Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Kelsey’s wedding dress story

This section of Kittenhood is dedicated to handmade wedding dresses. For many of us, it’s the one dress we have made to our exact measurements and our exact taste during a lifetime. And it’s supposed to last a lifetime – at least in our memory. So we got in touch with creative women who wore beautiful handmade dresses on their wedding day – a detail that’s virtually impossible to go unnoticed. 

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Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

What happens when a bridal designer gets married? You guessed it: a visual feast happens! Kelsey Genna lives in New Zealand, but for her wedding, she and her now-husband decided to elope to Italy. Her dress was a dream: floor length, open back, covered with embroidered flowers and butterflies. It’s the dictionary definition of “romantic”! 

Kittenhood: Did you always know what kind of wedding dress you wanted?

Kelsey: Absolutely not.  In fact, I probably always thought I’d go for something much more extravagant than I did.  But being an elopement and in a relaxed setting, it seemed suited.  We are celebrating our first year anniversary formally with friends and family, so I will most likely pull our a more fabulous, bridal gown for this (or a few)… 


“I’m sure as any bride knows, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one dress for your wedding look!”



Kittenhood: How did you come up with the design for your dress? What inspired you?

Kelsey: Since we were eloping I wanted something which suited that setting, it’s not the sort of dress I would have chosen for a traditional styled wedding.  I wanted something feminine, colorful, with a flower element because those are three things which are really true to my personal style.  To me, the fabric was a perfect match for Amalfi with the colors and wildflowers, and really was where the design developed from.

Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Kittenhood: Who made the dress?

Kelsey: It was handmade by myself and my talented dress-making team!

Kittenhood: Does the dress define your personal style or did you get out of your comfort zone for the occasion?

Kelsey: It’s very much me.  It is the sort of dress I would have chucked on for even just a fabulous dinner.

Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Kittenhood: What was the one thing you loved most about the dress?

Kelsey: The variety of color, flower element, and the variety of textures.

Kittenhood: Was it a surprise for your husband? If so, what was his reaction?

Kelsey: It was not a surprise… he had seen it before we left for the holiday. In fact, I only tried the dress on once myself before wearing it.  Our elopement was very spontaneous!

Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood  Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Kittenhood: Were there any other handmade details in your wedding?

Kelsey: I picked my own flowers from the garden of where we stayed in Ravello.

Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Kelsey's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Kelsey and David got married in Ravello, Italy in August 2016. Photography by Sarah Burton
  • Pat S

    That is one amazing dress. I love the embroidery.

    • I agree, the embroidery makes a stunning detail!

  • What a beautiful dress! 🙂

    • It’s a winner 🙂