Moody Monday: April showers

I don’t like rainy days. I try, for as much as possible, not to leave the house when it’s raining. I don’t have a decent rain coat and I always get dirty and wet. However, there’s something (je ne sais quoi) about warm-weather rain that I do like. Especially now, when April showers make the trees bloom and the grass grow, and everything smells so nice. So, after a rainy weekend, here’s a Moody Monday collection dedicated entirely to it.

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    I love rainy days haha…..

  • That embroidery picture is so sweet. What a nice depiction of good things rain brings.

    <3 <3

  • If only rainy days always looked like that…we had quite a rainy winter (unfortunately not a flake of snow), so I am quite disenchanted with the precipitation at the moment. I find that having a pair of rain boots that I actually like helps a lot…but getting dressed on rainy days is just the worst. This post definitely will help me be more optimistic!

  • Oh, I loved these past days for the fresh air and the sound of rain…it’s something I love. Though I would have liked a sunny Easter Sunday.