Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Visual comparison: wall weavings vs. street style

Remember when I told you I want to start weaving this year? I’m already having dreams about using my grandma’s enormous old rug weaving tools, and I can’t even pass a thread under another. BUT this could be something really fun to do, and a couple of wall hangings would add some much-needed warmth to my apartment. And while we’re on the topic, let’s compare some of these gorgeous wall weavings to some gorgeous street style snaps. 

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

DIY weaving from A Beautiful Mess | Susie Bubble on Harper’s Bazaar

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving from Sunday in Color | Street snap from We The People

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving from WestDomestic | Leandra Medine on Man Repeller

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving by Habitstudio | Street snap from Collage Vintage

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving by Color Me Neutral | Blair from Atlantic Pacific 

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving by Snared | Outfit post from Prosecco & Plaid

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving by Warped Loom Weaving Co. | Street snap from Vogue 


The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood

The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning

The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood

This collection may be a bit old in Internet time, but it’s worth a post here on Kittenhood. If you like quirky details as much as I do, you won’t be able to resist it. There are eyes, open and closed, everywhere. There are polka dots of all sizes, and collars shaped as hands or paws. These are pockets shaped like faces. What more could you ask for? Discounted prices? They have that, too.

It looks like The Whitepepper found designer Sarah Fisk on Instagram, and they asked her to do a collaboration. The result? Probably their best collection to date (sorry if I say that all the time!). My very favorite piece is this red shift dress, followed closely by the red jumpsuit (which I could never pull off, but I like nevertheless) and yellow dotted coat. Did anything catch your eye

The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood

DIY customized tote bag | Kittenhood

DIY customized tote bag

DIY customized tote bag | Kittenhood

I don’t know about you, but I use tote bags for everything. They can replace any other bag – for grocery shopping, for work, for the gym, ok, maybe not for evening wear, I’ll give you that. They’re lightweight, they can be folded very small, they’re comfortable to wear. So you can’t blame me if I’ve been collecting them over the years… Although a plain tote bag has its charm, a customized tote bag has even more. 

Don’t take this as a tutorial, though – I know you know how to write or draw on a piece of cloth! Take this as a reminder that making your own stuff is fun and pleasant, take it as a first project for a creative 2016, or just take it as a way not to forget your reusable bag when you go shopping. Ready? Here we go:

DIY customized tote bag | KittenhoodSupplies:

DIY customized tote bag

DIY customized tote bag | Kittenhood

Start by placing a big piece of cardboard inside your tote bag. This will prevent the colour from leaking on the other side and will make your work surface nice and straight. 

DIY customized tote bag | Kittenhood

If you’re very sure of your textile drawing/writing skills, go ahead and make your tote bag pretty. Otherwise, start by tracing your design with tailor’s chalk or an invisible marker (I used a white watercolor pencil and it worked just fine on the black background). I decided on a passive aggressive design with a pretty branch and the words “don’t”. 

Let the paint dry. My textile paint required ironing to set, so I did that as a final step. 

DIY customized tote bag | Kittenhood


Computer illustration by Alice Strete | Kittenhood

January is for resolutions

Computer illustration by Alice Strete | Kittenhood

There are several things I’d like to do this year. Some of my resolutions are more specific (learning German, making wall weavings) while others are pretty general (start exercising again, eating better). I’m not sure if writing them down makes them more probable to happen, but it sure makes for a pleasant activity. In this month’s roundup (oh yeah, I’m reintroducing this monthly roundup this January, and probably 100 more “new sections” I may or may not follow-up on) I give you organizational/resolutional things that you could use in January. So if you’re into planning and being motivated this year, scroll down.

January is for resolutions |Kittenhood

Rifle Paper Co Planner to write down those resolutions | Garance Dore calendar to motivate you to do pretty things this year | Nike sneakers because new shoes can sometimes get you on the right track | Healthy Cookbook not just to keep on the shelf but to use | Emily McDowell tote bag to show who’s boss | Health tracking journal to give you a general idea on your 2016

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4 things that changed my life in 2015

2015 has been an unexpectedly full year for me. Could it be because I turned 30 and I unconsciously wanted to get it all done before I wake up to be, like, 40? I don’t know. But hey, if you happen to be turning 30 anytime soon, don’t worry about it. Take it from an insider: it’s just like turning 13 or 18 or 23. Nothing spectacular happens. You don’t get any secret insights at midnight. You just continue being you and trying to figure things out. I turned 30 halfway through 2015, and a lot of amazing things happened during both halves of the year. Here they come: 

Fish flags in Japan | Kittenhood

1. Japan. I can’t even begin to describe my Japanese experience. Of course, I always wanted to go, but I never thought it would actually happen, not without a huge hole in my finances. And then, at some point in March, we found an amazing deal for plane tickets (forever grateful, AlItalia), got them on the spot, and were set to leave on the last day of April. Everything is SO different there! Tokyo is unbelievable, and nothing you read about it could prepare you for the actual experience. We’ve spent 3 weeks in the city, moving from neighbourhood to neighbourhood (this is a really wonderful hostel if you’re interested), and getting to meet long-time internet pals that I never thought I would. We had fantastic weather. There were fish flags (koinobori) everywhere to celebrate Children’s Day. Wwe had sushi and amazing conbini treats. And we came back with a ton of small souvenirs and butterflies in our stomachs. 

Read more posts about Japan here.

Driving | Kittenhood

2. Driver’s licence. I didn’t grow up having an interest in cars or driving, but it had been on my bucket list for a while. I was pleased to recently find a list of 2015 resolutions that included getting my driver’s licence and to be able to cross it off. And boy, was it a long and difficult journey! I started taking lessons in January and it was super frustrating. I couldn’t even hold the wheel, and an old-fashioned, slightly misogynistic instructor sure didn’t help. I was always pissed and figured it will never happen for me. Then I started to become more confident and I was excited about my first exam. I was less excited about my second exam. By the third time, I was anxious and had dreams only about the likes of parallel parking. Note that this took pretty much the whole year, because you have to wait between trials, and take more lessons, and spend more money, and be chronically frustrated first. Finally, at the end of September, my fourth trial was the last one and I got my licence. DRIVING, MAN! On that very day, we had to pack everything that was left of our apartment and move out. 

Berlin scooter | Kittenhood

3. Berlin. Which brings me to the fourth thing on my list, moving to Berlin. This was also something I’ve wanted for a while, and we finally decided to go for it this summer. Our Cluj rent was ending in October, and we found a Berlin apartment in October. We both had fresh driver’s licences and a car to take us places. We were both freelancers, so we could work from virtually anywhere. Everything was coming into place, except for one little thing: the cats. You might remember our black cat Lizzi, and our stray/yard cat Sica. Since our new place has a no-pets policy, we couldn’t bring them to Berlin for the time being. Lizzi is now living with her grandparents (where she’s more than spoiled) while Sica is still guarding his territory back in Cluj. It’s super weird not having a cat around the house, and there’s a shortage of stray cats around here, so one thing on my list for next year is to find a cat cafe. But I digress. Berlin! So much to do, so much to see, so little time! 

2015-12-15 11.28.27

4. DaWanda. You know how I worked as a freelancer for, like, 5 years? And even before that, I worked from home? Well, at age 30, I got my first office job. It’s just part-time, so I still have time to do my freelance stuff, but it sure has changed by daily schedule. And did I mention it’s at DaWanda, the handmade online marketplace of choice for German designers and crafters? I’m working for their DIY platform, which every once in a while means me spray painting stuff (see above photo + final result here) or sewing or whatever. It’s funny, cause I always thought of DaWanda of a possible place to sell my accessories (back in the day when I still made them) and not an employer. Plus I didn’t imagine I’d find a job two weeks after coming to Berlin! Oh, and the office is a 10-minute bike ride from where I live. I’m sorry. 

This was my year! How did yours go? What are you doing tonight? Tell me everything! And happy new year! 

Yamanote Walk - Kittenhood

10 most popular posts of 2015

2015 is really, really close to its end now, so I’ve been looking through the blog stats to see what you guys liked this year. Some of the findings were surprising while others were… as expected. Once again, people read Kittenhood for the DIY section, which motivates me to try a bit more in the new year, and get back on track with some tutorials. Here are the top 10 most popular posts of the year, in descending order: 

Yamanote Walk - Kittenhood

10. Walking the Yamanote Line. I was very excited to share my experience walking 40+ km around Tokyo, so I’m very happy to learn that so many people were interested in that. 

DIY Constellation Bowls | Kittenhood

9. DIY constellation bowls. It’s hard not to love something that features a constellation print! It seems like you ladies would agree. 


8. Handmade finds: Madebyhank. People keep coming back to this post about these pretty handmade bags. Luckily, many of them are still available!

DIY sliced watermelon coasters | Kittenhood

7. DIY sliced watermelon coasters. Watermelon is awesome! And if you don’t leave somewhere where you can eat it all year round, you can at least use these fun coasters. 


6. Pizza garland. You know what other slices are fun? Pizza slices! This tutorial features a free printable and it’s super easy to make. 

How to make a DIY face mask | Kittenhood

5. DIY face mask. This is the newest post to get a lot of hits, and it’s probably because it’s so easy to make. You only need, like, two ingredients. 

DIY shuttlecock lights garland | Kittenhood

4. DIY shuttlecock garland. This is probably the DIY project I’m most proud of. I remember how casually I thought of it, and I’m so happy it’s been so prominently featured around the web (and even in print). 

DIY faux cross stitch wall art | Kittenhood

3. Faux cross stitch wall art. This was one of those hardware store revelations that I’ve had and that Kittenhood readers really seem to appreciate. 

Original & DIY Donut Bangle

2. DIY donut bangle. There was a time when I loved doing “the look for less” tutorials. Maybe I should get back into that..?


1. DIY cat toe shoes. The most successful post this blog has ever had… was a guest post. I’m forever grateful to Kate Gabrielle for making it especially for Kittenhood!

Blue & Black Outfit - Kittenhood

2015 in outfits

Having nearly weekly pictures of myself continues to be one of the reasons I love blogging. Is that considered vain? Sometimes I go through my own archives when I don’t know what to wear, hoping past me already came up with a decent idea. Other times I get nostalgic about haircuts I no longer have, clothes I gave up and, of course, times. As I looked through my outfit pictures of 2015, the following things passed my mind:

  • I traveled so much!
  • The outfits I chose as favorites feature some of the same pieces again and again
  • I’ve started wearing heels less and less 
  • I need a haircut 
  • Where is that shirt

Before I get all teary and melancholic (what, me? never), I’ll leave you with my picks from the year’s archives, one for every month. 

January: Beanie & blazer 

Beanie, Blazer + Skirt - Kittenhood

February: Layered geometric shirt 

Black Kling Dress | Kittenhood

March: Floral shirt dress

Floral Shirt Dress - Kittenhood

April: Gray & pink mixed prints 

Bianco Shoes - Kittenhood

May: Watermelon outfit

Red + Green Outfit - Kittenhood

June: Blue tights

Blue & Black Outfit - Kittenhood

July: Jelly sandals

Sailor dress & jelly sandals - Kittenhood

August: Red & green

Stairway pose - Kittenhood

September: Blue & gray

Style Stalker skirt - Kittenhood

October: Cat print shorts

Cat Print Shorts - Kittenhood

November: Burgundy outfit

Burgundy Outfit - Kittenhood

December: Floating on the Tempodrom

Landing | Kittenhood

Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood

Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016

Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood

Taking a break from all things holiday-related to introduce the latest Delpozo collection. I wanted to share it the moment I saw it, but I decided to keep it for myself until I can no longer hold it in. And now I can no longer do that. This collection is absolutely breathtaking. And while I love all of their previous work, this one must be their best stuff yet. Let’s take the knitwear, for example. We’ve seen chunky knits a million times before, but never like this. The vest with fringe peplum is absolutely amazing. The architectural sleeves, the mega scarf I’ve also mentioned here, the whole idea of dressing like a pompom and nailing it. Then comes the neoprene stuff, again something that’s been done before, but never looked so good. It must be the bright colors and the geometrical cuts that make it so impressive. And those pants! Boy, do I love those pants! The collection softens towards the end, with some very romantic ethereal fabrics and the house’s signature embroidery. I tried my best to select only some of the pictures in the collection, but you know what? It’s the end of the year, so just scroll down and enjoy a lot of them! 

Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 | Kittenhood

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Watch: Afternoon Delight with the fantastic Kathryn Hahn. It’s not a Christmas movie or anything, but it’s strong and beautiful AND it features women talking to each other about things other than men. 

Listen: The Vandals – Oi to the World. This 1996 album talks about all the other sides of Christmas that regular songs don’t. And it’s hilarious.  

Wear: The fabulous bow flats from BAIT Footwear can go from NYE to work days with absolutely no problem. 

DIY: The holidays always leave half-empty wine bottles. Close them in style with DIY fawn bottle stoppers


What app would you need in 2016? The New Yorker has a few (funny) ideas. 

Pompoms are the best way to say I’m sorry. Apomogy is the proof.

The absolute best animated gifs I’ve seen in my entire life. 

Sometimes children write to Satan instead of Santa. And it’s hilarious. 

Asos dress | Kittenhood

Floating on the Tempodrom

Asos dress | Kittenhood

Asos dress + shirt from Japan + thrifted jacket 

I love these photos and I find it a very difficult task to write anything next to them. I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve, but the photos have nothing to do with that. I wore a dress and a shirt and shoes, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. So I’m gonna keep it short this time and hope to get away with it. 

Photos by Dacian Groza at Tempodrom Berlin

Tempodrom Berlin | Kittenhood Mustard coat | Kittenhood Landing | Kittenhood Dress with Peter Pan Collar | Kittenhood