6 from Society6

Today only, there’s 10% off on Society6 + free shipping. You know what that means: it’s time to start working on that holiday gift list! Or should I say… wishlist? 

6 from Society6 | Kittenhood

One | T-shirt by Little Odd Forest. Are you ready for the cuteness? Alpaca print, all over. 

Two | Pillow cover by Marie Gardeski. Dinosaurs. You know you need them. 

Three | Framed print by Kittenhood. We could all use a bowl of hot soup these days, even it’s just in print. 

Four | Travel mug by Gemma Correll. This perfectly describes everyone’s state of mind first thing in the morning.

Five | Canvas by Alejandro Giraldo. Pack your monogrammed suitcase with all those Wes Anderson goodies. 

Six | Shower curtains by Leah Reena Goren. Oh, yes! Shower curtains covered in cats and cats and cats. 

Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood

Many Mornings socks

Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood

I love it when socks aren’t just utilitarian, but beautifully designed fashion accessories. More than that, I love it when a brand doesn’t just try to sell you socks – they work to make amazing, creative photos that leave you without a choice. You need those socks. If that’s the case, you should know they’re from Many Mornings, a small Polish label that wants to make your days more colorful. And they’re not just a pretty face – whenever someone buys a pair of socks, they donate another pair to someone in need. You can shop their products on DaWanda (with some products 15% off)  and start imagining outfits that include these bad boys. 

Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood Many Mornings socks | Kittenhood

Toast Lookbook | Kittenhood

Toast Late Autumn Lookbook

Toast Lookbook | Kittenhood

Things to do while browsing through this Toast lookbook

  • listen to Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  • buy train tickets 
  • check out Street View of faraway places 
  • have a cup of hot tea, or chocolate, or pumpkin spice something if you must 
  • buy the most beautiful plaid dress you’ve ever seen (or just wishlist it for Christmas)
  • get melancholic 
  • make up your mind about which vacation pictures you should finally print out into an album
  • daydream
  • browse one more time

Toast Lookbook | Kittenhood Toast Lookbook | Kittenhood Toast Lookbook | Kittenhood Toast Lookbook | Kittenhood Toast Lookbook | Kittenhood


Put some color on // Biker Francoise Hardy

Time to have a look at Francoise Hardy’s badass side. The one wearing leather and riding a motorcycle, the one that’s not that often depicted in the archive pictures. To recreate the look and make it wearable today, I skipped the black leather in favor of warmer fall tones of brown and burgundy. The boots I’ve picked are made to order in a small workshop in Bucharest (Etienne), and I think they’re totally Francoise-worthy. I especially like the fact that you can get them in any color you like! 

Get the look: Etienne boots + Topshop pants +  Mango jacket 

Put some color on // Biker Francoise Hardy

Mustard tights - Kittenhood

How I wore a fox skirt & creepers

Black turtleneck - Kittenhood
Thirfted turtleneck & blazer + handmade skirt + H&M tights + Studio Ghibli pin + Urban Outfitters creepers 

The reason my teeth are coming out of my mouth laughing in the above picture? A cactus had just pinched my butt. That’s some pretty mischievous coming from such a pretty, blooming plant! But we all gotta do what we gotta do. In my case, that means accepting advances from a cactus in order to take some nice pictures. 

This is the main greenhouse at the Botanical Garden in Berlin. It’s warm and quiet, so you can walk through it for hours. Actually, the Botanical Garden is so big, we didn’t even get to see most of it, despite being there for most of the day. That leaves plenty of room for discovery, which I’m looking forward to doing in the following months. I imagine myself reading on a bench next to my cactus crush or, who knows, maybe even drawing some of the exotic leaves. 

Mustard tights - Kittenhood Botanical Garden in Berlin | Kittenhood Greenhouse Berlin - KIttenhood Botanical Garden Berlin - Kittenhood Botanical Garden in Berlin | Kittenhood Black creepers - Kittenhood

One dress, seven ways | Kittenhood

One dress, seven ways

One dress, seven ways | KittenhoodThe simple fact that there are at least seven documented outfits of me wearing this dress shows just how much I’ve worn it. I bought it initially for my sister’s wedding in 2011 (first picture below), and then found myself wanting to make more use of it. That’s when I discovered layering and it blew my mind (I still love that outfit with the purple tights, photographed so hastily on my former street). I’ve layered this H&M dress every way I could, with sweaters, shirts, jackets, t-shirts, and it’s been a trustful pal in any season. It’s probably what I’m gonna wear if you invite me to your wedding, fashion event or holiday party. I hope that’s fine with you. One dress, seven ways | Kittenhood

Top outfitOutfit 1 | Outfit 2 | Outfit 3 | Outfit 4 | Outfit 5 | Outfit 6 


Shop handmade slippers

What’s your opinion on slippers? To me, they’re super important. Working from home for so many years, I’ve spent countless working hours wearing slippers. Not to mention, you know, leisure time. So I’d say good house shoes are a must and an investment. Here are some options for handmade slippers, if you’re looking to buy or gift: 

Shop handmade slippers

One | Bunny slippers by Pracownia Uroczyzsko. These are the cutest things you could wear when coming home after a long day. 

Two | Felt slippers by Onstail. The neon inner part makes these felted slippers look cool and modern. 

Three | Shearling slippers by MRDline. These are just the type of house shoes I like to wear: super, super warm and cozy.

Four | Cat slippers by Jurga Felt Life. I mean, they have cats, what other selling point does one need? 

Five | Socks by Knitten Mum. I realize these are socks, but they’re awesome and you can wear whatever you want at home. 

Six | Slippers by Skapin. You could easily step outside with these bad boys, and no one would realize you’re in slippers. 


Put some color on // Pierre Cardin, 1966

Mod days were absolutely fascinating! Fashion houses like Pierre Cardin, which I’d now describe as conservative, were going over the top with the geometries, synthetic fabrics, and futuristic garments. But I guess we’re lucky to be living in times when you can recreate anything from the past (see below). Plus we can get away with wearing anything we want. 

Get the look: Modcloth dress + Topshop shoes + Virivee tights

Put some color on: Pierre Cardin, 1966 | Kittenhood

Image via Pierre Cardin archives 

Amsterdam houses | Kittenhood

Behind the scenes // weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam buildings | Kittenhood

You may or may not know this, but my baby niece turned 2 last week. That was an excuse for us to take a long weekend to celebrate her in Amsterdam. The weather was wonderful, so we spent a whole day strolling through the sunny city, admiring the yellow trees above the canals. We ate at our favorite burger place (Burger Bar) and were introduced to some cool new places, and we were once again mesmerized by all the skilled cyclists. There are many more bikes than you can count, but also the cutest 1-2 person cars I’ve ever seen. Ok, I admit, I have an interest in vehicles. You can’t blame a girl when everything looks so cute.

Amsterdam houses | Kittenhood Old Citroen | KIttenhood Amsterdam canal | Kittenhood Tiny car | Kittenhood Cookies in a window | Kittenhood Amsterdam bikes | Kittenhood Hot dog car | Kittenhood Boats at sunset | Kittenhood


Margaret Howell, AW15 lookbook

Margaret Howell AW 15 | Kittenhood

This photography for this lookbook (by Alasdair McLellan) manages to perfectly capture the beauty and gloominess of autumn. It’s sunny, but it’s cold, and the model looks amazing in all the cozy knits and textures. The lookbook shows Margaret Howell‘s collection for this fall, and it’s a beauty. I love the subtle layering, the midi skirt with masculine shoes, the outerwear. And what do you know, the model has my ideal hairstyle! You can see (and shop) all the pieces here

Margaret Howell AW 15 | Kittenhood Margaret Howell AW 15 | Kittenhood Margaret Howell AW 15 | Kittenhood