Park in Winter - Kittenhood

How I wore a Uniqlo x Lemaire coat

Park in Winter - Kittenhood
Uniqlo x Lemaire coat + Light Before Dark jeans + BBup boots + second-hand Pikachu backpack 

Ever since I’ve moved to Berlin, I focused most of my time on work and had the feeling I was missing out on the city experience. After all, the whole reason for moving was to be able to enjoy this amazing place! But, as it happens when you’re no longer a tourist, it’s easy to postpone this museum and that concert saying there’s time for it later. THERE ISN’T. This weekend we woke up earlier than normal, got a couple of work hours in, then spent most of our time out and about. It’s so nice to be able to disconnect (literally) every once in a while – all these years of freelancing (i.e. never being truly offline) might be starting to take their toll.

To sum up Saturday, we walked a lot around the nearby lakes, had great cake in a greenhouse cafe, petted a cat (it’s been too long, you wonderful thing called cat fur), SAW A FOX (after everyone I know already saw one in Berlin and I was feeling left out), saw Tobago Crusoe and the Kalypso Katz plus Songhoy Blues live, and exited the concert hall to fresh snow everywhere. On Sunday, we enjoyed the snow in Schloss Park, where these pictures were taken. I have to add that I’ve dreamed of this Uniqlo x Lemaire coat for months, and I’m so glad I waited: it was 80% off! I admit I didn’t necessarily need a long coat that’s not super warm at this point in my life, but I just couldn’t resist such a deal. I’m a big fan of Uniqlo and the quality of their products, and it feels fancy knowing that Lemaire collaborated on the design. 

Schloss Park Berlin - Kittenhood Uniqlo x Lemaire Coat - Kittenhood Hooded Coat - Kittenhood Pikachu Backpack - Kittenhood Dressed Like a Tree - Kittenhood

One tweed blazer, six ways | Kittenhood

One tweed blazer, six ways

One tweed blazer, six ways | Kittenhood

This Only blazer was a thrift store find from ages ago, possibly while I was still in university. It was just what I wanted at the time: super warm wool blend fabric, houndstooth print, a very neutral color palette. I wore it as a jacket in springs and autumns. I wore it as an extra layer in winter. I wore it to create a newspaper boy costume one Halloween. I’m getting nostalgic now, and I regret giving it away before moving to Berlin. Where are you, my sweet?! That’s the problem with me and clothes: I get overly attached to them, I hoard them, and then I come to hate them. I’m very good at attaching sentimental value to things (you should see the boxes of my “memories” in my parents’ attic!) so don’t be surprised if you never see me narrowing it down to a capsule wardrobe. Moving to another country, I did get rid of a lot of stuff. But 1. I regret it now and 2. I also kept a lot of stuff (and even marked some of the bags “sentimental value”). 

What’s your relationship to clothes? Are they disposable goods that bear a temporary utility or are they important pieces of your life and memories? 

One tweed blazer, six ways | Kittenhood

Outfit 1 | Outfit 2 | Outfit 3 | Outfit 4 | Outfit 5 | Outfit 6

How to have your Etsy shop featured on blogs | Kittenhood

How to have your Etsy shop featured on blogs

For as long as I can remember, I’ve featured small artists and artisans on Kittenhood (on my regular Shop handmade feature). It probably sounds like the easiest of things: you go to Etsy, you’re struck with inspiration, you copy those beautiful pictures to your own blog and you’re done. But it’s never like that in reality. Creating a feature can take anywhere between half an hour and two hours, and that’s without counting time spent down the rabbit hole of putting things on my wishlist. One thing I’ve noticed over the years (and have been meaning to just put out there for everyone to know) is the feeling that sellers/artists are going out of their way not to be featured. It feels like they’re hiding essential information on purpose, and in all the weirdest places. I know that’s probably not the case, so I thought I’d put together a guide on how to have your Etsy shop featured on blogs (like mine). I hope some of you will find it useful. 

How to have your Etsy shop featured on blogs | Kittenhood

1. Make your products searchable. This is absolutely crucial if you’re a seller, and you probably already know it. Write the name of your product wisely, meaning: be descriptive and use keywords. Take this for example: “Made to measure black boat neck dress with two detachable collars and cuffs”. Do you know everything you need to know about the product from the title? Yes. It will probably pop up in results for boat neck dress, black dress, collar, made to measure etc. Mission accomplished. Etsy is nice enough to offer free stats for your shop (both from Google and Etsy), which is where you can find search terms used to reach your shop. Use these in the naming of your products, old and new, whenever applicable. 

2. Mind your photos. I know you’ve heard this one before! The Etsy search tool works similarly to Google. It can bring so many results that it’s easy for your products to get lost between all the others. That’s one of the reasons it’s super important that your main product photo is beautiful and eye-catching. You probably have to experiment with different types of product photos before you know what’s right for you, but consider these factors: 

  • the main photo should show the product clearly, in focus, preferably on a simple, non-distracting background. Feel free to use the same setup for all your products, to create a cohesive look. 
  • consider that in search results your photo appears cropped to a certain size. Make sure the cropped picture still shows the product and the product doesn’t appear too small. 
  • it’s nice to have several photos to choose from for a feature. Try to provide both landscape and portrait photos; with and without a model (a human touch is always nice, even if just for scale); photos on a white background (where the product can easily be cut out for a collage), and large size photos. 

In my case, if a seller has big (about 800 px wide) photos on a model, it’s more likely that they’ll get a solo feature (e.g. here and here). If the pictures are good but small, they’re more likely to be featured in a roundup along with other sellers. Between landscape and portrait photos, I do my best to crop according to what I need; but when that’s not possible, I might just skip the product entirely. 

3. Have a complete profile. I know writing an “about me” is one of the hardest things to do. But it’s also super important. This will give bloggers a few things to write about you (and it will probably make you look more approachable to customers). So fill in not just the description of your shop, but also the page about yourself. Generally, try to make use of all the features that Etsy puts at your disposal, they’re there for a reason, and you can only benefit from them! Here is an example of a well written about page. 

4. Social media links. Remember how I said to make use of all the features? That applies here as well. The “about” section on Etsy allows you to enter the social media networks you’re active on. I personally like to mention the sellers I feature on Twitter, so I’m always on the lookout for their Twitter handle! From the product page, I scroll down to “meet the owner” and cross my fingers in the hope that I’ll find the info I need. The success rate is usually about 50/50. Of course, no one says you have to be active on all networks, but remember that different people have different preferences. For some, it might be Twitter, for others, Instagram. It can’t hurt if you’re there greeting them on both. I often find artists I like on a completely different channel before checking out their Etsy shop, so. 

5. Update your shop frequently. If I’m working on a feature with a certain theme (e.g. ice cream or David Bowie), the first place I’ll look is in my list of favorite shops. Etsy offers users an option to see “new from your favorite shops”. If you haven’t updated in forever, needless you say your stuff won’t appear there. Of course, no one expects you to come up with something new every day. But if you have a big batch of products to add, space them out instead of publishing them all at once. 

6. Shoutout! Sometimes the easiest thing you can do is just email your favorite blogger and introduce yourself and your shop. Even bloggers don’t know everything that moves (shocker!), so they might actually appreciate it. I love it when I get a “pitch” email about something that truly suits my blog aesthetic (and you’d be surprised how much offtopic stuff I receive!) Remember to keep it short and sweet, be friendly and, most importantly, include links! You want your products to be easy to find and not a treasure hunt. 

So make your products searchable, show them off with pretty and varied pictures, and don’t shy away from your about page. With regular updates and some social media buzz, you’re pretty much ready to be featured! 

Ziggy Played Guitar by Petra Collins

Ziggy played guitar

Ziggy Played Guitar by Petra Collins

I didn’t listen to David Bowie until I was an adult. I’ve often thought he would have blown my mind in high-school. I’ve often thought I’m lucky to be a contemporary of such an enormous icon, and that I’ll be telling my kids Bowie and I were alive at the same time. They would gasp in admiration, naturally. 

Hearing the news about his death made me very sad. But it also brought up in me a sense of infinite community between the people who loved him. I’m overwhelmed by the huge number of people who felt influenced by this one person. It’s so rare that a person is so widely admired by such a variety of people – and I can’t help but think it was the multitude of Bowie’s personas that made this possible. With so many Bowies incarnated over the years, it’s impossible not to find one you can relate to. At Bowie’s former home here, in Berlin (which he shared with Iggy Pop for some years in the 70s), people like me left roses and candles and photos. Babies, pensioners, press, everyone. In the bar next to that, a favorite of the artist’s, people were singing from the top of their lungs is there Life on Mars? 

Ziggy Played Guitar by Petra Collins Ziggy Played Guitar by Petra Collins Ziggy Played Guitar by Petra Collins

“Ziggy Played Guitar” fashion editorial by Petra Collins for Rookie Mag, 2012

Work outfit - Kittenhood

3 work outfits + Oren Isaac glasses review

Just before graduating from college in 2008, my girlfriends and I had a big problem on our minds. It wasn’t that we’re not going to find jobs or that we were about to be thrown into real life unprepared. Our problem was having to swap our funky, colorful wardrobes for pencil skirts, stilettos, blazers and the most boring styles of office attire. We were picturing ourselves as either English teachers or corporate workers, which in our minds meant you couldn’t even wear jeans to work. The corporate, strict environment didn’t happen for any of us – we ended up getting jobs in fields that probably didn’t even exist in 2008. Bullet dodged. 

Work outfit - Kittenhood

Which brings me to today’s post and its work outfits. While I recently start my first job in an office, the dress code there is really casual. That’s why most of the time I’m wearing jeans and a combination of turtleneck, shirt and sweater. I admit to being inspired by J.Crew for this because they have a way of seamlessly pairing basics and turning them into something cool. 

Black White Work Outfit - Kittenhood

When the weather is not as gloomy as lately, I always favor dresses. This particular black and white one is impressively versatile – don’t tell anyone, but I’ve already worn it to my interview, first day of work and an office party. I love that it has long sleeves and a simple cut. The print is subtle but not necessarily boring, and it easily fits a shirt underneath. 

Working from home - Kittenhood

When I’m not working at the office, I have a whole other bunch of freelance projects requiring my attention. Sometimes I’m guilty of going from bed straight to my computer, with all its work emails (and also distractions). My uniform of choice? Pajamas. I got a couple of cozy ones at New Look last winter, and I could just wear them all day. Again, this is a secret, so don’t tell! 

Oren Isaac glasses - Kittenhood

The one common item in all these looks? My glasses. I wear them exclusively for using the computer and reading, but that takes nearly the entire day, so I’m wearing them a lot. It’s very important to me that they’re lightweight and feel comfortable. And since I tend not to be super careful with them, it’s important that they’re sturdy and good quality. So I’m more than pleased with my new glasses from Oren Isaac (c/o), a new eyewear brand with lots of potential, because they fit all my requirements. I’m wearing the James frame in Brown Crystal, which is just enough tortoiseshell to look cool and just enough transparency to be subtle. Plus they came in a really cute felt pouch that makes a really sweet detail (am I the only one who has a soft spot for felt?). 

What’s your work outfit of choice? 

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

10 ways to wear pantone rose quartz

As you may have heard by now, Rose Quartz is one of the colors designated by Pantone as trendy in 2016. I think that’s excellent news because I love that dusty shade of pink. I’d go as far as calling it a neutral! And I’m pleased to say I already have a few pieces in this color. If your story is a little different, scroll down to see 10 pretty and wearable outfits featuring rose quartz. And if you still don’t like the idea by the time you reach the comment section, feel free to let me know, right there. And you’ll be excused of having to wear this shade in 2016. 

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

1. Pink and yellow probably has you thinking of ice cream and summer. But! If the pink is a coat and the yellow is a pair of pants, you can even wear it in winter. Photo from MSGM Pre-Fall 2015

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

2. See that barely visible blouse? That’s all the rose quartz pink you need to look trendy without going over the top. Outfit via What Olivia Did

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

3. Or you can go crazy with a pink coat and bag and beanie! I love how Cat/From Someone In Love paired the soft shade with darker burgundy. 

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

4. Jeans are jeans. But with a soft pink rain coat, they become super jeans! Fab street style snap by Tommy Ton

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

5. Not for the faint at heart, there’s always the option of pink hair. I love how subtle this particular shade is (snapped in Harajuku) and how well it goes with the pink lipstick. 

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

6. For most contrast, wear this shade of pink against all black. I love the pompom beanie and boucle coat on Rozalia Fashion

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

7. You almost can’t go wrong with this bohemian combination (spotted on Hey Natalie Jean): slouchy sweater, pink maxi skirt, and brown accents. 

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

8. An oversized, pink sweater is stylish. It’s cozy. It’s like candy floss for your body. You just can’t say no to that. Photo via Carolines Mode.

Biker jacket - Kitenhood

9. If pink is too soft for you, pair it with black and a leather jacket. You might end up making pink look badass. 

10 ways to wear rose quartz | Kittenhood

10. Finally, if you don’t want too much pink in your wardrobe, how about just a pair of sunglasses? Studio DIY makes it seem like the best idea (also, how cute is that sweater?)


Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Watch: Transparent is one of my favorite new TV shows. The second season is out now, and if you haven’t seen the first, how lucky! Go see it. 

Listen: I have yet to see the movie Victoria, but the soundtrack (by Nils Frahm) is so peaceful and truly wonderful. It was the only thing that helped me relax after some very stressful days. 

Wear: I’ve been sick all week, so outfits meant almost exclusively pajamas. I’d love to upgrade to these Oysho seal pants (seal.pants.) in the near future! 

Make: I think The Merrythought is my favorite DIY blog. Just look at this gorgeous beauty dock you could make yourself! 


The wonderful illustrations of Anke Knapper

That one time when Margot Tenenbaum was featured in a fashion magazine

Danielle Clough makes a lot of embroideries that are just to my liking, but the ones on tennis rackets are insane. 


TBT: January outfits through the years

This is a new thing I want to introduce because I’ve been spending so much time browsing the blog archives lately. Fixing old pictures, making end-of-year roundups, all that stuff. So here are some of my January outfits through the years:


January 2012, wearing a Ruche dress with a sweater and cardigan on top. You know what? I have none of these clothes anymore, the shoes may still be at my parents’ house. The sunglasses, long broken. But I still love the color palette of this outfit and I remember how pleased I was to see it featured on Color Collective


January 2013. 2013 was a very good year for blogging, and this one is still one of my favorite photo shoots. We visited the Museum of Natural Science in Cluj and took these partly creepy/partly awesome pictures. That dress I still love and that hairstyle I still didn’t master. 


January 2013. Animals make such good props for photos! This set was taken in the middle of a square in Cluj, among the pigeons, and I may have flashed half the city in the process. And after 3 years, it’s still one of the most popular photos on the Modcloth Style Gallery. Yeah!

Brick orange & burgundy skirt | Kittenhood

January 2014. Now there’s a winter scene, at last! I took my fair share of jumping pics through the years and don’t be surprised if I still do. At the time, I was growing up my hair, hence the funny look. It’s so hard to grow your hair from a pixie, guys, yet I still want to cut mine every once in a while.

Hen Print Shirt - Kittenhood

January 2015. Two consecutive years of snow! I love how white can make anything look like a wonderland. Here, I was wearing a lot of layered things to fight the cold (it worked) and I had just bought what turned out to be my favorite beanie. 



Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Visual comparison: wall weavings vs. street style

Remember when I told you I want to start weaving this year? I’m already having dreams about using my grandma’s enormous old rug weaving tools, and I can’t even pass a thread under another. BUT this could be something really fun to do, and a couple of wall hangings would add some much-needed warmth to my apartment. And while we’re on the topic, let’s compare some of these gorgeous wall weavings to some gorgeous street style snaps. 

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

DIY weaving from A Beautiful Mess | Susie Bubble on Harper’s Bazaar

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving from Sunday in Color | Street snap from We The People

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving from WestDomestic | Leandra Medine on Man Repeller

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving by Habitstudio | Street snap from Collage Vintage

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving by Color Me Neutral | Blair from Atlantic Pacific 

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving by Snared | Outfit post from Prosecco & Plaid

Visual comparison: street style vs. wall weavings | Kittenhood

Handmade weaving by Warped Loom Weaving Co. | Street snap from Vogue 


The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood

The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning

The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood

This collection may be a bit old in Internet time, but it’s worth a post here on Kittenhood. If you like quirky details as much as I do, you won’t be able to resist it. There are eyes, open and closed, everywhere. There are polka dots of all sizes, and collars shaped as hands or paws. These are pockets shaped like faces. What more could you ask for? Discounted prices? They have that, too.

It looks like The Whitepepper found designer Sarah Fisk on Instagram, and they asked her to do a collaboration. The result? Probably their best collection to date (sorry if I say that all the time!). My very favorite piece is this red shift dress, followed closely by the red jumpsuit (which I could never pull off, but I like nevertheless) and yellow dotted coat. Did anything catch your eye

The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood The Whitepepper, Sunday Morning | Kittenhood