Kittenhood in the press

Kittenhood in the press

Kittenhood in the press

This was probably the most prolific year for me in terms of press features in print! So I’ll brag just a little ok? First, my lovely pizza embroidered espadrilles appeared in the winter issue of Altered Couture (get it here), a magazine focusing on wardrobe upcycling and reinventing. I love the message this magazine is sending, that you don’t always need to buy and buy and buy, a few stitches or some paint can go a long way. 

If you’re already thinking about Christmas, the latest issue of Homespun is the thing for you! The Australian crafts mag featured my pompom flamingos as an idea for gift wrapping. Even though Christmas is the last thing on my mind right now, I’m happy to be included! 

Next off is Willow and Sage, a magazine dedicated entirely to homemade bath and body products. They have awesome recipes from contributors all over the world! My tasty marzipan body scrub is featured in their summer 2017 edition and another one of my recipes (I’ll keep it a surprise for now, ok?) is in their autumn issue. The entire thing is a delight! 

Last, but not last least, my actual face and workspace have been featured in the second issue of Celsius magazine. It’s a relatively new, but very cool Romanian magazine, featuring creatives of all kinds, and available here or here. P.S. I miss the peonies in that photo, they were top notch peonies. 

Kittenhood in the press Kittenhood in the press Kittenhood in the press

  • Pat S

    Congrats on all your work being published! That is a great photo of you

    • Thanks so much, Pat! 🙂