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Behind the scenes // early early spring

White tulips | Kittenhood

This post is so full of pink and flowers that I can’t even. But it’s been so winter for so long, that I’m now clinging to every ray of sunshine. It’s like I can actually feel vitamin D conjuring up whenever I’m in the sun. I’ve been doing quite a lot of shopping in anticipation of spring, including this pink dress from Kling, which came in a hilarious pizza box pictured somewhere below. Can’t wait to wear the sucker! I also found the cutest Etsy shop, Hearts and Found, and ordered myself an adorable skirt + top set, which came in the mail with those pretty skewers and seashell envelope also pictured somewhere below. I also made pizza, I read Frankie magazine for the first time in print, I strolled by the lakes, and found snowdrops and other tiny, amazing flowers. And I’ve been feeling more inspired to take (phone) pictures, which is always nice. 

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Weekend marvels 4/2016

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Watch: I can’t not watch something if Zach Galifianakis is in it. And he’s Baskets, so I’m watching that now. It’s sad and cringy, but also funny and greatly made. 

Listen: The Kills just released a new video and album. I really wish they’d play in Berlin, but they won’t, which is fine, no worries, I’m cool. 

Wear: I think this is my favorite dress at the moment. Those oversized dots are killing me! It’s handmade by Szyjemy Sukienki from Poland.

DIY: This concrete tray is very high on my to DIY list! I just need to find some cool handles and I’m gonna make one, cause it looks great. Just great. 


Have you seen the spring collection from Book of Deer? It’s inspired by lucky charms and it’s oh so lovely.

Kathryn is killing me with her new photography project, Snack Japan. There’s no other way of putting it: you have to see those snacks! 

I love this highly minimalist brooch by Romanian designer Ana Marchetaru. And her cool rings, too. 

They say this is for children, but who cares? I say it’s for everyone. 

An interesting read about whether we will always need fast fashion

Killer embroideries by Michelle Kingdom. So impeccably detailed. 

Other than being white, you wouldn’t say this is a bridal collection. Here‘s Sessun’s cool, chill take on wedding wear. 

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

10 ways to wear a denim coat

A what now? That’s right, a denim coat. That thing you never, ever thought you’d see revived, not to mention consider wearing. Not that the denim jacket is being replaced or anything – for crying out loud, it’s probably never been this popular! – but the denim coat is slowly creeping it, making apparitions on the streets and in magazines and in shops. And I’m afraid I’m gonna end up wanting one. 

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

Fashion editor Laura Stoloff is the reason we’ve gathered here today. The simple, classic pieces in her outfit make me want to reconsider everything I’ve ever bought. 

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

But no one says you have to go with “simple”. This girl photographed by The Sartorialist wears plenty of bling on her dress and coat and it looks super fun.

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

Yes, there is such a thing as a denim trench coat. It works just like a regular trench coat, only it’s made of denim! Mindblowing! Forage Fashion wears hers in a chic, preppy combination.

 10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

For a casually bohemian look, pair denim with even more denim, like Happily Grey. Some knits, leather accessories and a hat will make everything look right. 

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

Remember this type of coat? The shearling lining makes it warm, the denim outershell makes it… well, very early 90s. Street style snap from here

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

And here’s a denim trench paired with another controversial item: the 3/4 pants. I don’t know what to think of them generally, but I like Esra‘s look.

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

This looks like something any one of young Johnny Depp’s girlfriends would have worn back in the day: it’s oversized and it’s definitely effortless and comfortable. And people wear it at Milan Fashion Week, so. 

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

There is so much casual potential to this Free People coat! And I love this just-over-the-butt length for pants wearing. 

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

It’s too early for bare legs around here, but I do miss the simplicity of a spring outfit. Dress, coat, flats, and you’re done, just like Chloe here.

10 ways to wear a denim coat | Kittenhood

Bet ya never thought you could wrap up in denim completely without looking like Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake on the red carpet. But you can, and this is how. 

March is for decluttering | Kittenhood

March is for decluttering

March is for decluttering | Kittenhood

As we shed some of our winter layers in slow motion, I’m pretty sure spring it’s on its way. For some reason, people like to celebrate its arrival with a big cleaning. Maybe it starts because we need to remove spring clothes from storage and replace them with winter stuff. And then, since the closet is already half empty, why not empty it entirely and get rid of some of the things we no longer need. And while we’re at it, how about taking it up a notch to improve the organization of stationery, cooking recipe or socks. Before you know it, you’re wiping the bathroom mirror and finally enjoying the benefits of good book ends. Congrats, you just decluttered your home for spring! 

March is for decluttering | Kittenhood March is for decluttering | KittenhoodMarch is for decluttering | Kittenhood March is for decluttering | KittenhoodMarch is for decluttering | Kittenhood March is for decluttering | Kittenhood

Jewelry organizer in the prettiest shade of mint | Desk organizer made from tangerine acrylic | Wire cubby basket where you could store anything from socks to magazines | Cali hanging organizer is very practical and not just for sweaters | Undersea trinket dish for your small octopus or whale items | Dog book ends for order on the bookshelf once and for all 

P.S. Shoes from featured image available here or here.

Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood

Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels

Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood

I don’t know why I love tea towels. Most of the time, I think they’re too pretty to use, so they end up stuck in a closet forever. But I still can’t resist them. So, some swooning may have occurred when I discovered this cute shop called Mirdinara. Dinara Mirtalipova, who is based in the US, is the illustrator behind these beauties. However, you can clearly see her background in the things she draws. Dinara spent her childhood in Uzbekistan, and the folk fairy tales from the area are visibly inspiring her work. And if tea towels aren’t your thing – good news! Dinara also sells prints and greeting cards, which you can find in her Etsy shop

Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood Shop handmade // MirDinara tea towels | Kittenhood

Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood

Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 Collection

Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood

I haven’t been a big fan of Victoria, neither when she was a Spice Girl, nor since she started designing. Admittedly, she was the classiest of the girl band (but 12-year-olds will generally opt for the loudest, wackiest row model, aka Geri) and she did design some to-die-for cat-themed pieces. But I wasn’t really feeling it until this collection, from her “young” line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham (why do designers insist+ on repeating their names infinitely?), which was just launched this Fashion Week. I love those embroideries (even the ones that look like wall tapestries from the countryside) and that amazingly underrated shade of mint. And the 3D floral skirts and simple cuts and just the whole thing in general!

Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW16 | Kittenhood

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Rosewe Shirt & Kling Dress | Kittenhood

TBT // February outfits through the years

I wonder if the whole concept of “throwback Thursday” was created simply because of the alliteration in the name or if there’s more to it. I don’t know, but it sure did become huge in our weekly schedule. And it’s super fun. I think we all get nostalgic from time to time, and this is an excuse to share our past with other people. For the second monthly installment of Kittenhood #tbt, these are some of my February outfits through the years.

Thing a day February 2011 | Kittenhood

February 2011. This is such an important time in the history of the blog! It’s when I first started posting outfits, actually. I was participating in a challenge called Thing A Day, where you would do one creative thing and document it each day. My idea was to make an accessory every day and create an outfit around it. 

Thing a Day | Kittenhood

February 2011. Here’s one more for the sake of the TBT. I was taking my own pictures at the time, and just trying out outfit ideas – it was way too cold to wear them outside! People starting getting interested in my blog, so outfit posts became a thing and soon enough fashion took over almost entirely.


February 2012. By the next year, I was a pro of sorts, posing with dogs and whatnot. I was also into footwear I don’t appreciate as much today. And long cardigans, I had so many long cardigans! At the time, I was doing my first social media internship (at Shabby Apple), not knowing that was the field I was gonna work in for years. 

Little black dress | Kittenhood

February 2013. Remember that time when I froze my ass off in the middle of winter to take pictures of an evening dress? I do, and I can still feel the cold. 

Khaki Outfit - Kittenhood

February 2014. Oh, short hair times! Although this isn’t as old, it reminds me of the stuff I used to wear in highschool, when khaki was my number one color for a while. Also, I don’t remember the last time I wore shorts outside of summer. 

Black Kling Dress | Kittenhood

February 2015. I like and would recreate this outfit, no questions asked. The shape of the dress allows for a bunch of layers underneath, which means you can actually wear it even when it snows. 

Red blue outfit - Kittenhood

February 2016. And here I am more recently, wearing a color combination I simply adore. Steve Zissou, anyone? 

Fictional style files // Jennifer Cavalleri

Fictional style files // Jenny Cavilleri

Fictional style files // Jennifer Cavilleri

You know who will love this post? My mom. Because this movie is her favorite and she was in university around the time when the characters were in university. I don’t think “Love Story” was ever shown on local television without her seeing it! And now that fashion is starting to lean towards the 1970s again, it’s a great time to show Jenny Cavilleri (played by Ali MacGraw) some love.

If you haven’t seen “Love Story“, you must. It’s a classic that inspired many other romances you’ve probably seen. For sure, you must have heard the line “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”. Whether you choose to believe that or not is up to you, but you have to admit it’s one of those lines that sticks. And the haunting theme song! Another reason to watch the movie is for the beautiful, winter styles of the decade. Think plaid skirts, knee-length boots, beautiful coats, turtleneck sweaters, and that to-die-for black hair. 

Fictional style files // Jennifer Cavilleri Fictional style files // Jennifer CavilleriFictional style files // Jennifer Cavalleri Fictional style files // Jennifer Cavalleri Fictional style files // Jennifer CavalleriFictional style files // Jennifer Cavalleri

Get the look: Jenny Cavillieri 

Get the look: Jenny Cavalleri Get the look: Jenny Cavalleri Get the look: Jenny Cavalleri  Get the look: Jenny Cavalleri Get the look: Jenny Cavalleri  Get the look: Jenny Cavalleri

Click on each image to shop


Put come color on // Bonnie Cashin, 1980s

I don’t know what it is about this picture that attracts me so much. The warmth, probably? It’s not necessarily what you would call a fashionable ensemble these days, it’s just so painfully 80s. But there is something about it, and it might have to do with the designer, Bonnie Cashin, a pioneer of sportswear (who is also credited for introducing layering into fashion!). The outfit not only exudes warmth, but also comfort. I love the quilted coat and I hate the quilted pants. I would love to hear your thoughts on this outfit – old and new. 

Get the look: Uniqlo coat + Troentorp boots + Topshop mittens 

Put some color on | Kittenhood

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Weekend marvels 3/2016

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Watch: I love Aziz Ansari’s new show, Master of None. It doesn’t keep you on the edge of your chair, but it’s sweet and insightful and definitely a good example of the cool new wave in television. 

Listen: Unfortunately for me, 8tracks doesn’t allow streaming from Europe anymore. So I’m kissing my favorite playlists goodbye and trying to find cool music elsewhere. 

Wear: These traditional hand-woven baskets from the Portugal-based shop Toino Abel are rad! Sure, they’re not season appropriate, but they will become that sooner or later. I would so take this bag with me to a picnic or a bike ride or anything summery really.

DIY: Easter posts are starting to bloom! I don’t know if I can do without this DIY clay egg carton OR the absolutely spectacular bunny specimen modeling next to it. 


If you’re an embroidery fan, here are 18 Instagrams you most definitely need to follow. I found a lot of amazing artists!

Missing Mad Men? Me too, a little. Luckily, someone made Playboy covers with the female protagonists. 

I like this 1970s inspired editorial from Live FAST Magazine. Especially the cat pictures. 

I’m dying over these picnic items from Anorak! I really need squirrels and hedgehogs for my future picnics! 

And speaking of pure cuteness, you gotta see this brand Lazy Oaf! Their stuff is a pretty rainbow of perfection.