Moody Monday: polka dots

Polka dots – I love them, you love them, your mom loves them and your sister, too. This cute print is not only cheerful, but also timeless, and I totally understand if your want to completely surround yourself with it: on dresses, armchairs, bracelets, cakes, pillows and purses. Put polka dots on anything, and it will look sweeter, I promise. This week’s Moody Monday is spotted and dotted all over the place.



  1. oooh – i love them all! especially the 1st and 3rd pictures – beautiful!


  2. Polka dots rule and you’ve selected some really great ones here! 🙂

  3. I love polka dots, and those are some great photos, thanks for sharing :3 ♥

  4. Polka dots + Peter Pan collars = love :>