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Ash & Rose t-shirt (c/0)+ skirt bought in Tokyo + WEGO socks + Uniqlo sunglasses + flea market shoes 

I received this t-shirt in the mail just before leaving for Japan, and it quickly made the cut into my “carefully curated” suitcase. I’m happy it did – who knew it would go so perfectly with this skirt I didn’t even own until a few days ago? The geometric print t-shirt is from Ash & Rose, an excellent online shop that’s devoted to ethical, sustainable fashion. Not only is the top made from remnant cotton jersey, but it’s also handmade by a fairly paid artisan in Cambodia (whose name can be found on the label, and I would’ve mentioned it here if the tag wasn’t lost somewhere in my suitcase). This particular top is by Tonlé, but you’ll find lots of beautiful, fashionable brands in the shop, all of which fit the sustainable, ethical profile that is so hard to find these days. You can read more about the store’s mission here, which I hope will inspire you to make better, researched shopping choices. 

These pictures were taken on our way to and at the Tokyo Skytree, a tower 634m tall that attracts all the tourists. We didn’t end up going all the way up (it was rather expensive and the waiting time was hours), but enjoyed the terrace, shops and Gudetama-themed Cafe. It’s our last weekend here, and honestly I’m not really ready to leave. 

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