My top 5 social networks

This probably sounds like a silly top five, but hey, why not? I’m sure there’s at least one reader who’s into social media, and this post is dedicated to her/him. None of these networks are new or unheard of, so this is based solely on my preferences.

5. Chictopia

Chictopia is the first place I’ve ever uploaded outfit pictures to, in 2009 – it was a headless picture taken with my phone back when I was living in a dorm. My profile has grown since – see for yourself. I prefer Chictopia to other fashion social networks because it’s easier to get exposure and they have that cool reward program too.

4. Polyvore

I’m not sure I even had my own computer when I joined Polyvore. I was playing some collage fashion games on a silly forum when I noticed other people had way better structured collages. Since then, the site has grown enormously and it’s widely used as a tool for collages. Sometimes I use it to make birthday e-cards/collages that I send to my friends and sometimes I use it for the blog or work. It’s rare that I make sets for the sake of making sets anymore. You can see my profile here.

3. Tumblr

I started a Tumblr in 2009, it was called RAD air then (an anagram of my name), but I’ve later changed it to Kittenhood. I found the platform through Polyvore, as lots of images were clipped from Tumblr. Back then, I still felt like I have to save pictures on my computer, because online storage wasn’t as developed as it is now. So Tumblr helped me keep my inspiration pics together. I even have a second one, dedicated entirely to foxes: The Fox Daily.

2. Facebook

A classic. And that’s what makes it so effective: since everyone is on Facebook, you can reach everyone. I wasn’t attracted to it at first, and the reason why I signed up was… for school, when I was studying social media. No wonder some of my first friends were my teachers. Now I use it every day, as I’m sure most of you do too, whether it’s to keep up with events, or to find news, music or interesting reads. I also use it to promote Kittenhood and bond with you readers – check it out here, if you haven’t already.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the one social network on everyone’s lips. I haven’t had a profile for that long (since last year, I think), but it quickly became my favorite. As one who would always cut out pictures from magazines to sort them out on categories, Pinterest is the much-needed upgrade. If you haven’t joined yet, do it!

I’m also part of other social networks that didn’t make it into the top: