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How I wore fuchsia & red in hydrangeas

Pink Dress & Flowers | Kittenhood

Kling dress + Maguba sandals + flea market pin

If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have seen this spot before. The story is that I’ve passed by this apartment building all winter long while going to work. I liked it, but never stopped to take a picture, because it looked just a little too empty. And then summer came. The turquoise window frames were suddenly perfectly complemented by bushes of perfect pink hydrangeas. It’s impressive how different the same place can look in various seasons! And I have to say, I do love the German way of gardening and landscape design. 

Moving on to my outfit, I’ve been waiting a long time to wear this dress! I got it in winter on sale (and it came in a pizza box, seriously?), and I haven’t found the right way to layer it, so I simply kept it in my closet, waiting for warmer times. I just love the neckline, the flowy skirt, and the atypical hot color. The sandals are another item I’ve been keeping in my closet for a long time, due to weather reasons. They’re my first pair of Swedish clogs, from Maguba. I wanted some so badly, and it feels rather nice to finally be able to walk on wooden soles!

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