Kate Sylvester SS12/13 Lookbook

Good things always come from New Zealand. If you have a look at the Kate Sylvester SS12/13 collection, you might agree. The brand launched in the 90s, and it’s a mix of pop culture, couture, punk and color. The latest collection is inspired by Jane Eyre, but in a modern-as-can-be kind of way. “What might have happened if the iconic heroine had followed through on the plan to live out her days in the South of France, as opposed to running away to freeze on some boring old moors? Well, Kate Sylvester thinks she’d be dressing a little something like this,” according to Oyster Mag. I couldn’t make a strict selection, there were so many beautiful looks in the collection, so you’re gonna be stuck with a bunch of pretty pictures.

Images from: OysterMag.com.

  • I agree! good things always do come from New Zealand!