the necklace is shorter, the chain will look more like a collar.

DIY Collar Necklace


Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels

Watch: Enough Said, such a sweet Sunday night movie! It features Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfin, it’s romantic and funny, and it also happens to be Tavi Gevinson’s debut.

Listen: Zavaidoc was a Romanian interwar singer, and I’ve been listening to his old record a lot week. His party songs are incredible.

Wear: The folks at Modcloth invited me to style the Sacramento Style Skirt for their Uniquely You campaign. I put together an outfit I’d really like to wear these days, if Modcloth were my wardrobe. Have a better view here.

DIY: Who likes bows? I did a guest post for Marlene of Jade and Fern, with 3 ways to make a ribbon bow. Check it out!


Put some color on: Paris, 1960s

I’m not one for knitted dresses, but vintage ladies seem to pull them off. What can’t they pull off? Ok, Instagram selfies, maybe. But otherwise, they can pretty much handle anything. This 1960s gal makes knits look fancy, with pearls and a pillbox hat. Too bad she has no color on, right? But we can work on that…

Put some color on

Image source | Dress – Monsoon | Belt – Asos | Necklace – New Look | Hat – eBay | Shoes – Bait Footwear