Moody Monday: hats

A recent Garden Party that was hosted by the Romanian Royal House had an interesting dress code for the ladies: hats. I loved to see pictures of all those stylish women and their hats, which made me want to dedicate a post to this elegant accessory. Although I’m not much of a hat wearer myself, I do like to see fedoras, boater hats and those adorable pillbox hats, and I hope you do, too.

Click on each image for the original source.


  • A.

    oh, they’re all so pretty! I love the 3rd one, with the girl with long hair and the summer hat!
    I have one or two hats at home myself and I have been thinking what to wear them with. This post has definitely inspired me! <3

  • Oh, I love hats! A girl needs her bad-hair days savers! 😀

  • Hats and cats … I like your blog 🙂