Moody Monday: Closet organization

If you’ve ever watched Clueless, then I bet you still want to be able to pick your morning outfits on a computer. If you’ve ever watched Sex and the City, then I’m sure you want your dream man to offer you a walk-in closet as a gift. And, generally, if you’re a woman, I’m sure you can never get enough of these pictures of dreamy closets and dressing rooms, just like me.

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  1. le bifez pe toate cele mentionate de tine! sex and the city m-a marcat pe viata in ceea ce priveste organizarea garderobei, iar poza a doua din postul tau m-a naucit complet!!! vreau vreau vreau!!! :))

  2. someday… someday… :)

  3. Oh well… now I can burn up my closet! 😐