Uniqlo Miffy t-shirt - Kittenhood


Midi skirt - Kittenhood

Uniqlo Kids t-shirt + Front Row Shop skirt (c/o) + Babis Art handmade sandals 

Maybe that’s not something I’m supposed to say, but I love everything about this outfit! It was normally intended with heels, but I decided making it back home in one piece was more important than looking tall. To break it down for you, I bought the t-shirt in Japan while I was browsing the kids section of Uniqlo in search for a gift for my niece. I didn’t get her anything, but I couldn’t resist this Miffy t-shirt for myself! It is pure cuteness (or should I say kawaii). The skirt, on the other hand, is one of the best pieces I’ve laid my hands on lately. The fabric is nice and full, with button details on both sides. The waist fits perfectly and I like the length too (if you’re wondering, I got an XS and I’m happy I did). The color is a bit different from my pictures (it was midday and really sunny when we took these) and more like the pictures in the online shop. Finally, the sandals are handmade in Greece, and I got them this winter from DaWanda. This is the first time I took them out to play, and we’re getting along just fine!

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  • ladiesinnavy

    you look so cute and i’m obsessed with this spot for photos!
    ladies in navy

  • thehearabouts

    The t-shirt is kawaii indeed, Miffy is beyond adorable. And I love the skirt, it looks great – I especially like the button details on the sides.


  • oldromance

    Hahaha! So cute!

  • Oh yes, kawaii to the max! 😀 I love this outfit too Daria, you look so summery cheerful! Also, the location is amazing O_O

  • Such a sweet simple look! Miffy would be proud x

  • Alyse

    I love this shirt and have been looking at it for sometime. It’s only sold in youth sizes, what size did you end up getting??

    • This one was from the youth section, too. I got the 140, but there was an even larger one available. This one isn’t too tight at all, and I’m normally a size S. Hope you find yours!