Indie-chick file: Jess Day

Name: Jess Day

Who is: A quirky school teacher in New Girl, who moves in with three men, after an ugly break-up. Caring and nosy, her personality leads to a series of funny events through the show.

Style: Indie, feminine, comfy, geek chic.

Signature pieces: The colorful flats, the fit-and-flare dress, the bangs.

Twitter: @NewGirlonFOX

How I see it: Polyvore sets below.

Who's that girl?

Vintage Quilted Clutch with Bobble Lock – Oasap High Street Fashion

It's Jess!

Shabby Apple – Backlash, $98

New girl

Dolman sleeve cardigan, $47

Image sources: one, two, three, four, five.

  • I love her !!! …she’s so funny and chic!

  • Great post! I love her style, but her character is too much for me. I love Zooey, even went to her concert, but the way she acts in this movie makes me want to barf!

    • agreed! she’s exaggeratedly silly in this show – although the critics seem to like it!

  • love this show, i thought i wouldn’t like it, but I really do. I like how they gave her a really defined, consistent style

  • I just watched an episode of this show, and my favorite part is definitely her style! I really love all of your polyvore sets, especially the “It’s Jess!” The coat is amazing!

  • Love the style on New Girl! Jen xoxo

  • I adore this show, it’s one of the very few new shows that have stuck with me. Zooey is quirky and cute and I adore Schmidt :))

  • She is so pretty!

  • oh this is awsome! I love the show!

  • Gabriela Ciobanu

    I love her and the show! She’s pretty awesome