brown pink

Outfit: hen sweater and vintage hat

brown pink

Sweater – DIY | Shirt – no name | Skirt – H&M kids | Tights – Primark | Booties – BBup | Hat – vintage (grandma)

Probably the most useful DIY project I did lately is the J Crew French hen sweater knockoff. Although I’ve worn it a lot, I didn’t get a chance to post it on the blog. And since someone showed interest in it, I decided to wear it on one of the first winter days. Yes, it’s fairytale-like for now, but I already know that I’m gonna loathe it as soon as the new year comes. Snow is so nice before the holidays, it gets you all pumped up and Christmasy, and then, when everything is over, it’s just cold and empty. Do you feel me?

striped skirt

j crew kncockoff

vintage hat

neon skirt

pink skirt

belvedere cluj

  • R

    Unde e locatia asta minunata? As cadre faine gasesti pentru poze…

    • pe cetatuie 🙂 aproape de parcul pt copii

  • I already saw this look on lookbook and I fell in love with this ! <3 Especially your hat <3 it's so so so my must have <3 🙂 and this jumper is so cute <3 you are wonderful, much love, k.

  • Oh yes I feel you!
    Your sweater is so so cute! You come up with such great DIY 😀

  • cute hat, and nice pop of color! xo

  • Ahh such a cute shirt! Haha, I used to buy a lot of my clothes at the kids section of H&M, but lately I’ve found most things don’t fit… hmm.. oh well, gotta embrace those curves 😛

  • Wow! It looks so Christmassy over there with all that snow – hope you’re not too cold : )

  • 🙂 that is one cool sweater and perfect hat

  • uhm ce-mi mai place! superba fustita si caciula! pupici

  • I know what you mean, even though it doesn’t snow here (just once every 3 years or so) the streets are all lit up and pretty, but then new year comes, the lights are taken down, but the cold is still there and you see a long year ahead of you and I don’t know, I don’t like that feeling I get when the time comes.

    I love how you cheered the outfit up with that skirt, it was so unexpected!!

  • What a darling outfit! We’ve gotten a little bit of snow so far, but none of it has stuck around. I do hope we have a white Christmas, but as far as I’m concerned, the snow can leave after that.

  • gee! now that’s what i call SNOW! paris is dry…well, humid and grey, colder than usual and slightly frozen and everyone is effin sick…

    dar da, cand se face o flescaraie toata zapada asta… draguta gaina 🙂

  • A.

    your sweater looks great! And i love your hat, aslo!

  • Here the christmas in on summer, so… a lot of hot days.
    I wish it could snow sometime.
    Anyway, nice hen seater and, did you get an haircut?
    See you around :3 ♥

    • I did cut my bangs a little 🙂 I’m so curious how a warm Christmas would be!