Miss B.’s brooches

For those of you who don’t know Miss Babacilu, let me tell you a thing or two about her. She’s a tea creature, but also a creator of wonderful things. Her jewelry is delicate and adorable, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and happy-ending fairy tales.

I asked Ioana, alias Miss B., if she’d like to share the things that she collects. Not only did I get a positive answer, but I also got these pictures of wonderful things that I’m sure you’ll like. She collects brooches, most of them handmade by fellow artists, some of them vintage and some from a couple of stores that she likes. She’s had this passion for three or four years, although she didn’t realize it was a real collection until putting everything together and adding up the numbers.

The first category of brooches – yes, there are categories, since their number is so high – consists of cute, fluffy ones, with girls and animals and such. Among these, you may recognize the style of Zebru, Nahoot, Bo3mia, Serebe and Miss B. herself, as well as other talented artists.

Ioana also has “a bunch” of flowers, both large and small. Some of these are handmade by Lizzziye, Cristina Maslina, Aitch, Kittenhood, BWE or Bohemian Sin, some come from a shop named Zahir. You’ll notice that the color palette is wide, but pastels seem to be in charge.

Then come the more serious and elegant brooches, that Ioana got from Handmade my love, Alexandra Gatin, L’atelier Bijou or her favorite shops in Sibiu.

These last three brooches are the most precious ones. The first is made of silver, purchased from an antique store in Sibiu. Ioana received the second brooch from her father, when she turned 18, and it was bought from an antique store in Bucharest. Last, but not least, the gorgeous piece that belonged to Ioana’s mother and probably to her grandmother before that.

I, for one, had a wonderful time going through Ioana’s jewelry drawer, and I hope it was just as nice for you! I also hope this will inspire you to send me information about your own collections!

  • all i can say is: ♥♥♥

  • many many many thanks, miss d ;))



  • How lovely!
    This is quite a collection..love them all! 😀

  • what a lovely collection!

  • Ramona

    wow! ce colectie! o sa-mi fac si eu o colectie Miss Babacilu. o sa ai exclusivitate…

  • S.

    Ce drăguuuuț! Adorabilă colecție.

  • Eu mi-am dat examenul azi :), adica am incercat sa ghicesc ce brosa a cui este. Marea majoritate cred ca le-am identificat. Am vazut si o brosa (aceea rotunda cu luna) care sigur este de la Gevert (asa se numea magazinul de pe Breslo, care acum nu mai est :()

    O incantare sa privesti asa o “adunare” de brose!

    • si mie imi face placere sa ghicesc semnatura creatorului pe obiecte 🙂

  • Oh what wonderful brooches! I so love them and I was thinking someday ago to start a collection with brooches but I changed my mind quickly :)) Stiu de parfum, Fleurs de Lilas se numeste parca, si de multe ori am vrut sa il iau, in schimb am crema de corp, dar chiar ma voi duce curand sa il achizitionez, este divin!

    • Anaivilo, daca ai vreo colectie de brose sau altceva 🙂 mi-ar placea sa o aratam aici!

  • Stiu ca sunt off topic dar vroiam sa-ti multumesc ca mi-ai spus despre lookul meu pe facebookul chictopiei. Habar n-aveam daca nu-mi aratai tu:D
    So…many thanks >:D<

  • la toate editiile ab fab am admirat creatiile ei,absolut superbe!


  • fabulous collection! I love the flower brooches! and the vintage ones!