How to make an Etsy registry + what to put on it

How to make an etsy registry + what to put on it - Kittenhood

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You may or may not know this, but Etsy has the option to make a wedding registry! I was stoked when I found out, just a little before my wedding, which left me with no time to prepare, select, announce etc. However, there’s still hope for you! What could be more fun than making wishlists from an endless supply of handmade objects? But just in case you’re getting a little lost, this post is meant to help you out. 

How to make an Etsy registry 

First things first, scroll all the way down, to that place where you never scroll to. Under “Discover and shop” you’ll find the option for “Gift registries”, which is what they call the wedding registry. Once you fill in the information, your registry is already drafted. This means you can start adding items to it! 100 items, to be exact. That sounds like a lot, but it’s good to give your guests plenty of choices. Now, whenever you find an awesome art print or a cool set of plates, you can just go towards the right and click “Add to” – “Wedding registry”. It even has a cute gift icon next to it. 

How to make an Etsy registry - Kittenhood

I love that you can work on your registry for as long as you need before actually publishing it! This way you can change your mind (very likely), consult with your partner, or double-check that the seller does indeed ship to your country. Once your registry is published, you can share it with your guests through a very convenient link. When the time comes, guests pick something from the list, they buy it, and the seller ships it directly to your address. Then come the blissful days of receiving perfect gift after another perfect gift. You know, cause you picked it yourself. 

You can read more about the topic directly on Etsy

Wedding registry etiquette

You probably already have an Etsy account and you probably already have a lot of stuff on your wishlist. Such as that minimalist jewelry set you’ve been saving for. Or the cute vintage dress that could go on sale any day now! And some Christmas gifts you never got to buying last year… I know I have a bunch of stuff that I’m saving and pinning, but most of it wouldn’t qualify for a wedding registry like, never. And while your future husband probably wants you to have all the cute things on your wishlist and more, your wedding gifts should serve both of you. So any clothes and jewelry don’t belong on the registry. Things with the attribute “home” attached to them are generally a good idea. As a rule of thumb, anything not used for the common good of the couple doesn’t really belong on the list. 

Concerning your guests, remember to give them enough variety! This means adding more things on the list than the number of guests but also choosing objects in different price ranges. And since this is Etsy, don’t forget about shipping – if you’re choosing heavy objects from faraway lands, the final cost might be more than your guests expected. And now, for the most fun part: 

What to put on your Etsy registry 

Coffee set for 2 Modern chandelier

Espresso set by Si.li – Pendant light by Lighting Alchemy

Porcelain planters untitled-1

Porcelain planters by Light and Ladder – French press by Yield Design Co. 

Depeapa prints  Cotton blanket

Art prints by Depeapa – Cotton blanket by Jenna Rose Handmade

Getting hitched? Already married? We’d love to hear what you consider essential to a wedding registry!