One pinafore, four ways | Kittenhood


One pinafore, four ways | Kittenhood

Looking through these pictures, I realize I’ve been wearing this pinafore very similarly for the past two years. The first and last outfit are almost identical, except for the shoes and a cardigan. And then the first and second outfit feature the same cat brooch! That doesn’t mean this isn’t one of the most versatile pieces I own. I bought it from Dahlia on a Black Friday sale, and it’s one of the things I’ve been wearing a lot. It just works – the navy color that goes with anything, the sleeveless cut that allows shirts underneath, the side cutouts that are so cute (and can show some skin when I want to). Plus the fabric is synthetic and it wrinkles minimally (*compared to other dresses I own). That’s why I’ve taken this pinafore on vacation more than once. It’s seen Tokyo, it’s seen Amsterdam, and it’s probably seen a good chunk of Romania. And honestly, I’m gonna keep taking it with me wherever I go because it’s that friendly.

One pinafore, four ways | Kittenhood

Outfit 1 | Outfit 2 | Snapshot from Japan | Outfit 4

  • you’re always looking adorable! And I agree, navy goes well with everything.

  • This is such a versatile piece and I love how you’ve styled it each time! Just beautiful.

  • Dahlia dresses are amazing, aren’t they!? I’m addicted to them too! And you style yours every time beautiful way <3

  • I don’t know about you but I feel like Dahlia makes THE BEST pinafore dresses to ever walk upon this earth! (Okay, maybe they don’t walk, but you know what I mean). I can’t believe I never realised those side cutouts. CUTOUTS! I also love the navy colour, as opposed to black, which could be a little too intense. The fabric looks kind of velvety in some of these photos, does it have a similar feel to velvet? Or am I just imagining things?

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