My outfit: black, gray & burgundy

Short Hair Girl

Dress – Mona (worn with a petticoat) –  Long sleeve – thrifted 

Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but taking outfit photos is hard. You need to find the right time, the right place, the right outfit, and so on. Finding a quiet place in the city is more and more difficult with the shorter days and students back in town, so sometimes we have to settle. If you have a personal style blog, you will probably agree (I don’t know how other girls manage to do it every day?) Even though I’ve been doing this for a few years, I still cannot get used to having other people watch. I do realize that the pictures end up online, but having someone involved in the process, other than my boyfriend/photographer, is terribly awkward for me.  On this occasion, we were next to a skate park, and one boy out of a group kept making faces at me. I laughed: see photos for evidence.

Mona Dress Burgundy Sleeves Dress with Pockets Cluj Napoca Park Smiling

  • kim

    looks so cute!

  • Hey, I have to give credits to the boy for making you laugh! You look cuuuute! I adore this outfit! Nice color combination!



  • thehearabouts

    I hear you! Taking outfit pics daily would be close to impossible for us, too. It’s always weird to have people stare. However, the results are great sometimes, like the photo of you smiling ^_^


  • Preaching to choir, sister! I shot some photos today, there was this beautiful tree on someone’s lawn and I took photos on the side of the street. Every passers-by stared at me like I was crazy. I just pretended to be busy with my camera haha I don’t know how Rebecca of The Clothes Horse does it. She posts outfits EVERYDAY!

    Love your outfit, btw. That dress is far too darling. What I love most is the shoes. Where did you get them from?

    • I found the shoes a few years ago in a local nameless shop. As for Rebecca, I was actually thinking of her, especially since she takes most of her pics herself!

  • You’ve got a pretty smile and a pretty outfit!


  • love this!! that hair! so pretty. :-))

    here’s more fashion goodness today:


  • super pretty tones in this look!

  • thousand likes!

  • Lovely trio of colors!

  • Über adorable dress, and lovely smile! ha I have the same problem, and the very last photos we took were sooo awkward because we had to take them in a 10 minute window ryan had on campus between classes. so many judgy law students!

  • oh, i can totally feel you on the outfit photo difficulty part! i guess that’s why i don’t do it regularly and just end up posting old shit on film…

    my biggest problem is still light; besides people watching there’s also the not having ppl in the background problem.

    anyway, you look lovely! i like it when you smile.

    • People always tell me I take pics in abandoned places – but where else could you go to avoid having people in the background? And cars, especially cars!