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Ever since I’ve moved to a new apartment, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to add color to the place. Since it’s a rental, there’s not much I can do about the white walls or the dark furniture – other than to bring in colorful textiles. These are some of the pieces I’ve had my eye on, I find them all delightfully pretty. Click on each photo to go to the product page. 

Cat rug | Kittenhood Furoshiki | Kittenhood Pillows | Kittenhood Tea towel | Kittenhood Wall weaving | Kittenhood Cactus blanket | Kittenhood

Cat rug by Bobo Choses | Furoshiki by The Link Collective | Pillow cases by Depeapa | Tea towel by Jessica Hogarth | Wall hanging by Under The Oak Tree Shop | Cactus blanket by Anna Deegan

Shabby Apple dress - Kittenhood

How I wore a pink dress at the museum

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin - Kittenhood

Shabby Apple dress + Bianco shoes 

These columns are rarely to be seen without fashion bloggers or brides being photographed. Truth be told, they’re a great place to take photos – the monotonous repetition, the tunnel perspective that’s still full of light, and, of course, the romantic look of it all. Today, I joined the ranks, just on the other side from all the other people. I have to say, my boyfriend is master of making places appear deserted in photos. Right next to this is the Alte Nationalgalerie, an art museum showcasing romantic and impressionist artists. We’re on a mission to visit and re-visit all the state-owned museums in Berlin (and the other ones, too, but that’s a different story) since getting yearly museum cards at the beginning of 2016. So far we haven’t done a very good job, but things are looking up! 

 Shabby Apple dress - Kittenhood Pink dress & tights - Kittenhood Pink dress - Kittenhood Girl at the museum - Kittenhood Pink dress at the museum - Kittenhood


Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood

Lenora shoes for spring 2016

Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood

It’s not often that you find the perfect footwear brand and love pretty much every shoe they make, right? But sometimes it happens, and these days, Lenora does the trick for me. The shoes pictured above are my favorites – I mean polka dots, thick heel, AND peep toe? Everything about them is magnificent. Not that I would mind the backless glitter brogues or the brocade heels either… The brand is Italian and it’s pretty new on the market. Their designs are visibly vintage inspired, but at the same time they look so novel! I’m really excited about this label and I can imagine myself wearing every one of these shoes, in very different contexts, of course. What about you, are you a fan of these styles? 

Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood Lenora shoes SS16 | Kittenhood

DIY woven bike basket | Kittenhood

DIY woven bike basket

DIY woven bike basket | Kittenhood

When I decided I wanted a bike, about seven years ago, I knew only one thing about it: that it should have a front basket. The bike came first and my search for a basket followed. It wasn’t all that easy. Who knew you couldn’t fit any type of basket on any type of bike? Some years later, I got the perfect basket for my birthday, which I’m still using now. But it needed a makeover. It had a cross stitch fox on for almost four years now, but the thread was worn out and so was the paint on the wire. So I came up with the idea to weave the whole thing in wool. It’s very easy, although, I admit, it does take some hours to complete. On the bright side, you’ll have an awesome, custom bike basket in the end! Ready to get started?

DIY woven bike basket | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • yarn in colors of your choice (I used less than half of the amount shown)
  • wool needle
  • scissors
  • wire mesh bike basket (mine is from Decathlon)

DIY woven bike basket | Kittenhood

Cut a long piece of yarn and thread your needle. Double knot the other end to the upper interior of the bike basket and cut off excess. Then simply go in and out with your needle until the end of the row. Just like regular weaving, simply pass the thread to the next row and continue. 

DIY woven bike basket | Kittenhood

When you almost run out of yarn, thread the needle again, and knot it to the end of the previous yarn. Continue as normal, making sure the knot goes on the interior of the basket. You can use the same method to change colors. 

DIY woven bike basket | Kittenhood

Continue to weave until you cover as much of the basket as you want. I chose a full stripe pattern, but you can also cover just part of the basket, or leave blank lines here and there. 

I also wrapped the top of the basket in yarn and made a blanket stitch variation for the handle. That’s it!

DIY woven bike basket | Kittenhood DIY woven bike basket | KittenhoodDIY woven bike basket | Kittenhood



Put some color on: Catherine Deneuve, 1964

I’ve been a fan of the trench coat for many years, and I simply can’t resist it, spring after spring. This photo of Catherine Deneuve (from the 1964 movie Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, just added to my watchlist) shows the trench in a perfectly simple and sophisticated manner, with pointy flats and the iconic black hair ribbon. Of course, I had to reinterpret it for modern day wear, for your entertainment and possibly inspiration.  

Get the look: The Whitepepper trench coat + Modcloth flats + American Apparel hair bow 

Put some color on: Catherine Deneuve 1964

Image source

Clare Nicolson styling | Kittenhood

Color styling by Clare Nicolson

Clare Nicolson styling | Kittenhood

Lately, I became more interested in observing color and color combinations, and Clare Nicolson was someone who kept coming up in my Pinterest browsing. A brief google search later, I found out she’s a terrific product stylist, creating simple images that strike through the use of color. There is so much serenity in those dairy containers, so much femininity in the bright yellow tools! It’s inspiring me to want to do more with less, whether it’s the blog, my own home, or even my wardrobe. 

You can also shop some of her paper goods here

Clare Nicolson styling | Kittenhood Clare Nicolson styling | Kittenhood Clare Nicolson styling | Kittenhood Clare Nicolson styling | KittenhoodClare Nicolson styling | Kittenhood

Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood

Worst Day Ever by Steven Tai

Are you ready? Steven Tai is an emerging Canadian designer with a taste for the quirky. The SS16 collection was shown at London Fashion Week in the setting of a classroom, with awkward girls struggling to enjoy a school party. A pretty familiar situation, if you ask me. There was cake and confetti and balloons, and all the models wore chunky barrettes, big glasses, and sloppy (nevertheless awesome) shoes. The clothes feature a mostly blue and yellow palette, coincidentally my dream palette at the moment (I’m imagining Steve Zissou Adidas sneakers wherever I look). And did you see the video above? So pretty, so funny, so sad. I’ll definitely be following Steven Tai closely! 

All photos via Boy Meets Fashion

Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood Steven Tai SS16 | Kittenhood


April is for showers of flowers | Kittenhood

April is for showers of flowers

April is for showers of flowers | Kittenhood

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. While I’m all in with the flower part and have been known to literally insert my nose in their business, I’m not all that excited about the rain showers part. So I’m taking it out of my mind and focusing on the pretty. Here, in the form of floral prints. Groundbreaking, I know! But admit it, you love them too. Click on each photo to go shopping, should you so be inclined. 

Modernaked backpack - Kittenhood Modcloth floral tea towels | Kittenhood Tallulah Fontaine pins | Kitenhood Egretta Garzetta panties | KittenhoodTogetherness Design towel | Kittenhood Dr. Martens shoes | Kittenhood

M√∂dernaked backpack inspired by Frida Kahlo | Modcloth tea towels to bring spring to your table | Tallulah Fontaine pin set for delicate creatures | Handmade Egretta Garzetta panties for extra confidence | Togetherness Design tea towel with pretty handmade flowers | Dr. Martens shoes for walking through the flowers 

Colorful Caravan | Kittenhood

Behind the scenes in March

 Alfa Romeo Car | Kittenhood

Unbelievably enough, a month has passed and it’s already April. But what I want to tell you about is not pictured here. Well, that’s not entirely true. See that photo with the orange house? Just minutes after taking that, around the corner, there was a bucket of paint falling from a construction site to the sidewalk. At that very moment, only two people were passing by on that rare sunny day in Wuppertal, and one of them was me. The other was by boyfriend, but I was the one taking most of the paint on my favorite coat, Pikachu backpack, my everyday hair and face, and my favorite shoes. Dear friends, if this ever happens to you, hose down your clothes immediately and don’t let the paint dry! Otherwise, you’ll lose your clothes to the paint. And, obviously, you won’t be able to take the outfit pictures you were heading to. Like, ever. Someone told us this is a once in a lifetime thing, so I’m hoping I won’t need to use my hard-earned knowledge in the future. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox | Kittenhood Bike & Shoes | Kittenhood Flower Bunny | Kittenhood Ivy on wall | Kittenhood Colorful Caravan | Kittenhood Wuppertal House | Kittenhood Amsterdam Street | Kittenhood

Orla Kiely SS16 | Kittenhood

Orla Kiely for Spring 2016

Orla Kiely SS16 | Kittenhood

This lookbook has got me swooning the second I’ve seen the first pics on Instagram! Of course, I’ve loved Orla Kiely‘s designs and the unique presentations she puts together for a long time. But this thing is off the hook! The clothes are beautiful, no doubt about that (and check out the gorgeous bags!). Orla is a master of prints and pretty retro cuts. But the pictures? The pictures are spectacular. They’re taken by Yelena Yemchuk in a playground that turned my world upside down. Where is this mysterious wonderland? The old-school, colorful creatures and the otherwise desolate background create a fantastic contrast, and it’s everything I ever wanted. I want my own set of pictures there. Preferably, in an Orla Kiely dress.

Orla Kiely SS16 | Kittenhood Orla Kiely SS16 | Kittenhood Orla Kiely SS16 | Kittenhood Orla Kiely SS16 | Kittenhood Orla Kiely SS16 | Kittenhood Orla Kiely SS16 | Kittenhood