Moody Monday: Peter Pan collars

Peter Pan collars are probably one of the biggest trend of the last year or so. And I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon! I imagine everyone loves them, because I see them everywhere: on the street, on the runways, on fashion blogs. Their perfect roundness, the delicate and subtle way in which they follow the line of the neck make them desired by ALL the girls. This week’s Moody Monday is all about Peter Pan collars, in all of their cuteness.

Click on each picture for its source.
  • Nice collection! My grandmother was very keen on peter pan collars and added them to many of the frocks she made for my sister and I when we were children. I still love them!

  • i faint.
    i die.
    ok, you know i’m sucker for the pp collars, right?

  • beautiful pictures!


  • love love peter pan collars! omg! that freckled girl is absolutely gorgeous!

  • A.

    love love love the girl with the frackles! :p

  • This post is perfect. I’m particularly fond of that striped collar 2nd to the top… so cute!

  • I’m pretty sure I will swoon over anything if it has a peter pan collar. I love how the trend can transcend any style, from something more grungy to something more cutesy and vintage.

  • ces photos sont geniales elles me donnent beaucoup d’inspiration