Moody Monday: film fashion

This week, my city is crawling with films and film fans: wherever you look, wherever you go, something related to TIFF is about to pop out. So nothing is more suited for today’s Moody Monday than some film fashion. The pictures I’ve selected might be a bit cliche (or should I say, iconic?), as you all know them quite well – but there’s a reason why they’re so influential, and I hope you can appreciate that. I’ve picked movies as well as a few TV series, and I am well aware that I left out a lot of good stuff. What’s your recommendation for films that feature good fashion?


  • A.

    In matters of fashion but not only, I also love love love Pretty in Pink, The Edge of Love, Funny Face! And out of the TV series, I like Jess form New Girl and Jessa from HBO’s Girls!
    Great post, it really got me smiling! <3

  • A.

    … and P.S.
    Blair’s dress is just.. there are no words! <3 <3 <3
    I'va watched that episode a couple of times just to see that dress some more!

  • Is that a scene from The Heathers? Amazing! I’d add Clueless and period dramas such as Young Victoria. x

    • surely is! I was thinking of clueless, but couldn’t find a nice, big picture 🙂